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Click on the images to view photocopies of cheques supplied by an undercover operative which show that even as the Alliance for Change(AFC) accuse the National Industrial Commercial Investment Limited(NICIL) of being part of corrupt activities by the government one of its senior members, Moses Nagamootoo received millions of dollars from that entity. Payment were made as recent as July in 2011.

Money can hide so many contradictions and sins!

Where the AFC's Khemraj Ramjattan betrays his contempt for the Guyanese people is the crystal-clear conflict of interest revealed in his relationship with one of the disgruntled contractors that bid for the construction of the specialty hospital. Here he is, an opposition parliamentarian (a party leader to boot!) and simultaneously, a private lawyer grinding his client’s axe (and not so incidentally, filling his own pockets). I mean, where does greed end?
As a parliamentary leader, Ramjattan gets to place the hospital on the parliamentary agenda. Why should he be allowed to gain from this by becoming a hired gun for one of the bidders that lost out? How can Ramjattan claim with a straight face he’s representing the best interest of Guyana? But this is not an anomalous behaviour for Ramjattan – or for that matter, most of his cohorts in the AFC.
Ramjattan’s also the lawyer of Robert Badal, owner of the Pegasus. So Ramjattan the parliamentarian objects to the Marriott that would compete with the Pegasus! Ramsaroop has some flower beds up by Timehri and so he argues against the expansion of CJIA! But most bare and two-faced was Cathy Hughes representing Synergy while the party officially opposed the company. Aaah…money can hide so many contradictions. And sins!

AFC pros and cons!!

Ramjattan & Cathy Hughes

Back in February when the budget was being presented, you’d remember the AFC and the APNU came out swinging against the government’s request for funds to prepare the land for the Speciality Hospital. Former President Bharat Jagdeo had arranged for concessionary financing from India for the facility, which was to open up a new revenue stream for the country: medical tourism. The AFC and the APNU refused to approve the funds.
In an article then, Ralph Ramkarran (recently touted by the AFC as a rock of integrity) suggested the real reason for the AFC’s and the APNU’s rebuff of the funding request. He referred to PNC’s executive member Hamilton Green’s accusation that the government was following through with the old PPP’s design to “colonise” Guyana with Indians from India!! The Speciality Hospital was going to be staffed by doctors from India, wasn’t it? So what if we’re not exactly bursting at the seams with specialist doctors!
Maybe we can understand APNU/PNC, but you may very well ask, why would AFC support this patently racist bilge from Hamilton Green? Aha!! Remember it was the same time AFC’s Ramjattan and Nagamootoo had run down to Linden telling the people the PPP was “spiteful” and “racist”?
The AFC was stung by its loss of votes at Linden and was desperately trying to ‘prove’ its ‘multi-racial’ credentials. So what if the country could explode in riots and arson – as it soon did? It’s the votes, baby! It’s the votes! Ramjattan then had the hospital project hauled over the coals in Parliament and promised more down the line.
But look at Ramjattan’s hypocrisy today on the same hospital. Fighting off the opposition’s vicious campaign against the hospital, the government persevered and went ahead to the bidding stage. One Indian company – Surendra – won over another Indian company – Fedders Lloyd – because the former secured its bid bond from an Indian bank unlike the latter. This bond source requirement is the norm in cases where concessional loans are secured from bilateral arrangements.
But lo and behold!! Ramjattan, who argued for an extended vacation while tooling around in his duty-free SUV and drawing his parliamentary salary, announces he’s the lawyer for Fedders Lloyd – one of the putative ‘colonisers’! Like we asked: can you imagine the fee he’s drawing? He filed an objection to the award of the contract to the Indian authorities. So what if the hospital will be further delayed?

Enough evidence to support charges against crooked Cricket Board official.

SENIOR State Counsel, Judith Mursalin, delivering an affidavit in answer to an affidavit by the applicant, filed in support of the application in issue for Writs of Certiorari and Prohibition, which had asked the Director Public Prosecution (DPP) and Police Officers to show cause why they advised that the applicant be charged with perjury, said: “A police file came for advice, and having perused the statements and documents therein, I found there was evidence to support a charge of perjury, contrary to Section 325 of the Criminal Law (Offences) Act, Chapter 8:01; and accordingly, I so advised.”
“That in relation to paragraph 7, the applicant in his affidavit in support of his ex parte application, dated 30th January, 2012, stated under oath that he, as Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board, which is an unincorporated body, held certain listed items in trust; the same items as listed in that paragraph.
“That further, in relation to paragraph 7, on the 25th day of August, 2011, a legal entity known as the D.E.B. Essential Organisation Inc. was incorporated. Attached hereto and collectively marked ‘DPP 1 – DPP 15’ is a copy of the incorporation documents.
“That additionally, in relation to paragraph 7, I am aware that:
(a) On the 29th day of August, 2011, a Deed of Transfer dated 24th day of August, 2011, was entered into between Chetram Singh and Lionel Jaikaran, in their capacity as Trustees of GCB and D.E.B. Essential Organisation Inc., represented by its Director/ Secretary Anand Sanasie, and Fizul Bacchus, Director.

