Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Chris Ram
A Liveinguyana undercover operative has revealed that Christopher 'wife beater' Ram or Lalbachan Christopher Ram(which ever one you wanna refer to him as) donated a sizable sum of money at the request of Mark Benschop to the Linden insurgency. The money is to be used for the training of a group of individuals recruited to wage war on the state and Indo-Guyanese PPP supporters. 
A few days ago we reported that Benschop was on a fundraising drive in the U.S where he collected money supposedly in aid of the relatives of the 3 persons slain during the protest.  This money is intended to fund the activities of a gang of men recruited from Linden with Benschop, Ogunseye, Hinds, Lewis and the others capitalizing on the current feelings of dissent. 

Ram was also overheard expressing satisfaction with the actions of the protesters during a telephone conversation.  

AFC members plan to take lack of accountability issue to wider membership

Liveinguyana was reliably informed that there is a group of Alliance for Change (AFC) members which plans to take to the wider membership of that party their concerns over millions of dollars in misappropriated campaign funds. Our understanding is that these individuals are not satisfied with the explanations given after almost $49M in campaign contributions were not properly accounted for during the 2011 election campaign. 
Salaudeen Nausrudeen & Gerhard Ramsaroop
Gerhard Ramsaroop, his wife and Salaudeen Nausrudeen have been fingered as the thieves. Receipts were not provided for alleged expenditure, invoices with non-existent addresses were supplied and the persons have noted the personal development of these individuals since elections despite their meager means of income prior to then.  
In May this year, AFC Region 6 Councillor Haseef Yusuf blew the whistle about corruption in the AFC camp, accusing that party’s Member of Parliament, Dr. Veerasammy Ramaya, of misappropriating $4.5 million of campaign funds in Berbice.
After pressure mounted on the AFC, it announced weeks later that it was desirous of investigating the matter but to date there has been no word from that party about the corruption scandal involving its Member of Parliament, Dr. Ramaya.
Dr. Ramaya, who hosts an AFC television programme in Berbice, absented himself from that programme for several weeks and dodged questions about his involvement in financial misappropriation.
AFC Chairman and Attorney-at-law, Khemraj Ramjattan, was also implicated in several scandals in which clients accused him of swindling them. A pensioner who has an amputated leg, Mr. Michael Taharally, and his wife, Veronica Da silva, publicly accused Ramjattan of swindling them in an estate dispute case in which he had been hired to represent their interest.

Attempt to steal army ammunition foiled

Security officials thwarted an attempt to steal thousands of rounds of ammunition from the Guyana Defense Force(GDF) Timehri base yesterday. The ammunition which is located at the Timehri rifle range is used during training by army ranks. Several ranks stationed there have been placed under close arrest. 

A few years ago several high powered rifles stolen from the army found their way into the the hands of a gang of criminals who conducted massacres at Lusignan, Bartica and Lindo Creek. The gang headed by the notorious Rondel Fineman Rawlings used the village of Buxton as a safe heaven. Persons are wondering whether this attempt was done to facilitate the arming another gang.

Monday, July 30, 2012

PNCR unveils shrine in honour of 'Lord' Robert Corbin

Loyal Corbin devotee, Shri Amna Ally removes holy cloth covering effigy
The PNCR at its 17 Biennial Congress unveiled  a holy place of worship in honour of holy deity Lord Robert Corbin. Followers of this holy one now have a place where they can offer gifts and praises while receiving blessings at Congress Place in Sophia at the headquarters of the PNC. 

The response so far has been overwhelming especially in light of the miracle Lord Corbin performed in having Granger elected as PNC leader.


Robert Corbin managed to rig another PNCR internal election. Corbin installed his 'creature' David Granger as party leader and also foisted the rest of his sub-subservient clique to leadership positions within that fledgling political party. As is the norm at every election involving the PNC, there were claims of voters list padding, voting by ineligible pro-Corbin/Granger supporters as well as other discrepancies. 
Several recounts of the ballot delayed the declaration which was finally done this morning. 
In the run up to the election there were numerous allegations that the entire Corbin-controlled PNC apparatus was being used in support of Granger's campaign.

