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Janet Jagan's legacy to Guyana

Former President Mrs Janet Jagan

Although cheated of power for twenty-eight years, and having had to witness the inexorable degradation of their country during that time, the Jagans harboured no rancour or bitterness in or out of office. They simply bent their wills to the task of rebuilding Guyana and creating a society in which all Guyanese could pursue their freedoms as they saw fit. Simply put, in 1992, they started where they left off in 1964.

Perhaps most important of all, it should not be overlooked that the Jagans saved Guyana from a bloodbath. With the largest and best organized party in Guyana, and enjoying majority support, they did not exhort their supporters to violently overthrow the PNC regime, as lesser leaders would have done, but instead fought to democratise Guyana. And similarly, Mrs Jagan exercised considerable restraint when Mr Hoyte incited his more unruly supporters to riot in order to "make the country ungovernable", as he callously put it. The repressive machinery of the state, honed under Messrs Burnham and Hoyte, lay at her disposal, but she declined to use it. And her selfless dedication to the national interest was further demonstrated when she agreed to forego two years of her mandate in order to give the Herdmanston Accord a chance to bring about peace.

Mrs Jagan's entire life has been a class act. One notes that from an early age she was instrumental in shaping the political future of Guyana. She was a founding member of the Political Affairs Committee (1946) and the People's Progressive Party (1950). Her contribution to public life and service included being in cabinet as well as having a parliamentary career that spanned fifty years. Moreover, she was a source of courage and inspiration to a grief-stricken nation when her husband, Dr Cheddi Jagan, died; having stepped into the breech to fill the void created by his passing.

In office, her Presidency was defined by a sense of vision and wider purpose. While consolidating on the gains made by Dr Jagan in the fields of health, education, rural electrification, housing and the provision of potable water, Mrs Jagan boldly pursued a policy of continentalism, fostering ties with Brazil and Venezuela, making overtures towards members of the Mercusor and Andean Pacts, while maintaining Guyana's traditional links with the Caribbean Community.


Liveinguyana regrets the passing of Former President of Guyana Janet Jagan, O.E., Our condolence to her children Joey and Nadira, grandchildren, other relatives, friends and party supporters.


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has the sad duty to inform the public that Mrs. Janet Jagan, O.E., one of the founding members of the Party passed away on the morning of March 28. She was age 88.

Mrs. Jagan was in the leadership of the Party from the very beginning and served on the Central and Executive Committees until her death. She was also the General Secretary of the PPP from 1950-1970 and was succeeded by the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan.

For many years she edited the mirror newspapers particularly through the difficult 70’s and 80’s period. She was also the editor of the Thunder at the time of her death.

Mrs. Jagan made a tremendous contribution to our Party and served the nation in several capacities, including being the first woman Town Councillor, first woman Deputy Speaker and among the first women in Parliament. She also served as Minister of Labour, Health and Housing and Minister of Home Affairs. She served as Prime Minister and President of the Republic.

We are awaiting the arrival of her daughter Nadira Jagan-Brancier who is expected in the country shortly.

The Central Committee of the PPP will be meeting this morning and will keep the public informed on all arrangements.

March 28, 2009.

Friday, March 27, 2009

In the April issue of Outside magazine 35 Adventure Trips of the Year for 2009 are announced. Guyana is featured as the Trip of the Year for South America. In a short piece titled, "Trek the Big Empty," the magazine profiles the tour operator Geographic Expeditions new trekking trip to Guyana.Michael McCrystal, Geographic Expeditions' associate director of marketing visited Guyana in April 2008 on a GTA-USAID/GTIS Guyana Sustainable Tourism Initiative familiarization trip. More information on their Guyana tour, developed after participating on the GSTI fam trip, is at: magazine is the leading outdoor and recreation magazine in the United States. The magazine has a paid subscription of more than 675,000 and a monthly readership of around two million people. For more on the magazine, visit your reference, I have attached a scan of the magazine's cover and the short piece on Guyana.
Kirk SmockSenior Writer
Guyana Sustainable Tourism Initiative
Checks have revealed that UN Independent Expert on Minority Issues, Gay Mc Dougall's work in all of the countries she has issued reports on have been rejected. Mc Dougall is being accused in all these cases of unilateralism, straying away from her manadate, misunderstanding of her role among other charges. The most recent countries joing Guyana in protest over reports she submitted on their minority issues are Ethiopia , Dominica Republic, Greek and Austria.
In all cases she used selective groups of anti-government, bias and partisan sources to come up with her findings. The UN needs to take these protest seriously.

