Thursday, July 30, 2009

Media helping to shift focus in light of the Ministry of Health's burning by political opposition members and their associates!

At a press conference in the Office of the President complex in Georgetown, Mr. Jagdeo said catching those responsible for the MOH's fire and condemning the arson as a reprehensible act have been shifted into the background and there’s a new, clever campaign emerging that is supported by some members of the media.

This, he charged, is designed to focus attention away from “this reprehensible act” and the loss it represents for the country to “so-called human rights issues”.

He referred to the editorial in yesterday’s Kaieteur News which he said found everything wrong about the $25M reward offered for information that could help the investigation, the operations of the security forces “but nothing about the people who committed this dastardly act.”

“This is disgusting but a very clever strategy”, he declared, adding that the aim is to blow up other issues to such an extent that the act and the people behind it are masked.

The President said a suspect in the case has been linked to a former Chief Magistrate who claims she is being discriminated against.

“But I see that as a preemptive strike because one of the so-called recruiters claims he’s her friend; she’s saying he’s family; he drove the vehicle to the Meadowbrook area where they were making the bombs that night”, he said.

Mr. Jagdeo added that the former Chief Magistrate was among others present when three men were arrested for protesting outside Police headquarters not long before the fire.

“...when you consider that… the former Chief Magistrate was one of those who was there also, then a picture of what took place starts emerging; but some sections of the media are not interested in that”, he said.

He charged that those behind the diversion campaign are trying to “make it look like the whole government is beating people on the streets and violating their human rights and all of that stuff” while ignoring the good part of the investigation.

“This is the kind of warped logic that we have in this country and it’s all a smokescreen painted deliberately so that people don’t see the real issue and the perpetrators and what’s happening”, he argued.

“It’s a campaign”, he stressed.

Overseas connections emerge in Health Ministry firebombing

‘Those who started the fire have confessed…we know who made the devices; we know when they went to the building (the Health Ministry); two of them are claiming they were lookouts, but they went into the building, went through the door, started the fire in the building; we know about the people who recruited these others, how the recruitment took place…” – President Jagdeo

Overseas connections have emerged in the widening probe into the firebombing of the Health Ministry’s base in Georgetown and investigators are following leads to people connected to a house in the city, President Bharrat Jagdeo said yesterday.

At a press conference in the Office of the President complex in Georgetown, Mr. Jagdeo said some of those charged in the case have identified a house in Meadowbrook, Georgetown that was the base for the July 17 pre-dawn firebomb attack on the Health Ministry headquarters on Brickdam.

He provided some details on the plot uncovered so far but declined to give names from a list of suspects he had at the briefing, saying, “…that’s not the end of it, because it goes up and it goes overseas – the connections; they are going to emerge as the investigations continue.”

He said some of those being investigated may be in the formal political system and others “may be associated with politics.”

The President said those who started the fire have confessed and through caution statements have painted the picture of the plot leading investigators to the persons who sold them gasoline, bottles and other material for the Molotov cocktails (channa bombs) used in the attack.

Investigators have also found the house in Meadowbrook where the bombs were made the night before the arson, he reported.

“We know who made the devices; we know when they went to the building (the Health Ministry); two of them are claiming they were lookouts, but they went into the building, went through the door, started the fire in the building; we know about the people who recruited these others, how the recruitment took place…”

Juliet Holder-Allen's racist out-burst!

Yesterday morning during an interview on HBTV Channel 9's First Look programme, disgraced former Chief Magistrate, now turned politician,with her back against the wall after being named by one of the MOH's arson accused as one of its intellectual authors, resorted to an all out attack on the Indo-Guyanese population. She drew extensively from the work of Kean Gibson and expounded profusely on what she termed the discrimination being meted out by this group of the low caste Indians against Guyanese of African ancestry.

She urged her Afro-Guyanese brothers and sisters to stand up against this act and it was felt that she was perhaps inferring that they should join her in the destruction of public buildings and disruption of the peace and tranquility we have been enjoying with the death of the 'Freedom Fighters". A sweat laden Holder-Allen during the interview seemed also very agitated and this must be in light of an expression of interest in her by law enforcement officials.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WICB & WIPA sign MOU as WI Players strike ends after Jagdeo's intervention!

Kaieteur News attempting to discredit efforts, investment by government

Omadatt Chandan: I wish to respond to a ‘Kaieteur Newspaper’ article dated Monday July 20, 2009 titled “$78M pump station laughable – Canal residents” which is biased, prejudicial and seeks to discredit the work of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA).

NDIA is of the opinion that there is a concerted effort on the part of this particular newspaper to discredit the efforts and investment of the government based on the numerous slanted reports on drainage facilities throughout the ten regions of our country. Although, the Authority is happy for persons to be enthused about the upkeep and management of its facilities, we strongly suggest that the newspaper seek clarification before making such heavily biased reports. Perhaps, the newspaper has some agenda for targeting the agriculture sector.

This year we saw the highest budgetary allocation for the improvement and maintenance of the drainage and irrigation systems.

As such, the $78M pump station at Canals Polder that was recently commissioned was part of the Ministry of Agriculture’s drive to aid and assist farmers during the rainy season.

At present, the pumps that were installed have the capacity to significantly increase drainage during periods of high tide when the sluice cannot be opened.

However, the pumps because of its enormous potential cannot be opened continuously since the intake channel needs excavation and squatters who are living on the feeder canal are posing a problem in effectively excavating this channel. It is important to note that efforts are being made by the respective agency to remove the squatters expeditiously.

