Monday, November 5, 2012

AFC Region 6 councillor caught demanding bride

The Region Six administration will be launching an investigation into allegations that a councillor on the Regional Works Committee, who is attached to the Alliance For Change (AFC) has attempted to solicit bribes from a contractor.
Rohan Jaggassar is being accused of approaching Hardat Singh for monies on more than one occasion to sign an approval certificate for payment for work done.
In a statement, Singh, who is contracted to clean canals in Black Bush Polder, said he never paid any money to Jaggassar, despite several requests from the councillor.
The issue was brought to the Region Six Regional Democratic Council (RDC) on Thursday.
Regional Chairman David Armogan said the matter will be fully investigated, noting that it is the government that is normally accused of corruption by the opposition.
“Now it looks as though the opposition is working in cahoots with the contractors,” Armogan said.
A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) representative Jauvane Stephens congratulated the regional chairman for bringing the issue to the RDC, and urged a speedy investigation into the matter.
People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Councillor Philip Rose supported the investigation, pointing out that corruption is plaguing society.
“All must take ownership and operate above board.”
Regional Vice Chairman and Works Committee head Baupaul Jagroo told the council that anyone found guilty of any such act should be expelled, while AFC Councillor Ervin Abullah in support of his colleagues said the investigators must look to see if the contractor’s work was poor, hence, the non-payment.
Jaggassar said the contractor produces the poorest quality work in the region and expects payment for it.
He, however, admitted to signing certificates indicating that the said contractor has produced work to Jaggassar’s satisfaction and should be paid.
The regional chairman said if that is so, then the AFC councillor may be guilty of fraud.
The investigating team is being headed by the regional executive officer and includes a member from each of the three political parties.

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