Former President Janet Jagan has been reportedly admitted to Georgetown Hospital after complaining of feeling unwell. Mrs. Jagan is 88 and is still very active in her party work up until her illness. Hospital source says she is under observation and is resting comfortably. We shall bring you updates as soon as information becomes available. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Further to this we have received reports that the bullet which struck Mrs. Bobb-Semple was fired from the rifle of a Police Constable amongst the ranks in pursuit of a suspect who scaled Bobb-Semple's fence.

We were told that after being shot in the ankle Bobb-Semple lay on the ground, helpless, for over half and hour and assistance was only rendered to her by Police ranks after residents blocked the streets with debris in protest of the callousness displayed.

Corlette at it again!

Clemente Corlette

PNC/R Region Four Chairman Clemente Corlette has a craving for controversy it seems, as he is at it again. This time he created quite a stir when he sought to appoint 2 PNC/R Councilors to the Procurement Tender Administration Board which was rejected by the Regional Executive Officer.

The procedure in awarding contracts in excess of $600,000 was by through tender board. After advertising, evaluation is done by the evaluation committee as directed by the Procurement Act. Awards are then made by the Regional Procurement and Tender Administration Board.
It is the evaluation committee’s responsibility to recommend to the board the most responsive bid, taking into consideration, the ability of the particular contractor to carry out such works, which includes money, machinery and manpower.


Juliet Bobb-Semple was accidentally shot in front of her Hadfield Street Lodge home a few minutes ago as Police ranks were chasing an armed robbery suspect in the Lodge area.
Bobb-Semple sustained a single gunshot wound on ankle area and was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital by Police ranks. Up to this time it is unclear as to who fired the shot that hit Bobb-Semple while the whereabouts of the suspect remains unknown to us!

New Thriving, like so many other businesses, continues to demonstrate tremendous confidence in the Guyanese Economy!

Style and Splendour

An outer view!

The brand new location, again on Main Street will open its doors today. Like nothing you've ever seen, this restaurant (restaurant would be an understatement); this Oriental food emporium (the menu now includes Thai and Japanese cuisine and daily Dim Sum) is of a magnitude, and magnificence probably only seen in the worlds biggest cities, and certainly not in little old Georgetown. This place is opulence personified. It is obvious no expense has been spared. “We want our customers to feel special”, says Fung, “Whether they are rushing in for some coffee or ice cream, want to have a romantic meal, or are entertaining a large group – when they are here, even for a short time, they will be looked after, they will get what they want, and they will get it in style”.

Style indeed. That is an understatement. Let me attempt to describe the new New Thriving restaurant. Part Buckingham palace, part Taj Mahal. When you enter, you are greeted by a gigantic golden ornament flanked by two marble elephants. The ground floor has been reserved for customers who wish to order take-out, sample one of the many varieties of pastries, ice creams, grab a coffee, or simply sit and enjoy one of the what seems to be hundreds of dishes that decorate the walls. Even if you aren't hungry when you walk in, you will be once you see the glossy meals that adorn the serving area. Take a walk up a short flight of stairs, duck to avoid contact with a chandelier the size of a 4-wheel drive vehicle and you are in another great ball-room of a restaurant. Truly magnificent appointments catch the eye at every turn. Read more



Ronald Reagan was known as the "great communicator." George W. Bush was the self-styled "decider." President Barack Obama could easily be called the "salesman-in-chief." Full Article

Obama Approval Ratings

Data provided by RealClear Politics

How Obama Compares

In chronological order, presidential job approval at one-month mark

Hillary Clinton's bold admission about U.S appetite for drugs welcome
It is indeed heartening to see that US Foreign Secretary Mrs. Hillary Clinton admitting that her country provides a ready market for illicit drugs. She was at the time dealing with the violence more

An absolute Lie Norris!