Granger now hold 3 hats; leader of the opposition, APNU chairman and PNCR leader, and received many  criticisms for contesting the party's leadership. Former parliamentarian James Mc Allister who was recalled from parliament after a fall-out with Corbin recently wrote a letter in which he was critical of Granger's quest to hold all 3 positions. Mc Allister said "any Leader of the PNCR who doubles as Chairman of APNU would have difficulties defining the boundaries of what is PNCR and what is APNU; where to walk with Basil Williams and where to walk with Dr David Hinds; how to go into the regions to rebuild the party structure and win support for the PNCR without partners in APNU concluding that the chairman is using the grouping’s goodwill for the PNCR’s benefit and demanding to be involved".

Nigel Hughes force relatives of slain Lindeners to sign agreement that would give him 60% of compensation money

Cocaine Lawyer Nigel Hughes during one of his racist rants in Linden
Bramma's cocaine lawyer Nigel Hughes has made contingency legal arrangements with the relatives of 3 persons shot during the Linden protest. This means, by way of agreement signed, Hughes has positioned himself to get a substantial percentage of any compensation to be paid by the state. We were told that he could receive as much as 60%.  

This revelation is in indication of where Hughes' real interest lies. It seems more a case of personal interest instead of the images of genuine humanitarian concern which he currently projects. An observer also noted that Hughes' colleague and AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan performed a similar act during the case of the tortured teen Twyon Thomas. Though Thomas failed to show up in court on 17 occasions after being was paid off by the accused in his case Ramjattan tried valiantly to collect the  $6.5 million in compensation he was awarded.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Two thief mek God laugh
The AFC’s Raphael Trotman, his mother Sheila Chapman  and Khemraj Ramjattan colluded to rob Prakash Persaud of millions of dollars. Read more.................


PNCR 17th Biennial Congress
During his outgoing address at the party's 17th Biennial Congress held at Congress Place, Sophia leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Robert Corbin warned his successor to be mindful of the ‘wild men’ among them who pose as revolutionaries but have nefarious motives.

To quote his exact words Corbin said “… the wild men in our midst, some of whom pose as great revolutionaries, when in fact they are agents of the enemy”, while warning that these men must not be trusted for he believes that it is those very men who have caused “unnecessary deaths of our comrades in various struggles”.
This charge by such an influential person in the 'know' comes at a time when just recently 3 persons lost their lives during a protest in the PNC stronghold of Linden. This was after extremists elements incited Lindeners to protest a government decision to bring that community's electricity tariff in line with the rest of the country. David Granger(handpicked by Corbin) had initially agreed to the tariff increase but was forced to back-track after David Hinds, Freddie Kissoon, Mark Benschop, Lincoln Lewis, Tacuma Ogunseye and Aubrey Norton told Lindeners they were betrayed. Corbin's deliberate use of 'wild men' is similar to Freddie Kissoon's application of the term to describe Mark Benschop during a series of articles detailing his(Benschop) involvement with the Mash Day Prison escapees. Benschop also led a group of protesters who stormed Office of the President resulting in 3 deaths.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

JOKE OF THE DAY:Lurlene Nestor says PNC/R remains the most progressive political party in current day Guyana

This has to be the biggest fucking joke so far. This unbridled nonsense was spouted in the Kaieteur News by Lurlene Nestor Cinder-gorilla


Stan Gouveia makes pass on another Male 

Caught in the slip! Stan Gouveia(Radio and TV personality) is exposed after trying to make a past at a 23 year old Boy.