The Stanleytown Pump Station was established in the 1980s and had become dysfunctional about two decades ago but at the behest of farmers; Government had moved to re-commission the pump station.

During the last rainy season, the Canals Polder was adversely affected by accumulation of water in farmlands and residential areas prompting the Government to initiate a programme to protect these vulnerable farmlands and communities.

As such, the Agriculture Export Diversification Programme (ADP) under the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) which has a component that provides for drainage and irrigation was initiated in order to protect these areas.

At present, the Ministry of Agriculture with support from the Inter American Development Bank (IDB), is undertaking the complete rehabilitation of the major drainage system. As early as late February, earthen works began for the total rehabilitation of the drainage infrastructure with a view to increasing the drainage capacity as they were seen as vulnerable. This was in keeping with a promise made earlier by the government as some farmers were faced with some hardships during the December/January period.

Currently, seven excavators, one dragline and a bulldozer from NDIA’s fleet of equipment are working in these areas to build dams and to widen and deepen waterways.

NDIA has recognized that during rainy periods, the access dams to farmlands often become deplorable and has moved to buy equipment in order to fix these dams. Just last month, a $34M bulldozer was purchased and was immediately dispatched to these areas in our effort to aid the farmers. These dams are now 90% completed and farmers can now have access as well as using the dam for transportation purposes.

Some $1.5B has also been invested in drainage and irrigation in La Jalousie, the Canals Polder, and Vreed-en-Hoop. With respect to the Kaieteur newspapers claiming that the amount of money spent is laughable according to residents, NDIA wishes to bring to the attention of the public that this particular pump was manufactured in Miami and a contract was awarded through the national competitiveness bidding process.

With respect to the sum misrepresented by this newspaper, the scope of works include the installation of two new trash racks, new 95Hp right angle gear drive, new 450 HP diesel engine, new 150 cu.sec line shaft pump, construction of new pump house, extraction of hydroflow pump end and installation of new oil cooler, construction of perimeter fence, installation of new 42 inches diameter pipe works, rebuilding and installation of hydroflow discharge pipe works. The documentation is available and perhaps the newspaper may want to do its own investigation into the cost structure and advise the Ministry of Agriculture.

Over the weekend, it is a fact that some areas in Canals Polder were inundated but this situation was soon brought under control quickly as the sluice was put into operation and in a limited way, the pump station which had to be turned off as the squatters’ encumbrance is preventing the flow.

NDIA will continue to support the many farmers that live in the Canals Polder area and be subject itself to fair and just scrutiny. In fact, the Minister’s recent decision to publish all projects for media and public scrutiny was intended to invite the public’s constructive feedback. Where else is this done?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

QUESTION!! Why is the PNC always in defence of GT&T?

-ANSWER!!!! GT&T contributes significantly to political parties..................YOU FIGURE OUT THE REST!

Back in the early 90s, ATN, the parent company of GT&T, brokered a sweet deal with the then Hoyte led PNC government that saw them becoming majority shareholders (with 80% shares) of the company and also obtaining a 20-year monopoly – excluding the mobile sector – with the option of renewal for a further 20 years, plus 6% of the annual revenue (as so-called advisory fees) along with the dividends for its shares. In our view this allowed ATN/GT&T to rob, rape and bugger Guyana for years. DIGICEL's intervention lessened the extent of the buggery but GT&T continues to fingle Guyana in the development of its ICT sector!

GT&T's continued bribing of the PNC affords them an able, though somewhat ailing, voice of objection when every attempt is being made by the government to liberalize the ICT sector at the expense of the sexually abused consuming public.

Guyana rated "Free" in 2009 Freedom in the World Report!

A 2009 report made public yesterday by Freedom House, says the international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has credited Guyana as a free nation which respects the rights of citizens.

The NGO report, titled “Freedom in the World 2009”, examines the state of freedom in 193 countries and 16 strategic territories. It provides a detailed explanation of each country’s status in relation to the electoral process, governance, women’s rights, media independence and basic freedoms such as expressions, religion and association.

According to the report, freedom of religion is a right which every Guyanese enjoys and there is no hindrance to academic freedom by Government. Similar comments were made about press freedom which is characterised by the way in which several newspapers operate in Guyana.

Reference was made to the boycott of Government ads in the Stabroek News that ended with an announcement by Government at the Caribbean Media and Communication Conference.

The broadcast media in Guyana was cited in the report as agencies that freely criticise the Government.

The report also acknowledged that the Government respects freedoms of assembly and association in practice, and the right to form labour unions which it cited as well-organised.

The country’s judicial system was also highlighted in the report as independent, although disadvantaged by staff shortages. Guyana in 2005 adopted the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), severing ties with the Privy Council in London.

Commendations were also given in the report to the ruling administration for its efforts to protect citizens’ rights.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Maria why ya leave and go!

Dis Banna Benschop wicked! Now Maria leff he and he blaming de Guvament and PPP when everybody who used to deh bout know dat de Ruff Kutt man (Neil "Cody" Cadogan) did Daggering she since Mark was in jail. How ya think ya used to get dem fancy Potato Salad with Raisan Rice and Baked Chicken Mark? After all, you din leff nuttin with she! De poor girl had to live in an unfinished house when you put ya self in jail!

She ent must fuck pun ya head?
Now she run off wid de dread and you blaming de Guvament!

Why did Sir Roy allow himself to be Prostituted by these Whores?