"An Absolute Lie", was how this statement by the General Secretary of the Guyana Trade Union Congress was described by directors of the N.I.S Board after this Blog solicited their views.
According to the directors there was no purchase of any such property by the N.I.S nor were any such sums transferred to G.W.I or any other entity as such. They did however, state that the N.I.S Board was having discussions on the purchase of the said property but a decision on whether or not to purchase or at what cost was not arrived at.

They also stated that renovations that are currently being effected at its Camp and Bent Street location are merely efforts by the entity to ensure that its staff and customers operate in an area of relative comfort.

THE Ministry of Housing and Water will embark on a decentralisation of its services to people across the Administrative Regions of Guyana as early as more

Wanted Man killed in shoot-out with Police at Luciano's house!

Jah Messenger is more and more in the News these days all for the wrong reasons. The latest with Mr. Luciano ..aka roots plus culture is that there was a shootout between police and gunmen at his residence at Westminister Crescent in St. Andrew.
Three police officers were reportedly shot and injured and one of the alleged gun man known as 'conquerer' was shot and killed during the two hour long incident in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

New Thriving opening today!

FOR nearly 2 decades, the New Thriving name and food have been part of the Guyanese national diet, and part of our culture. You wanted great food – you went to the New Thriving more

Mo Fyah! Sizzla House Burns Down!


Just on the heels of the Sizzla's new album 'Ghetto Youthology' one of his uptown residence located in the Liguanea area of Kingston was gutted by fire over the weekend. The house which was said to be valued at some $60 million Jamaican dollars (Approx US $700K)was said to have been undergoing some improvements at the time. Reports are that the fire may have been triggered by some elecrical mishap.
It has been reported that Sizzla was not at the premises at the time of the fire and those who were there were not not seriously hurt.

Rum till I Die! Is Rum till i Die!

A father of five died yesterday at the Suddie Hospital five days after he reportedly ingested a poisonous substance in a drunken rage.
According to reports 29-year-old Keith Persaud, called ‘Ramesh’, of Philand Village, Essequibo Coast, died some time after noon yesterday while receiving treatment.
On Saturday last, Persaud was seen consuming alcohol at a location in Supenaam. He then left for his home and some time around 22:00 hours he was rushed to the Suddie Hospital after a bout of vomiting.
Persaud was discharged two days later.
However, on Wednesday the man developed some complications and was once again rushed to the Suddie Hospital where he died.
The police are awaiting a post mortem examination as they continue their investigations.
Persaud leaves to mourn his wife and five children.

Where the system continues to fail us!

Ministry Of Home Affairs: The Criminal Justice System has once again thwarted the efforts of the Law Enforcement Agencies to crack down on the narco-traffickers, the illegal arms traders as well as those involved in gun crimes. In a matter of CANU vs Gaston Samuels and Dwayne O’Neil, two Jamaicans who were charged on April 25, 2008 for Trafficking in Narcotics, bail in the sum of $150,000 was granted to each of the two defendants in the High Court on September 19, 2008.
Prior to the granting of bail, the defendants appeared in Court in July 22, 2008, and a postponement was granted to November 10, 2008 to secure counsel and the matter was set for trial for March 18, 2009.
When the matter was called on that day, neither the defendants nor their Counsel, who had secured bail for them appeared in Court.
Instead, a female purporting to be the Bailor appeared and informed the Court that she could not say anything about the whereabouts of the defendants.

According to the Section 93 of the Narcotic Act of 1988, “Any person arrested for an offence against Part II shall not, unless there are special reasons for so doing, which shall be recorded in writing, be admitted to bail, by any Court, but he shall be tried within a reasonable time.”
The Ministry of Home Affairs is of the view that there were no “special reasons” to grant the two accused bail nor could it be deemed unreasonable to have further incarcerated the two up to the date of their trail fixed for March 18, 2009.
“The hallowed principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and the granting of pre-trail liberty have once again been violated by those who break the law. Yet no one in the legal profession or the Guyana Bar Association says anything when such incidents occur,”

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Clinton admits US blame on drugs

Hillary Clinton and Felipe Calderon shake hands
Hillary Clinton and Mexican President Felipe Calderon met in Mexico City

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the US must take part of the blame for drug-related violence in Mexico.