GPSU's call for higher wages is just the occasion for escalating the ongoing war

GPSU leader-for-life Patrick Yarde with PNC leader Robert Corbin
The GPSU has just announced they’re not going to go along with the government’s annual five per cent salary increases. Patrick Yard, the leader-for-life of the GPSU, declared that this year, they’ll be demanding 25 per cent increases!! You can see the direction the wind is blowing from the opposition camp.
The GPSU obviously believe that the government’s back is against the wall – beleaguered as it is with the Linden protests; the corruption charges and the ‘racist’ tag that the opposition is trying to pin on them in the wake of the Chronicle editorial. The GPSU has never been shy to declare where its political heart lay: firmly and irrevocably in the opposition camp. Over the past few years, Jagdeo had checkmated the union by his bold actions in seizing the initiative.
Patrick Yarde wants to test President Ramotar and believes that the latter’s administration might not want to fight on another front. The government might just roll over and play dead in the face of the GPSU’s protests in Georgetown. But the call for higher wages is just the occasion for escalating the ongoing war; the cause is to remove the government from office. And to ensure that the protests spread from Linden to Georgetown. So what if it further splits the country?

IMRAN KHAN - A flaming faggot with a Muslim name.

Imran Khan Pork Chops
It's a shame that Imran Khan Pork Chops(WICB stooge)  has a name similar to that of an esteemed cricketing legend and devout Muslim while engaging in homosexual behaviour. Homosexuality is an abomination according to the Koran and is punishable by death in several Islamic states.
In fact it states in the holy book:

"For ye practise your lusts on men in preference to women : ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds." (7:81). "And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): Then see what was the end of those who indulged in sin and crime!" (7:84). "He said: "O my Lord! help Thou me against people who do mischief!"" (29:30).

With this being the month of Ramadan Pork Chops should consider a name change. Perhaps Rachael ......... maybe Ayana.........


Sherlina Nageer
Today we introduce SASOD activist, Sherlina Nageer(Lesbian) as one of the authors of the nonsense written on Propaganda Press. Nageer and Imran Khan(of the WICB), are both ashamed of being Indo Guyanese so they use Propaganda Press along with Mark Jacobs to launch scathing attacks on Guyanese of Indian ancestry whom they refer to using derogatory terms. Khan(Pork Chops) is also a flaming faggot and he joined with Julian Hunte, Hilliare, Otis Gibson and the others to sideline Chris Gayle, Sarwan, Chanderpaul and Jerome Taylor from the WI team.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Thugs aligned to the AFC and APNU are using the protest in Linden as a means of enriching themselves. Vehicles leaving several interior locations that wish to have hassle free passage through parts of the community are being made to pay as much as $5000 in some instances. Here this known PNC/APNU activist Lorna Thornhill from Linden is caught on camera depositing money collected.


The AFC's Mark Benschop is currently in the US where he's conducting a fund raising drive in order to arm a group of young men recently indoctrinated with anti-government hatred. Under the guise that he's seeking funds for the relatives of the 3 protesters recently killed in Linden Benschop is soliciting the help of various US based Guyanese. We were reliably informed that he has already collected a sizeable sum of money from financier of the Fineman gang and the Ministry of Health arson Tookie Van Rossum a.k.a Mr T. An associate of Mr T has already begun sourcing several high powered weapons in neighbouring Suriname and the money Benschop received is for logistical and other subversive purposes.


The duplicitous nature of the Alliance For Change(AFC) has been exposed once again. Even as rabid racist Nigel Hughes, Freddie Kissoon, Benschop and the others continue to urge on Lindeners in their relentless pursuit for free electricity Moses Nagamootoo and Khemraj Ramjattan are in the villages in Berbice urging its mostly East Indian population to rise up if the government backs down from its current stance in Linden.
What they aren't telling their audience that it was the AFC which incited Lindeners against the gradual tariff increase which the APNU initially agreed to but backed out after the AFC told Lindeners that they sold them out . It was Ramjattan who told Lindeners that they were being punished due to their race and support for the opposition. It was Nagamootoo who spoke about Lindeners rising up to confront the PPP/C government.   
They then unleashed Nigel Hughes who has a policy which prohibits the employment of Indos at his office to fan the flames of racial hatred. 