Outside Ever Leary

Outside the Chinese Embassy

Outside the UN in NY

Outside the Home Affairs Ministry

Outside the Home Affairs Ministry

Sir Roy Trotman: Picketers were seeking to have the Government commit to its obligations and permit collective bargaining, social dialogue and freedom of association among others

None of the slogans used during the various protests in and outside of Guyana by Benschop and Co were depicting issues related to collective bargaining, social dialogue or freedom of association! And all of the pictures above were posted by Benschop himself. So why did Sir Roy allow himself to be prostituted by these whores?

Freddie! Show us a true and correct returns of your income and property tax returns for the past seven years.

Kurshid Sattaur: Rather than masquerade his ignorance on the functions of the GRA and the law it administers in the press, Freddie needs to do the decent thing and share with the GRA, first and foremost, a true and correct returns of his income and his property tax returns for the past seven years.
I can assure Freddie that I have been doing that not only for the past seven years, but the past 25 years as an employee of the Guyana Revenue Authority (formerly the Inland Revenue Department).

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Albouystown man shot dead!

Dead: Rondel Williams

The dead man's Wife speaking to the media today

The blood stained spot where Rondell Williams
lay after being shot

The house where Rondell Williams was killed

32 year old Albouystown resident Rondell Williams who was known for his many brushes with the law was shot 4 times by an unknown assailant after being called outside in the wee hours of the morning. Williams succumbed to his gunshot wounds after being rushes to the Georgetown Public Hospital by relatives. He leaves to mourn 3 children.


A detective examines one of the Molotov cocktails.

An attempt was this afternoon made to destroy the Ministry of Works facility on the Kingston Railway Embankment.. We have learnt that the 2 channa bombs failed to ignite. They were discovered by an employee who was carrying out some cleaning works near the western fence of the compound.
The devices which consisted of two bottles filled with chick peas (channa) and nails fitted with pieces of cloth at the mouth.
Several employees, including an engineer, occupy a section of the building as temporary living quarters. The compound houses millions of dollars in equipment.
The employee who made the discovery said that he was burning rubbish when his supervisor asked that he clear some debris near the western fence.
“I observe the two bottles, but me ain’t really know wha is it so I just call me friend and tell he ‘man watch you get channa inside a bottle hey so’ and he say is channa bomb,” the employee related. He said that he picked up the bottles and took them to a safe place.
Detectives said that the devices did not pose any threat when it was found since it was devoid of any flammable liquid.

Sir Roy, like Mc Dougall, allowed himself to be misled by Benschop & Co!

The Ministry of Home Affairs has expressed concern about the statement made by International Labour Organisation (ILO) spokesperson who it said appears to be supportive of breaches of the peace and good order by persons, who act contrary to the law.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said it rejects, unequivocally, the statement purportedly made by Sir Roy Trotman of the ILO, concerning the protestations over the past few days, involving Messrs Benschop, Witter and Lewis.

The Ministry noted that the claim by the ILO spokesperson that the rights of the three individuals were violated is without any foundation whatsoever.

Sir Roy Trotman is quoted in last Friday’s edition of Kaieteur News to have said that the; “Picketers were seeking to have the Government commit to its obligations and permit collective bargaining, social dialogue and freedom of association among others”

The Ministry of Home Affairs rejected the assertion and stated that at no time did Messrs Benschop, Lewis and Witter carry placards reflecting anything near what the ILO representative claimed they were seeking to advance.

According to the Ministry, during the picketing exercise, several slogans were used.

These include, “demanding full investigation into the Roger Khan dealings with the Jagdeo Administration”; “Jagdeo Administration must stop its racial discrimination against Guyanese” and “Rohee: Simels spoke with Ramsammy”.

The Ministry described as outrageous the utterances of the ILO representative, claiming that he never sought to find out from the government what its views are in respect to the issues nor the history of the three individuals, who it is well known have a long track record of engaging in anti-government and politically disruptive behaviour.

“Moreover, to issue a threat to the effect that: “The ILO would have to step in if the Government persists in this vein” is objectionable to the Government of Guyana and tantamount to gross eye-pass of the Guyanese Nation,” the Home Affairs Ministry said in a strongly worded statement.

Outlining the sequence of events that led to the arrest of the three demonstrators, the Ministry said that their picketing exercise commenced around Georgetown on Friday, June 26, 2009.

The demonstrators had declared that the exercises were to protest issues they referred to as “matters of national and international interest”.

Prior to last Wednesday’s picketing exercise at Eve Leary, several others were held. One was June 26 outside Office of the President in New Garden Street; another on July 2, outside the Chinese Embassy on Mandela Avenue during the Opening Ceremony of the 30th Regular Meeting of the Heads of Government of CARICOM; then on July 3, outside Police Headquarters, Eve Leary; July 10, outside the Ministry of Education, 21 Brickdam and on July 14, outside the Ministry of Home Affairs, Brickdam.

According to the Home Affairs Minister, on none of these occasions did the Security Forces prevent, obstruct or deny the three individuals from carrying out their picketing exercises in accordance with the law, save for the breach of the peace and good order which took place on Wednesday outside Police Headquarters, Eve Leary.

The Ministry said that this gives the lie to the false claim that the group of three were denied their constitutional right to protest.

It was only during the picketing exercise on July 15, 2009, because the picketers were not proceeding within the confines of the basic legal requirements that the police intervened to bring order to the exercise.

The Ministry said that the protestors refused to comply with police orders and it was only then that the police moved to arrest the picketers and place them in custody.

It was pointed out that only recently, Dr Compton Bourne, President of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) had cause to correct a number of distortions and falsehoods peddled by Mr. Lincoln Lewis as regards the activities of the Caribbean Development Bank.

“It is obvious, therefore, that Sir Roy Trotman was set up by the threesome to adopt a biased stand based on an orchestrated series of events,” the Ministry of Home Affairs stated.