Speaking as she arrived in Mexico, she said America's appetite for drugs and its inability to stop arms crossing the border were helping fuel the violence.

Her two-day visit comes a day after the Obama administration announced new measures to boost border security.

Some 8,000 people have died in drug-related violence in Mexico over the past two years.

On Tuesday, the White House unveiled a $700m (£475m) strategy that includes boosting security on the border, moves to stem the flow of illegal guns and drug profits from the US into Mexico, and steps to cut domestic drug consumption.

Speaking to reporters accompanying her to Mexico City, Mrs Clinton said: "Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade. "Our inability to prevent weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border to arm these criminals causes the deaths of police officers, soldiers and civilians.

"I feel very strongly we have a co-responsibility."She also acknowledged that US efforts to ban drugs had so far been unsuccessful in stopping the narcotics trade.

"Clearly, what we have been doing has not worked and it is unfair for our incapacity... to be creating a situation where people are holding the Mexican government and people responsible," she said.

The BBC's Stephen Gibbs in Mexico says these points have been repeatedly made by Mexico, which sometimes sees itself as the setting for an American-financed and -armed war.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

President of Guyana arrives in Amman

[25/03/2009 16:36]

Amman, March, 25 (Petra) President of Guyana Bharrat Jagdeo arrived in Amman Wednesday on a visit to Jordan during which he will held talks with His Majesty King Abdullah II on bilateral relations, situation in the region and issues of common interest.

President Jagdeo was received at the airport by Minister of State for Legal Affairs Salem Khazaleh and Guyana honorary consul in Amman Rudyn Gewaar.

/Petra/ M.

Obama's Press Conference Stirs the Buzz
by Mike Krumboltz

After an uncharacteristic gaffe on 'The Tonight Show' and an unfortunate case of the giggles on '60 Minutes,' President Obama had a lot riding on his Tuesday night press conference. The president largely stayed on message, using the hour to focus on the economy, the budget, and his anger (even if was delayed) at those darn AIG bonuses.

The buzziest moment came about 35 minutes into the press conference when Ed Henry of CNN asked the President why he didn't spew outrage as soon as he learned about the AIG bonuses. Why, Mr. Henry asked, did the president wait several days before speaking out? The president, with an icy stare, responded that he "likes to know what he's talking about" before he speaks. It was a pretty testy exchange that brought about nervous laughter from the other reporters and snarky responses from Twitterers. Boom! Next question.

Another moment that seemed to strike a chord came when Chuck Todd of NBC asked the president what sort of sacrifices he would like to see from the American people during this economic crisis. The president responded that he expects Americans to do what they've always done "which is working hard, looking after their families, making sure that, despite the economic hard times, that they're still contributing to their community..."

Chip Reid asked a tough question about Obama's controversial budget. Reid asked if the budget, which will increase the debt to "$7 trillion over the next 10 years," is a case of passing problems onto the next generation. Obama responded that investments need to be made to "meet our growth targets that put us on a pathway to growth." He then pointed out that the critics of his budget have yet to bring forth an alternative.

As is often the case with press conferences, some insider lingo was bandied about that had normal folks running for the Search box. A question involving "out-years" seemed to inspire some activity and confusion within Yahoo! Buzz. According to a blog from the Washington Post, the phrase "out years" refers to the time period following the current fiscal year.

The question about the military's "procurement system" will surely lead to increased searches. For the record, the procurement system is what the military uses to acquire necessary goods and services at the best possible rates. President Obama believes that it is broken and pointed out that Senator McCain, his onetime rival, apparently agrees.

You can read the full transcript of the press conference here.

What has become of Trinidad?

Small countries should join forces to protect interest in global economic crisis!

'WARM WELCOME': President Bharrat Jagdeo being welcomed by Cyprus President Demetris Christofias upon his arrival in Cyprus

Guyana’s Head of State President Bharrat Jagdeo and Cyprus President Demetris Christofias have agreed that small countries must join forces and coordinate their actions particularly on global financial issues so as to protect their interest during the global financial more

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jagdeo on Syria visit in Middle East

Mc Dougal in trouble everywhere!

