Friday, February 1, 2013

Testimony on Glen Lall’s “backtrack” involvement

Man says he took Enrico Woolford’s household items as payback for sexual favour

The man who was caught with items belonging to Capitol news editor-in-chief Enrico Woolford says he committed the act as payback for sexual favours to Enrico. The press carried reports this week of Enrico’s home being burglarized and items subsequently recovered.
The man said he became familiar with Enrico while he frequented the parade ground area in the afternoons and was initially introduced to his home in Castello Housing Scheme while Enrico’s  wife Patricia was overseas late last year.
 The man of no fixed place of abode said several promises were made to him in relation to payment for sexual favours but Enrico had only given him $2000 on each of the three occasions they spent together. He added he was also promised a sneaker for $7000 but that Enrico would only renege by saying the sneakers was coming among items in a barrel he was bringing into the country.
Enrico’s number two man Gordon Moseley who recently abandoned his capitol news outfit after spending most of his youth there was also a victim of theft recently. Moseley who had brought a teenage Lindener to Georgetown to stay at his Church Street home discovered one day the lad had carted off with several items.