Ramsammy debunks the false theorists! Procurement Unit not at Brickdam!

-Ministry of Health’s Procure-ment and Management Unit was not at the headquarters at Brickdam

Stabroek News:The minister was visibly upset at what he called “non-stories” implicating the ministry in the fire. He said persons are out there saying things “about us destroying records”, but added that many of the crucial records at the ministry are duplicated. He spoke specifically about procurement at the ministry saying that the Ministry of Health’s Procure-ment and Management Unit was not at the headquarters at Brickdam, but instead is located at Kingston. Ramsammy stated that all the records pertaining to procurement are at Kingston.

Additionally, he said persons who are raising such implications are being “purely mischievous”.

Ramsammy pointed out that important financial records which the ministry kept in vaults were all retrieved from the rubbles of the fire intact on Friday. He said that some $2.5 million in petty cash and cheques were recovered from the vaults in the presence of police officers and staff from the Auditor General’s Office.

Friday, July 17, 2009

PNCR MP Mervyn Williams resigned as chairman of the party’s Region Three Regional Committee, citing racial comments hurled at him!

-Williams was told "the PNCR is essentially an African Guyanese party voted for at elections by the African Guyanese population.”

PNCR MP Mervyn Williams has resigned as chairman of the party’s Region Three Regional Committee, citing “discriminatory” and “offensive” comments made at a party meeting suggesting a disconnect between him and members because he is not Afro-Guyanese.

In a letter to PNCR General Secretary Oscar Clarke, dated July 7, 2009, Williams offered his resignation with immediate effect, saying it was a regretted but carefully considered decision that he believed to be in the best interest of the party that he loved. In the letter, seen by Stabroek News, he explained that he had the first inclination to resign when a representative to the Central Executive Committee (CEC) told a meeting that “the PNCR is essentially an African Guyanese party voted for at elections by the African Guyanese population.”

According to Williams, the representative also argued that there was “a disconnect” between him, as Chairman of the Region and Party comrades, rather than a disconnect between the latter and the PNCR. “He opined that being a non-African Guyanese, one could not relate to African Guyanese issues, and went on to recommend [an] early Regional Conference to elect a new Regional Executive to solve the problem of the Region,” he wrote, adding, the views were endorsed by a Regional Councillor. At the time, he noted, he was the only person in the room who was not of African Guyanese ancestry.

BREAKING NEWS!!!!Police search unearths "Channa Bombs" in Durban Street house!

The Police as a follow up to the early morning torching of the main building in the Ministry of Health's Brickdam compound conducted a search this morning on a Durban Street house believed to be connected to the 3 Musketeers and found a quantity of Channa Bombs and other incendiary devices. Two persons were arrested as investigations continue.

July........a month of the destabilizers

  • On 1st July, 1963, incendiary bomb set fire to the Housing and Planning building at Waterloo & New Market Streets.

  • On 21st July, 1963, at about 9.45 a.m. charges of dynamite were set at the Rice Marketing Board exploded. The explosion caused damage to the premises. No one was injured. Clement Thompson had later confessed to his sister, Margaret that he and Malcolm Williams, known as Joe Younge had done the act. He was offered $300:- for the job but he was only being paid $25:- per week by Richard Ishmael. The gang of sabateurs of which he was a member was organised by Richard Ishmael. Peter D'Aguiar and L.F.S. Burnham and included one King of 237 Alexander Street, Lacytown and about six Policemen.

  • On 25th June, 1963, between 2.30 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. there was a crowd of people on the street in the vicinity of the Education Department Building at High & Cowan Sts. At the time some of the employees were at work in the building including Rita Singh. At 3.00 p.m. there was a loud explosion under the building which damaged it and some of the furniture to the extent of $627:- Rita Singh who was immediately above where the explosion occurred was injured.

  • On the morning of July 11, 1979, the building housing the Ministry of National Development and the Office of the General Secretary of the PNC and the GUYSUCO building next to it were destroyed by fire.

  • On 14 July 1979,Father Bernard Darke, a Roman Catholic priest, who also took photos for the weekly Catholic Standard, and was also a high school teacher at the St. Stanislaus College located just across the street from the Magistrate Court was killed after he was among a group of people attacked by the House of Israel thugs as he took photographs of what was happening. He was beaten with staves and s he ran towards the street corner, one of them then stabbed him with a bayonet in the back.
  • On July 17, 1964 Michael Forde’s life ended violently while he was removing a parcel which detonated in his hands. The parcel, which turned out to be a time-bomb was placed in the bookshop under Freedom House by elements that wanted to destabilize the PPP, then in Government and wrecked the chances of it leading Guyana into Independence. It was due to his quick action and brave act that the lives of some 40 persons, many senior PPP leaders, were saved.

  • Jagan Ramessar, age 17, a youth just beginning his life and Bholanauth Parmanand a 43-year-old cattle farmer were slain when the security forces indiscriminately opened fire on a large crowd gathered outside the polling station at No 63 Village, Corentyne.The crowd had gathered to peacefully prevail upon the security forces not to subvert the electoral process, under orders from the then government. Because of fears that the ballot boxes would be tampered with in the 1973 general elections, an agreement was worked out between the elections officials and the contesting political parties that one polling agent representing all the opposition parties would accompany the ballot boxes from each polling station and be in position to watch the ballot boxes from the time of closing to the time of opening of the boxes for the official count.

  • Now today we have the burning of the main building at the Ministry of Health's Brickdam location which is suspected to be work of arsonists. Reports received so far indicate that the building was set ablaze by 3 persons wearing dark clothing during the wee hours of this morning, who subsequently escaped via a waiting car. This came after a promise by Mark Benschop, Lincon Lewis and Norris Witter to destabilize the country.