CERD page banner

Ruddock hits back at UN chairwoman


The minister forced to defend Australia's record on Aborigines to a United Nations committee last month says it is ironic that the committee is headed by someone from the United States, which not only has mandatory sentencing but allows capital punishment of juveniles.

The Immigration Minister, Mr Ruddock, who spoke on his return to Sydney yesterday, also defended a decision not to allow members of the UN's Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) to visit Australia last year, saying such visits should only be to countries where "grave human rights abuses were occurring".

Mr Ruddock said the UN Human Rights Commissioner, Mrs Mary Robinson, whom he met while he was in Geneva, had praised Australia's human rights record and did not raise any of the issues surrounding Aboriginal affairs brought up by the committee.

He said he spoke to Mrs Robinson after he gave evidence to the committee, whose report he described in parts as "gratuitous" and "pretty rich".

He also said that though the hearing was not supposed to be about mandatory sentencing, that was all it seemed to focus upon.

Mr Ruddock would not reveal the full extent of his discussions with Mrs Robinson, saying it was "a bit like having a [meeting] with the Queen - you don't [reveal] them in detail".

"[But] she did not raise that issue [mandatory sentencing] with me substantially other than to indicate certain documents that appeared in the press were not final documents of the UN, and the content of preliminary documents should not have been leaked in the way in which they were."

Mr Ruddock defended the Government's decision not to invite CERD committee members, including American lawyer Gay McDougall, into the country last year. The Family and Community Service Minister, Senator Newman, criticised Ms McDougall on the Sunday program as having "never been to Australia".

But Mr Ruddock admitted yesterday that the Government had refused to invite committee members last year, partly because it was dissatisfied with a previous committee criticism of the Howard Government's approach on native title.

"[That] sort of examination might have been appropriate in countries ... where grave human rights abuses are occurring, but in the context of our situation the committee had already demonstrated an unwillingness to listen or read all the material put before it," Mr Ruddock said.

"We would have to ask ourselves why we would embark on bringing a group of people to Australia when we had already had an experience of a poorly argued and unequally prepared response."

Mr Ruddock said Ms McDougall was "from the USA, whose performance I think on human rights issues would not generally be seen as wanting but where, at many provincial levels ... mandatory sentencing is not only in place but ... it remains one of the countries where capital punishment involving juveniles is still possible."

The Sydney Morning Herald

Hits & Jams suit T-Pain for breach of contract, libel and defamation

On Monday, March 23, 2009, attorneys representing Hits & Jams Entertainment and promoters Kerwin Bollers, Rawle Ferguson and Dwith Ferguson, filed a lawsuit In The Circuit Court of the 17th Judicial Circuit In and For Broward County, Florida, against Hip-Hop Superstar T-Pain, Nappy Boy Touring, LLC, f/s/o Faheem Najm p/k/a T-Pain, Chase Entertainment, LLC and Dave Abram, for breach of the written contract, Libel, Defamation and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

T-Pain was scheduled to perform at the Georgetown Cricket Club in Georgetown, Guyana on February 23, 2009, but canceled the event after what his camp described as “credible kidnapping and death threats” against T-Pain’s life. Despite several requests, T-Pain and his management team refused to provide the source of the alleged threats to the promoters and their attorney, law enforcement, the FBI and the U.S. Consulate in Guyana to facilitate an investigation into the alleged threats.

T-Pain and his management team merely advised the promoters and their attorney that the threats came from “a credible source that T-Pain’s camp trusted,” and “who they have been dealing with in Guyana,” and that “T-Pain has dealt with the source in the past.”

After T-Pain canceled the Guyana show, several false and untrue reports in the international media attributed the cancellation of T-Pain’s appearance at the Georgetown, Guyana show to the promoters, Hits and Jams Entertainment. The press releases also falsely attributed personal knowledge of the alleged telephone and e-mail threats to the promoters. The promoters do not possess any personal knowledge of the alleged threat or the credibility of the alleged threats.

Attached is a copy of the lawsuit which outlines Hits and Jams Entertainment’s and the promoters’ claims against T-Pain, Nappy Boy Touring, LLC, f/s/o Faheem Najm p/k/a T-Pain, Chase Entertainment, LLC and Dave Abram for damages arising out of the breach of the written contract.