Then their agents in media took to the various social networks making comparisons about police and government responses in Linden and Tain in 2007 further adding fuel to the already burning fire. 


The damaged portion of the DHB
A preliminary investigation by Liveinguyana as well as information provided by our undercover operatives have caused us to conclude that the damage which led to the collapse of the #61 retractor span of the Demerara Harbour bridge is as a result of sabotage. Several suspicious persons where last night spotted in and around the vicinity of the very section which caved in this morning.  One of our undercover operatives also revealed that the attack on the bridge was carried out as a response to the killing of 3 protesters in Linden by the police. The architects of the attack felt that a significant number of PPP/C supporters who traverse the bridge could have been killed when the bridge collapsed.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

GT&T monopoly unlawful - High Court

Since Yog decided to 'Switch it up' everything seems to be switching up for the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T) company.A DSL subscriber on Friday won decision in his favour when Justice Rishi Persaud found that the company acted unlawfully when it blocked his internet access after he used it to make calls over the internet.
Justice Persaud found that the use of an internet-based calling service by subscriber James Samuels was not identified as a telecommunications service under the law and he also upheld the contention that GT&T’s telecommunications service monopoly is unlawful and in breach of the Civil Law of Guyana Act.
The ruling awarded $850,000 in damages to Samuels, who subscribed to a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Service provided by a US company, after his GT&T internet service was installed. The VOIP service enables a subscriber to send and receive voice communication electronically over the internet by use of a personal computer. It is widely utilised at internet cafes across the country, which has seen protests and actions to block usage by GT&T over the years as a result of losses of revenues for international calling.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


What remained of the DIGICEL store after the looting
'Peaceful' protesters loot DIGICEL store
Policemen dousing fire lit by protesters
Protesters set tyres on fire in an effort to block roadway

Protesters blocking the roadways though the opposition said they didn't 

Protesters destroying bridge before police opened fire
Police removing debris used by protesters to block a section of the road 


Travis Price Branch Manager of a DIGICEL store in New Amsterdam
While his employers are counting their losses at the hands of 'peaceful' protesters who looted a store one DIGICEL employee took the time off to show his support for the actions of those very thieves even promising a bombing campaign. Travis Price wrote “Don’t worry Guyana done case bomb gonna start in places you least expect.”
Tony M V April

Tony M V April also charged that he cannot say publicly what he will do to members of the Guyana Police Force in response to the shooting of protesters.


A former army officer who was dishonorably dismissed after being caught while on a military scholarship stealing has publicly advocated via his Facebook page for the murder of Prime Minister Samuel Hinds.
Dorian Massay who now functions as a bodyguard of APNU and opposition leader David Granger called for the Prime Minister's murder while commenting on another Facebook page.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Nigel Hughes forbids the employment of Indo-Guyanese at his law firm

Despite his lamentations about perceived prejudices against Afro-Guyanese by the government headed by then President Bharrat Jagdeo, Bramma's cocaine lawyer(and the God-father of his child) Nigel Hughes is himself an ingrained racist. Hughes has an unwritten policy at his office which forbids  the employment of persons of Indo-Guyanese ethnicity. 

This was told to us by a former employee who asked us to note the ethnicity of the persons currently working as well as those who previously worked there. The source told us that during his law practice Hughes also refuses to take the cases of persons of Indo-Guyanese ethnicity, except of course those pertaining to his cocaine boss Barmanand 'Bramma' Nandlall.

Granger, Roopnarine, Hinds, Lewis & Kissoon's presence in Linden during unrest wasn't by coincidence.

It wasn't by mere coincidence that APNU leader David Granger and his deputy Rupert Roopnarinre were in Linden during the opposition-led protest which resulted in several deaths, burning of buildings and destruction to private and public property.
Granger and Roopnarine along with their instigators Mark Menschop, Lincoln Lewis , David Hinds and Freddie Kissoon were their egging on the protesters with the hope that it produce the exact result. In fact Granger who is currently jostling Carl Greenidge for the PNC leadership used the Linden protest to regain ground lost to Greenidge's parliamentary charades.