Officials have found the remains of what appears to be Channa Bombs(Molotov Cocktails) in some sections of what remains of the burnt-out Ministry of Health building!

Wreckage & sensory equipment from French Airbus recovered on local shores

Wreckage of the French Airbus

Dennis Baksh, a farmer from Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara, knew that he had stumbled on to something valuable last Friday whilst on the Hope Beach.
Baksh had found what is believed to be a part of the fuselage and a component believed to be the first piece of sensory equipment recovered from Air France Airbus A330-200 that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean after leaving neighbouring Brazil en route to France on June 1.
According to Baksh, he immediately realized that what he had found was not a part of a boat and as such made arrangements to have a tractor haul the piece of debris to his home, some distance inland.
“I see it pun deh seawall and when a go and check I say that this got to be a part of a plane,” said Baksh, yesterday

Sensory Device found at Hope Beach

The man who made the important discovery said that he did not see any other piece of debris in the area.
The sensory component that was attached to the fuselage is a three-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) which is cylindrical in shape and is mounted on a flat base with electrical wiring protruding from within it. It bears the trademark ‘Sensorex.’
Baksh attempted to open the device but only managed to break into the cylindrical case; the cube within was impenetrable to Baksh.
A GCAA official said that he noted the numbers on the fuselage and on the equipment marked Sensorex and that he would be forwarding these to the relevant authorities.
Another aviation official explained that the piece of equipment marked Sensorex might be the first piece of sensory equipment retrieved from the crashed plane. He explained that it sends signals to the flight panel and this might be the piece of malfunctioning equipment that caused the crash.
An Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is the main component of inertial guidance systems used in air, space, and watercraft, including guided missiles.
An IMU works by sensing motion including the type, rate, and direction of that motion using a combination of accelerometers and gyroscopes.
The data collected from these sensors allows a computer to track a craft’s position, using a method known as dead reckoning.
The IMU works by detecting the current rate of acceleration, as well as changes in rotational attributes, including pitch, roll and yaw.
The data is then fed into a computer, which calculates the current speed and position, given a known initial speed and position.

Three men spotted leaving Ministry of Health compound shorty before fire!

Eye witness reports indicate that 3 men wearing dark clothing were spotted hurriedly leaving the compoundd through the Hadfield street entrance of the Ministry of Health shortly before the fire was discovered. It was also reported that the men entered a dark coloured car with yellow containers in hand.

The Ministry of Health's main building was this morning set on fire and this was after former talk show host Mark Benschop ,Trade
Unionists Norris Witter and Lincon Lewis were released from the Brickdam lock-ups amidst chants of More Fire, Slow Fire and promises by the trio to continue their destabilization efforts.
A few years back Benschop led a demonstration which resulted in the storming of Office of the President and the subsequent death of 2 persons. He was later charged for treason and was the recipient of a Presidential Pardon.

More Fire, Slow Fire restarted!

It seems as though the More Fire, Slow Fire campaign has restarted. Within the past few days we have noticed an intensification of destabilizing activities, particularly by the infamous 3 Musketeers (Benschop, Lewis and Witter) and to a latter extent Corbin the insignificant who warned that Guyanese must be prepared for actions similar to those that ousted the democratically elected President of Honduras and the Pepper Sauce party (AFC).

The destabilizers have taken on a new low with the setting afire of the Ministry of Health's main building around 2 a.m this morning! The building was completely gutted resulting in damages amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars and the loss of a significant amount of medical records, documents etc.

All decent minded Guyanese should resist every attempt by the Benschops, Lewis' and Witters aimed at taking our country down this destructive path once again which is solely aimed at achieving their self serving interest!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hammie blamed for Corruption at City Hall................Which is nothing new!

Commissioner of Inquiry into City Hall affairs, Mr. Keith Burrowes, angrily lashed out at Mayor Hamilton Green, accusing him of “interference” and a highly suspicious attempt to detract from core issues which will compromise the integrity of the much-anticipated Inquiry report that will be made public on Friday.

Burrowes said the Mayor, during the investigations, was most times clueless and unable to provide him with any kind of constructive information, and he has had to resort to the more comprehensive information being provided by the Deputy Mayor, Mr. Robert Williams.

The Commissioner disclosed that the Inquiry report will show that the M&CC’s lack of implementation of a number of fundamental things has nothing to do with bureaucracy, as claimed by the Mayor at a news conference he hosted yesterday, but just pure incompetence under Green’s poor leadership at City Hall.

He also chastised the Mayor for shying away from taking responsibility and always blaming the government, somebody or something for his incompetence.

“What exactly is he (Green) responsible for? Is it just for the perks that go along with the office of Mayor?” questioned a very emotional Burrowes during an invited comment last night regarding some scathing remarks made earlier in the day by the Mayor.

More Fodder being provided for the Unintelligent Asses! This time by the W.T.O!

- an extract from Guyana’s 2nd WTO trade policy review

Trade is very important for Guyana. With imports and exports accounting for around 17% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the importance of trade and trade policy cannot be overemphasised.

As a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Guyana’s trade policy is underpinned by the country’s rights and obligations under the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas. In this regard also, Guyana’s external trade policy is widely coordinated within CARICOM, including external trade negotiations with third countries.

Coordination of Guyana’s trade policy is the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and International Cooperation.

Despite budgetary constraints and a limited number of trade staff, the Ministry has proven its capability to deal with complex trade policy matters, such as the recently concluded Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union.