Mc Dougall upset Greeks with her Defecation!

Akritas wrote: With this report Gay J. McDougall shows that she has no respect as regards the Greek cultural Identity, but the only that she cares is the US political views since her report complies with the reports that have published from the US State Department and not with the UN views.

U.S Minorities are severly marginalized-UN CERD Report!

U.N CERD Report: The Committee is deeply concerned that racial, ethnic and national minorities, especially Latino and African American persons, are disproportionately concentrated in poor residential areas characterised by sub-standard housing conditions, limited employment opportunities, inadequate access to health care facilities, under-resourced schools and high exposure to crime and violence

'Roughing Up' not restricted to Guyana

U.N. CERD Report: While recognising the efforts made by the State party to combat the pervasive phenomenon of police brutality, the Committee remains concerned about allegations of brutality and use of excessive or deadly force by law enforcement officials against persons belonging to racial, ethnic or national minorities, in particular Latino and African American persons and undocumented migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. The Committee also notes with concern that despite the efforts made by the State party to prosecute law enforcement officials for criminal misconduct, impunity of police officers responsible for abuses allegedly remains a widespread problem .

Karranamus Fired By GWI Board!!!

A despondent looking Karran Singh
after he was fired today!

C.E.O of GWI Karran Singh was today given the Boot by GWI's Board of Directors . We are trying to ascertain the reason for his dismissal.

McDougall's defecation rejected elsewhere!

Gay McDougall YES YOU........! (hand on chest)

It has been drawn to our attention that Guyana is not the only country to have rejected this Bundle of Skunt by United Nations Independent Expert on Minorities Gay Mc Dougall. So too did the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Papa New Guinea, Greece, Mauritius, Guinea Bissau and Malta. In fact she was deemed Persona Non Grata in Ethiopia after a similar type of defecation there!

Somebody letting de Cocaine pass!

As a follow up to this we have been reliably informed that the accused is due to be arraigned at a Brooklyn Court House at 11:00 hrs tomorrow morning. It is further said the she is giving her full co-operation to U.S Law enforcement authorities and has contracted the services of two prominent U.S Attorneys whom we shall not name at this time in an effort to obtain a plea bargain deal similar to the one given to Roger Khan.

What is bothering us though, is the deafening silence by media houses here and their unusual lack of interest in reporting this particular matter. Especially when taking into consideration the amount of air time devoted to the Roger Khan affair!

We, however, will keep you up to date as the details emerge as revelations will prove to be very shocking!
As the proverb goes "Those who live in Glass Houses should not throw Stones"!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ms McDougall carry ya rass!

Gay Mc Dougall

It is quite logical to assume that if Ms Mc Dougall, being of African American descent would have spoken to some Farmers/Bandits from the Buxton and Agricola area and their supporters at Kongress Place followed by a five minute sit-down at Oasis Cafe with Freddie Kissoon (who's ashamed of being an Indo-Guyanese) along with Mike Mc Cormack, she'd have come up with this Bundle ah Skunt.

Her work could have been much easier had she bought her ass a ticket to anyone of the two ODIs recently held at Providence Stadium or gotten one free, minus refreshments, courtesy of Office Of the President, as it would've surely negated the need for a dose of Senna Pod to purge her inside of all that Shit!

Where is the deep ethnic polarization that Mc Dougall referred to?
Do we have segregated communities in Guyana?
Aren't all Guyanese open to equal opportunities in Guyana?
Don't Indo-Guyanese and Afro-Guyanese live side by side in Guyana?

Soon they'll come with a survey that says the government of Guyana marginalized Black Drug dealers thereby allowing the Indians to dominate the Drug trade too!


-Local Politician's Wife busted with Drugs at J.F.K

The Drugs being weighed by Law enforcement

We have been reliably informed that the wife of a local politician that is also a member of the Legal fraternity has been detained in the U.S following the discovery of 36 Kilos of Cocaine in two pieces of luggage she carried. We have checked and it has been confirmed that she left Guyana via a Delta Airlines flight at 10:00 hrs this morning that also intransited in Trinidad. And our source has also provided us with pictures as is shown above!
We will bring you updates on the incident very shortly as they emerge!

Geh dem some Laxatives as they really need a good cleaning out!

