Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kaieteur News widely condemned for publishing photos of accident victims on front pagee

Recently Donnella Collison, a 24 year old US-based Guyanese and a recent college graduate with a degree in journalism joined the long list of persons decrying Kaieteur News' resort to sensationalism in an effort to boost its sales.
In her highly charged letter to the press she said that she opened the newspaper's webpage, only to find the mangled bloodied bodies of five victims of a most horrific minibus crash and her letter is to hold the editors of Kaieteur News responsible for displaying, in what she termed a "callous heartless manner", the bodies of the victims, which included children.
She described this act on the part of Kaieteur News as "horrible" and posited that perhaps this gruesome display might be the last pictures the relatives of the accident victims will see of them.

She also questioned the reason for Kaieteur News' continued failure to adhere to journalistic ethics and said that such acts, while they may serve as a deterrent to reckless drivers and boost newspaper sales, further desensitizes the readers of our nation to violence and dehumanize the victims. She made mention of the fact that such tactless use of shock and awe photos is a reoccurring phenomenon at Kaieteur News.

A few years back during the crime spree Kaieteur News was criticized for publishing on its front page the picture of a man who was beheaded in Agricola. The picture is now posted on a website, called as a result.
Even Police Commissioner Henry Greene noted this practise during his address yesterday to ranks at the Force’s annual mid-year awards ceremony to mark the organisation’s 172nd anniversary, when blamed media sensationalism for creating the perception that there has been a drastic increase in the Guyana crime situation. The top cop stated "in this country we have a lot of press; if you look at the papers you see all the bodies ... is strewn all over, in other countries the worst things are not displayed that way".


  1. The only way that KN would stop this way of journalism is when stern penalties are taken by the right authority cause this is getting over bearing.

  2. Christopher Ram's relationship with asmita chand exposed on Truthful Guyana.

    The critics can't silence the truthtellers. The critics are the storytellers !