The Ministry leads a National Advisory Committee for External Negotiations (NACEN) which involves major public-private stakeholders and ensures their participation in trade policy matters. NACEN is chaired by the Minister.

Trade taxes are not a major source of revenue for the Government’s budget, which reflects Guyana’s commitment to an open, market-based trade regime. Internal reforms such as the introduction of the Value Added Tax (VAT) in 2007 have helped Guyana to significantly streamline tax administration, strengthen the tax base and reduce the reliance on border taxes.

Trade performance
Guyana has seen strong export growth during the period under review. Expanded production of traditional and non-traditional products and favourable world market prices for key commodities are largely responsible for this performance. Imports have grown as well, and Guyana continues to have a significant trade deficit.

Some diversification of export destinations has occurred in the last five years, with increased exports to non-traditional markets, such as China. In the same way, more and more imports are sourced in new markets, notably China, India and Brazil.

Expanding exports to new markets is a key priority for Guyana.

Corbin sues Norton & Stabroek News!

PNCR Leader Robert Corbin has filed a $1M libel suit against Guyana Publications Inc, the publisher of the Stabroek News, and PNCR executive Aubrey Norton over allegations pertaining to the party’s Georgetown District Conference elections.

Based on an ex-parte application by Corbin’s attorney Rex McKay SC, Justice Dawn Gregory-Barnes yesterday granted an interim injunction against Guyana Publications Inc, Stabroek News’ Editor-in-Chief Anand Persaud and Norton, restraining them from further publishing the alleged libel until after a hearing and determination of a summons in the case, which is returnable for July 31 for an in chambers hearing.

Corbin is seeking damages in excess of $1M for the alleged libel as well as aggravated or exemplary damages. Additionally, he is also seeking an injunction restraining the defendants from further publication of the alleged libel, which he fears could cause harm and cause right thinking persons to lose confidence in him as a political leader.

In an affidavit in support of the application for the injunction, Corbin alleged that on Tuesday, June 30, 2009, the newspaper, quoting statements made by Norton, “falsely and maliciously wrote, printed and published, or caused to be written, printed and published” a report about him.

He said that as a result of the publication he has been “severely injured in his credit, character and reputation” and in the way of his office of leader of the PNCR as well as my constitutional office of Leader of the Opposition”, which he contended have “been brought into public scandal, odium and contempt.”

De Parrot's Note: Freedom of Expression does not give Stabroek News or any other media entity the right to shout "Fire" in a crowded Cinema! On this Blog I have stated many times that Stabroek News and others have to be responsible in the practice of their profession. These media houses often abandon the basic fundamentals of journalistic practice in an attempt to be sensational, carry out their subversive objectives or out-do their opponents.

On the other hand when action is taken or they are themselves subjected to criticism for their callousness there is often the lack of press freedom cry or stifling of the media being made by these very media houses.

Benschop seeking to resurrect his dwindling popularity!

It would appear as though former treason accused Mark Benschop is on a campaign to resurrect his dwindling popularity. Of recent we have seen an intensification of his attempts to publicly prostitute himself along with Lincon Lewis and Norman Witter. An earlier attempt by Lewis failed miserably after it was felt by members of the public that the story just did not add up. Back then Lewis had claimed that his home was visited by strange men whom he later described as being members of the infamous "Phantom Squad" and alleged that they tried unsuccessfully to enter his home. However, none of Lewis' neighbours testified to ever hearing or seeing anything of the sort, not even Lewis' calls for help, neither did he telephone anyone. He instead ran to the back of the village where he boarded a minibus and subsequently made his allegations public. When questioned by the media as to his reasons for not reporting the matter to the Police, Lewis back then had stated that members of the Police Force were intricately connected to the "Phantom Squad" and as such compromised themselves.

The trio were yesterday arrested for disorderly behaviour and resisting arrest during an illegal protest outside the office of the Commissioner of Police, Eve Leary.

Their lawyer, Khemraj Ramjattan showed up after their detention, pleaded on their behalf and said that bail was expected at 3pm yesterday.
However, up to press time, the men were still in police custody.
The three men were holding a three-man protest outside Henry Greene’s office during the Police Awards ceremony.

There, one of the three men ended up in a trench and was eventually pulled out and taken away to the police station.

At Brickdam Police Station, Lewis and Benschop were overheard singing the hymn “What a friend we have in Jesus” and the “Lord is my Shepherd” while in the enquiries office.

We later learnt that the three men refused the offer of bail in the sum of $50,000 and preferred to remain in custody.
Later in the evening a few of their relatives and friends assembled outside the Brickdam Lock-ups chanting and singing rather noisily. Benschop was heard communicating with persons outside which we were told constituted an offence.

Earlier in the year Benschop had blocked traffic along the Berbice Bridge after refusing to pay the fare and was subsequently placed before the courts. Known for his often outlandish and scandalous remarks during his hosting of the "Straight-Up" TV programme on HBTV Channel 9 and also for the filming of a tape by then wanted man Andrew Douglas in which he claimed to be a Freedom Fighter, Benschop came to prominence after he incited persons during a protest outside of Office the President to storm the Presidential compound.

This resulted in the death of 2 persons and injury to many others including government workers and Presidential Guards stationed at O.P.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

City Hall to host Michael Jackson look-a-like

July 6, 2009 | By Renee | Filed Under News

Hammie should be more concerned with cleaning Le Repentir, where he'll soon go!

LETTER BOX: Khemraj resorts to camouflage to protect his name.

