Thursday, February 6, 2014

Amna Ally poisoned Deborah Backer with 'Dead water'

PNC/APNU chief whip Amna Ally’s name is circulating in opposition quarters as the person responsible for the illness of Deputy Speaker Deborah Backer who has a number of complications.
In the APNU camp it is being said that Ally laced Deborah’s meal with a toxic fluid which emanates from the dead during the embalming process while the two attended a party function.
The substance has since sent Backer into a delirious state and aggravated other malignant conditions for which she was being treated.
A Congress Place source said Ally's actions lie in her belief that with Backer out of the way  she could be elected to the deputy speakership especially with her being perhaps the only other woman on the opposition benches in parliament with the experience for this position.

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