Quite contrary to this it is our belief that Robert Corbin, C.N Sharma, Khemraj Ramjattan, Raphael Trotman, Christopher Ram, Prem Misir, Kwame Mc Koy and to a lesser extent Glen Lall and Adam Harris ought to be each given 2 cups of Senna Pod. And when their Shitting fails to ease they should be further given 2 packs of Lomatil each!

Lick-rish Glen Lall and Adam Harris!

Dese people gah real nerves! I don't believe Glen Lall, Adam Harris and company! Ya'll too fucking lick-rish! Al-yuh skunt gon get poison! Is fucking free food ya like nuh?

Now oh skunt man! De people geh dem de tickets free, de leaset yuh cud do was to buy al-yuh own fucking food! Den ya'll got de belly fa devote limited space in de Kaieteur News to ya'll mendicant behaviour! De people shudda mix some Kool-Aid drink laced with cyanide and kill aye-yuh skunt out!

Freddie upset b'cuz de Cricket Commentators said de Stadium nice!

In his column today Freddie 'De Ugliest Indian' Kissoon severely chastises cricket commentators David Lloyd and Fazeer Mohamed for their description of the Providence Stadium as being amongst the best in the World. Being his usual lunatic self he went on a rampage against these two learned individuals.

In one paragraph he asked: "Would they accept the conditions of the main streets and roads in London and Port-of-Spain respectively that eventually destroy your vehicles? I don’t want to mention UG but in my heart I feel deeply about the demise of that institution."

Since you don't want to mention U.G we will!
Would Lloyd and Mohamed put up with having their children being lectured by an academic failure such as Freddie Kissoon at the premier University in Trinidad & Tobago or the U.K?

Would they put up with having their children lectured to by a thief who's devoid of any credibility?

Would they put up with having their children listen to his daily anti-PPP rantings instead of Pol 110 & 120?

Well it is with this in mind that I dare say; FUCK YOU FREDDIE!
Maybe you ought to take a trip very soon to Vybz Kratel's 'Ramping Shop' for some good 'Daggering'!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Freddie De effing thief!!

Is anyone aware that in spite of his daily diatribes about all levels of government corruption, U.G Lecturer and Kaieteur News Columnist, Frederick 'Freddie' Kissoon, was arrested whilst in Canada for stealing 2 books from a charitable book store?

Yes Freddie that vehement critic! An ordinary fucking thief!

Caught in the Slips!

A prominent media practitioner was involved in an incident where he fell asleep after one of his 'Daggering' sessions and his young, male partner promptly removed some of his belongings which included a substantial amount of cash and a camera belonging to the media entity that he worked for. After he awoke and discovered the items missing it threw him into a state of panic. If the boss found out it could have spelt trouble since it would've been viewed as an act of infidelity as they too shared a relationship.

As a result, a report of break and entry was made at the Alberttown Police Station where investigators concluded, after finding no signs of forced entry, that the story was concocted.
The media practitioner promptly contacted some friends of his who were of dubious character and purported to be members of the infamous, Roger Khan, led 'Phantom Squad' and the young man along with the camera and other belongings were located.
The young man was released but not after given a sound trashing(Roughing up) and the items promptly returned!

Do nothing fear nothing Glen!

Glen Lall

Why is Kaieteur News publisher so worried about his Tax file being in the possession of the Auditor General's Office? Do nothing fear nothing!
But then again Glen might have quite a few skeletons in his closet, particularity as it relates to the construction of a huge shopping mall at the corners of Regent and Wellington street which Glen is purported to have a huge stake in instead of the front man claiming to be the owner. We here at Liveinguyana were made to understand that up until recently the pruported owner was a clothes vendor in the Stabroek Market! How is it that a person who sells clothes out of a few suitcases comes into possession of so much wealth? And why was Glen Lall's U.S Visa revoked?

The word 'Guyana' spells controversy!

Shivnarine Chanderpaul hit 46 off 30 balls after
taking 26 off an over from Steve Harmison, but
the end to the match meant it was largely forgotten

An amazing miscalculation from West Indies coach John Dyson handed England an extraordinary victory in the opening one-day international, at the Providence Stadium in Guyana, when he misread the Duckworth-Lewis chart and called his batsmen in when they were two behind the required target.