Elizabeth Daly: Tarron Khemraj has surely round up a few patrons, namely, Gerhard Ramsaroop, Robin Williams, and Anan Boodram, in an attempt to redeem his name. However, this strategy will fail, since the comments of these people are clearly just an attempt to reinforce his erroneous position, and they have nothing of substance to offer. Responding to these three camouflage-makers is a waste of time, since their agenda is already heavily tilted against this Government.

Once again, I say, Tarron Khemraj should stop knocking all of Guyana’s economic and developmental gains because he is too opinionated and has failed to consider the outlook of others. He presents his position as if it is carved in stone, failing to understand that the social sciences are unlike mathematics. Guyana is not yet deemed developed, but it surely is on the right path towards development, and this can only continue with the support of its people. Tarnishing the accomplishments of a poor nation will not do.

In the same way that Khemraj realises the impact one little letter can have on his name, and to acknowledge his swiftness to round up his three musketeers to redeem his name, the same impact applies to the name of Guyana. He will need quite a few more musketeers to restore some redemption to his credibility.

Let us have a meaningful debate now. Khemraj should stop the camouflage to protect his name. This will not do; before he starts criticising Guyana, he should tell us what specific development has taken place. Or maybe, the three musketeers may care to respond.

Eric Phillips' misleading letters on L.C.D.S attracts the attention of the Agriculture Minister.

Robert Persaud: GUYANESE of all walks of life are actively participating in the on-going consultations on the draft Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS).

A healthy feature is that many are seeking to learn more about the draft strategy, and many others have and are making constructive inputs, even if these are preliminary. And yes, there are some persons who have different perspectives on the LCDS. This is a healthy, reassuring feature of our democracy.

Public debate and discourse on the LCDS can only lead to an enhanced understanding and the full appreciation of this Strategy in its national and international contexts. What I find disingenuous are attempts by a few to mislead the public on the content and intent of the Strategy.

For example, I wish to refer to misleading letters by Eric Phillips in the Stabroek News of June 15, 2009 entitled "The Low Carbon Development Strategy is a new form of mendicancy", and in the Stabroek News of June 29, 2009 captioned: "The Low Carbon Development Strategy is about the air we breathe". This last missive was also carried in the June 29, 2009 Kaieteur News under the heading: "LCDS is about privatizing the air we breathe".

It is most unfortunate that whilst the great majority of persons at the National, Regional and International Communities are praising Guyana's visionary LCDS, these few individuals clearly unfamiliar with elements of the LCDS are openly critical, rather than seek clarification to reduce their unfamiliarity with the subject matter. To ensure that the public does not become confused by the misinformation peddled and to improve those individuals knowledge on the subject, the following facts are presented:

The LCDS was quoted by these letter writers as saying that for almost every year over the past two decades, Guyana experienced positive growth.

The letter by Mr. Phillips has not proven that to be incorrect. In actuality, he concurs with this assertion quoting the World Bank's Country Assistance Strategy for Guyana 2002 which states that there was positive growth, however some years the growth was of a smaller rate than others.

It is evident, that Mr. Phillips in an effort to present a certain unfavorable situation, quoted the report of 2002. He neglected to refer to the World Bank's latest release of May 2009 on the World Bank's new Country Assistance Strategy for Guyana 2009 to 2012 where it commends Guyana for excellent macro economic performance. The following was taken from the World Bank's website:

"Guyana has made significant progress in laying the foundations for macroeconomic stability and higher pro-poor growth...the Bank's Executive Directors commended Guyana for its macroeconomic performance over the past decade and recognized the progress made in improving fiscal discipline.

They emphasized the importance of accelerated broad-based and shared growth in order to mitigate the development challenges of high poverty and inequality. They also underlined the importance of Guyana's economic diversification through private sector development, and stressed the need to have the International Finance Corporation, the arm of the World Bank Group thatsupports the private sector, actively involved in the country."

The results of the NGSA reveals a narrowing gap in the delivery of Education in Guyana!

A characteristic of many countries, particularly developing ones, is the wide gap in development and education standards and overcoming this has posed a challenge for both governments and organisations/agencies involved in developmental work.
Of course there are several factors which are responsible for this wide gap and these include the historical evolution of societies, culture, traditions, poor governmental policies and lack of resources.

Lack of a proper education system and facilities in rural communities only help to perpetuate poverty there, and it is exactly because of this situation that many countries are increasingly employing education as a key tool in the fight against poverty.

Guyana is among those countries which historically have had an urban focused development pattern and so there existed for a long time a large gap between rural and urban education standards. And as such the overwhelming majority top academic performers and those who excelled at various examinations came from urban areas.
However, in recent years there has been a gradual change, with many top performers emerging from rural communities.

The results of this year’s National Grade Six examinations have shown that this encouraging trend is continuing with a large number of students from the top one percent coming from rural communities. According to the preliminary analysis of the examination by the Education Ministry 185 students comprised the top one percent and of this amount 174 came from the rural regions while 11 came from Region 4 where the capital city is located.
This trend is also similar in the results of the CSEC results.
This no doubt is largely due to the increasing emphasis which this government has been placing on education in rural communities since its assumption to office in 1992.

Apart from the hundreds of schools and other educational facilities, which have either been built or repaired in the rural and hinterland regions, one of the notable aspects of the national education programme has been the emphasis on the training of teachers in these communities and this has been given a fillip through the implementation of the distance mode of education.