Kissoon, Hinds, Benschop and the others are not satisfied that the outcome of general elections in 2011 gave the combined opposition a one seat majority in parliament and have been clamouring for a Libyan styled revolution in Guyana. It is these agents who terror who fanned the flames of disunity and race hate in during the protest and it is also this bunch which directed which places were to be made targets in the violence that erupted afterwards.

BEWARE: Capitol News part of the PNC(APNU) racist agenda

Enrico Woolford's Capitol News is part of the PNC(APNU) racist campaign. Just recently its editor Gordon Anastace Moseley broadcasted several messages on Blackberry Messenger in which he sought to make racist comparisons between the response of the government and police to protests in Linden and the one in Tain on the Corentyne in 2007. Both Woolford and Moseley(who are homosexual lovers) are contributors to several Blogs which preach racism and government hate. Moseley is also the president of the Guyana Press Association(GPA) which is aligned to the PNC/AFC

PNC Linden Protesters Fired On Police

An amateur video posted on Youtube captured several clear police warnings to disperse and a comment made by an eyewitness that a member of the PNC organized protest fired on the police. This makes a lie of the PNC(now APNU) claim that its protesters were not given any warning before police officers responded to their stone, sticks and bottle pelting.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Chief Justice Ian Chang in his preliminary ruling today in the opposition 2012 budget cuts case concluded with the government's position that it was a violation of the constitution. He also determined that the Ethnic Relations Commission could have its GUY$99.4 million restored because it is a constitutional body that draws directly on the Consolidated Fund. 
“In order to enable that constitutional entity and its secretariat to perform its constitutional functions, the court orders the Ministry of Finance to allow all expenditures necessary from time to time for the maintenance of that entity and for the performance of its constitutional function to be charged directly from the Consolidated Fund (as mandated by the Constitution) until the National Assembly determines a lump sum by way of a subvention to meet such expenditure,” he said.

The Chief Justice said the High Court would not order any relief for the budget cuts for those budget agencies because that is the Finance Minister’s responsibility. “Even if those cuts and reductions were constitutional but have resulted in insufficiency, it is the minister and not the Court in whose hands remedial action lies. The court cannot usurp the constitutional functions of the executive minister just as the National Assembly cannot usurp the constitutional function of the executive minister,” said Chang. The Judge emphasised that the Finance Minister’s is constitutionally empowered to make estimates of revenue and expenditure. If per chance, the National Assembly were to disapprove of the budget, it is the minister who must re-craft his estimates and return them to the Assembly. At the same time, the judgement states that the National Assembly does not enjoy the constitutional right to reduce the budget and hardly one to disapprove of the budget. “Thus is so because it is inconceivable that the National Assembly as a national institution would cripple executive governance by non-approval of any estimates of expenditure…Final non-approval of the estimates of expenditure by the National Assembly does not appear to be an option contemplated by the Constitution.,”


Even as the opposition continues to publicly lament the way in which the National Insurance Scheme is being administered a number of them who employ various persons are listed as being negligent with respect to the contributions of their employees. One such person is PNCR presidential contender and APNU member of parliament Basil Williams who is also an Attorney-at-Law. Williams has not remitted over $700,000 in employee contributions and this could affect the ability to access vital NIS services of those in his employ.

Opposition using Linden as launch-pad for countrywide instability

An opposition protester in Linden bears a placard advocating the Prime Minister's murder 
Sources within the mining community of Linden has informed Liveinguyana that known terror agents within the Opposition are mobilizing persons to create instability across wider sections of Guyana with the aim of forcefully removing the democratically elected PPP/C government. A number of these known individuals have been spotted in certain hot spots and they have so far met close to 200 individuals at various points indoctrinating them with hate. An overseas based individual familiar to law enforcement officials after being fingered as a financier of several previous terror activities here is said to be behind this latest plot.