With the light fading Stuart Broad trapped Denesh Ramdin leg-before to tip the D/L target in England's favour, with West Indies needing 27 from 22 balls, yet Dyson insisted his not-out batsmen walk off after reading the sheet in front of him. Andrew Strauss knew his team were ahead, but Dyson needed convincing and went to see the match referee before the result was confirmed. It overshadowed what had been an excellent match and left Dyson with serious questions to answer.

Drunken Basil!

Basil Williams

Quite like some of his colleges in the ruling party, a drunken PNC/R member of Parliament and Attorney-at-law Basil Williams was seen stumbling out of the Latino Bar on Friday, at around 2 in the morning in the company of a female of mixed ancestry, who by all appearances seems quarter of Basil's age! He could be heard by all and sundry belting out loud expletives and was so consumed by his alcoholic consumption that he had to be fetched to his vehicle, where he took to the steering wheel in a drunken state!

Friday, March 20, 2009

kick them out!

-GWI official sent home after kickback reports

We were made to understand that a senior official within the Guyana Water Inc has been sent home because of his alleged involvement in fraudulent activities which would have seen various contractors being given preferential treatment when it came to the awarding of GWI contracts.
The company is soon to make an official statement. The official was sent home on Wednesday.

We will bring you the details as it emerges!

Cricket! Lovely Cricket! Both matches at Providence sold out!

Cricket lovers at the National Stadium, Providence

As Guyana hosts the first One Day International in the 2009 Digicel Series which commenced at 09:30 hrs this morning, both matches scheduled to be played at the National Stadium, Providence have been reported sold out and NCN is currently carrying the first of such live!

We have been keeping a close eye on the proceedings and are noticing a steady crowd build up even though it is moving at a snail's pace due in part to the security measures implemented. Authorities are keen on security, especially in light of what took place in Pakistan recently.

We have also noticed an influx of foreigners, particularly overseas based Guyanese who arrived for these two matches.
Many that spoke to us expressed shock and dismay at Guyana's rapid progression, particularly in the area of infrastructural development as they have been fed information that suggested otherwise!

Just imagine that it took us 3 hours to travel from Georgetown to Providence due to the rigid security measures implemented and large turn out.

Sita De Cheatah!

-US revokes Supreme Court Registrar’s visa

Sita Ramlall

The United States Embassy in Georgetown has revoked the visa of Supreme Court Registrar, Sita Ramlal. The revocation followed an investigation by the embassy into a case of forgery of documents purporting to represent the adoption of a female child.
A police source said that at the centre was an application for immigration purposes for a female said to be the adopted daughter of former Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force and Human Resources Manager of Bosai, Norman McLean.

The police said that the embassy reported that dates were changed to make the adoption papers appear to have been done before the actual date.
During the investigation by the embassy, staff attached to the Supreme Court Registry testified that Ms. Ramlal instructed them to make the changes in the records of the Supreme Court.

The embassy called in the local police when Mr. McLean approached them with the forged documents on Wednesday. He was detained.

Things nuh regulah! Lorri Alexander passes away!

Lorri Alexander

Journalist, commentator and well-known personality Lorri Alexander died yesterday afternoon at the St Joseph Mercy Hospital after being in a coma for the past two weeks.

His wife of over 19 years, Paula Alexander, last evening told Stabroek News that her 73-year-old husband died very peacefully at around 2:15 pm. In recent years he was well known for the Miss African Heritage pageants he organised and the cultural event at Parliament to commemorate Emancipation.

His wife said that about a year ago he fell and hit his head and he never really recovered. For years he had been suffering from diabetes but late last year it really took a toll on him. Three months ago he suffered a stroke and it was exactly two weeks yesterday that he fell into a coma and was admitted to the hospital. He never regained consciousness.

City Council gets a $10 Million Raise!

Bharrat and de City Boys

In order to boost the operation of the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown, Government has plugged $120M—$10 M per month— into the municipal treasury which could see some 150 persons being employed at the city entity.
The sum, which will be paid in tranches over the next 12 months, comes as part of Government’s efforts to render support to the municipality to help improve the quality of life for citizens in the city. Read more..