The revival of the Cyril Potter College of Education rural training centres has also contributed significantly to improving teacher training countryside.
Unfortunately, these training centres which were established by a former PPP government were closed down by the succeeding PNC government. The current government has irrefutably demonstrated its unswerving commitment towards improved delivery of education in both rural and urban communities. Evidence of this commitment lies in the government’s allocations in the national budget. Year after year we have seen the largest chunk of allocations being made to the social sector, amounting to some 20% of the national budget. In addition in a few years we should be able to achieve the goal of universal secondary education with enrolment standing at 80% currently compared to a mere 35% in 1992.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lickrish Colin Smith!

Sum ah dese Guymedia people cud eat! Colin Smith from de Catholic Standard lickrish-so-till. De only time he in de Media Center at de Conference Center is wen food sharing. Dis short man got a large apetite! Is 8 food he alone carrying way wen de day dun.

NGSA top students!

This picture of the top 4 National Grade Six Assessment students speaks volumes for inclusiveness in the area of Education!

Bajan men sweet on Guyanese women

Nalini Sukhram, the voice behind GT Advice.

SANKA PRICE: IT'S TRUE: Bajan men love Guyanese women. And Bajan women tend to be somewhat suspicious of Guyanese women. Just ask Nalini Sukhram, the voice behind GT Advice. Wherever she goes in Barbados, men want to befriend her. "If I pass a hundred men for the day, 99 want to know my name or want my phone number. I don't know what it is," she said.

Laughing, she added: "If I am leaving and going somewhere, someone wants to take me somewhere. The men are something else. . . Oh my God!" In contrasts sometimes when she speaks to women, though they answer some "look at you funny", said Nalini, better known as Lisa. That said, Nalini loves it here and gets on with everybody. "I have a lot of Bajan friends and I love them to death," she gushed.

As for the song GT Advice which has propelled her into the spotlight, Nalini said so far the reaction to it has been pretty good. She said: "Guyanese are very supportive. No bad response as yet. I have not heard from anyone as yet, but I know outside of Barbados some people are against it. "I heard some rumours that the Bajan women kicking up a storm, but no one came and told me anything. "It is just fun, I would like someone to reply."

P.J. calls for "all hands" to be "on deck"!

Rickey Singh: JAMAICA'S FORMER Prime Minister, Percival J. Patterson, has warned that since "the collapse" of the Caribbean Community "is not an option", to join all hands on deck to ensure the sustainability of the regional enterprise that is CARICOM.

The four-term ex-Prime Minister, an acknowledged 'elder statesman' of the 36-year-old Community, made his appeal in an eloquent address, at the ceremonial opening at the 30th Heads of Government Conference in Guyana, in appreciation of being honoured with CARICOM's highest award--Order of the Community (OCC).

Not only did he pledge his availability to be of whatever assistance he could possibly offer.

Patterson publicly invited previous recipients of the OCC to come forward to be of assistance at this time when CARICOM is going through a most difficult period in its existence.

"I feel confident in speaking not only for myself", he told the assembled guests who packed the Guyana National Cultural Centre for the opening ceremony, "but also for all the others who have received your highest accolade that the Caribbean Community is at liberty to call upon each and all of us to give our experience, or share our expertise in any way that will serve to move our fellow citizens on the path of economic progress and social mobility...."

Such a response, he feels, will help to "ensure the fashioning of a Caribbean civilization, embedded in strong regional consciousness and rooted in the promotion of human dignity for those who call the Caribbean our only home..."

Previous and surviving OCC recipients would include, Sir Shridath Ramphal, Sir Alister McIntyre, poet laureate Derek Walcott, novelist and social commentator George Lamming.

Emphasising the need for the region's economic integration movement to introduce a new administrative structure for effective governance, Patterson sought to revive new interest in a core recommendation of the West Indian Commission of 1992 that had urged the establishment of a high-level CARICOM Commission with executive authority.

"The greatest threat to the credibility of CARICOM", warned Patterson, "lies squarely in the failure to implement solemn declarations and decisions made at (Heads of Government) Conference after Conference:

Surely, he argued, "mature regionalism will remain a pipe dream unless authority is vested in an executive mechanism which is charged with full time responsibility for ensuring the implementation, within a specified timeframe, of the critical decisions taken by Heads or other designated organs of the Community..."

The Community leaders are expected to take a decision, one way or the other today on a new mechanism that could help in redeeming the 'credibility' of CARICOM.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Corbin threatens Norton as the Passa Passa erupts!

PNCR leader Robert Corbin has threatened party executive Aubrey Norton with a libel suit over accusations made about the controversial Georgetown District Confer-ence voting last Sunday.

Norton, who has said the process that saw him voted out of the Georgetown District Chairmanship was fraudulent, received a letter from Corbin alleging that he had libelled him in comments made to

the Stabroek News. “Unless I read a public retraction and receive an apology from you, I will instruct my attorneys to seek redress in the Courts,” Corbin wrote to Norton, in the letter dated July 1, 2009.

But Norton yesterday told Stabroek News that he had not said anything “libellous” and is “not apologising.” Further, he added that if Corbin proceeded with the suit, he would see him in court.

Norton has said that the voting process that saw him losing the chairmanship of the Georgetown District to party co-chair Volda Lawrence-who was widely believed to be backed by Corbin-was fraudulent. He lost the vote, 96 to 220.

Corbin, however, has maintained that the vote was transparent, saying while three complaints were lodged with the returning officer and would be investigated they had noting to do with a discrepancy in the vote.

Moreover, saying that he was present for the voting process and would be “aware if any fraudulent activities occurred,” Corbin asserted that the vote was transparent. He also said the party is willing to investigate any claims of fraud should a formal complaint be made. Commenting briefly on the process itself, he stated that the representatives from both sides accompanied the ballots to have them counted. With respect to the results, he said that there was no word of any dissent from Norton and his supporters.