(b) By virtue of the said Deed of Transfer, all the assets and properties of the Guyana Cricket Board were transferred to D.E.B. Essential Organisation Inc. for its sole use and benefit; and D.E.B. Essential Organisation Inc. was to take all necessary legal steps to regularize its ownership of the said assets and properties.

(c) This Deed was duly filed at the Deeds Registry.
(d) The applicant, being a signatory to the said Deed of Transfer, was cognizant of the fact that since August 29, 2011, the assets of the Guyana Cricket Board were transferred to D.E.B. Essential Organisation Inc.; and therefore, he could not hold same “in trust” as Secretary to the Guyana Cricket Board.

“That as regards paragraph 17, the police file confirms that the applicant was taken before the Magistrate to answer the said charge of perjury instituted against him.

“That paragraph 18 is admitted insofar as it relates to the article published in the Stabroek News on the 10th day of July, 2012.
That paragraph 19 is admitted to the extent that the Director of Public Prosecutions wrote a letter to the Editor of the Stabroek News paper in response to the applicant’s statements in the aforementioned publication of the 10th day of July 2012.
“Further the Director of Public Prosecutions had never spoken to any police officer in relation to the charge instituted against the applicant, since the records at the Chambers reflect that the police file was received only once for advice, and which was given based on the statements, documents and reports in the file.
“Further, I am advised by my Attorneys-at-law, and do verily believe, the publications contained in the newspapers.
“That as regards paragraph 20, I verily believe that paragraph 25 of the applicant’s affidavit on which the charge of perjury is predicated is capable of sustaining a viable charge of perjury; and there is a reasonable and realistic prospect of conviction, as it is evident that the applicant knowingly made a false statement in which he clearly and unambiguously said that he, as Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board, holds the items in trust, knowing fully well that the items referred to in the said affidavit did not remain in the name of the Guyana Cricket Board, as the Deed of Transfer clearly and unambiguously states.
“That I verily believe that the application in issue for Writs of Certiorari and Prohibition filed herein against the Commissioner of Police (Ag.), Mr. Leroy Brumell; Deputy Commissioner of Police, Law Enforcement, Seelall Persaud; Police Officer, Chetran Sewsankar; Chief Magistrate, Her Worship Priya Sewnarine-Beharry; and Shalimar Ali-Hack, the Director of Public Prosecutions, is misconceived, vexatious and an abuse of the process of this Honourable court; and that the Order Nisi granted ought not to be made absolute.
“This affidavit in answer was drawn on my instructions, and on my behalf, by the Hon. Attorney General, Mr. Mohabir Anil Nandlall, whom I authorise to be my Attorney-at-law in this cause, and to do all things necessary on my behalf.”

NCN Corruption Debate: CBJ Airport Expansion Project

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Mark Benschop on his internet hate radio inciting Lindeners to confront security officials

Hear for yourselves how Mark Benschop is using his internet hate radio to incite Lindeners to rise up against the democratically elected government by confronting security officials, damaging roads and police equipment. Benschop's actions mirror that of Radio Rwanda and Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines which incited violence before and during the Rwandan genocide in which 500,000–1,000,000 persons were killed


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Who do thy think they're fooling?

This 'bun, destroy, murder then blame the PPP' tactic of the PNC is a well exhausted ploy. Throughout its existence the PNC has used to ploy to terrorize the nation, bully the PPP whilst casting a shadow over them and to keep their supporters in check. Today the PNC's creature the APNU and its allies in the AFC, media and civil society groups are employing this same tried and trusted strategy of blaming the PPP. They often use lines like 'who has the most to gain' to suggest that PPP supporters will rally behind their party when PNC supporters are made to look like thugs and hooligans. So they incited Lindeners to rise against the gradual increase of electricity tariff then when things get out of control with lives being lost, public and private property being destroyed etc they then blame the PPP as usual.  But as is the norm, the only persons being fooled are themselves. 


Nigel Hughes egging on protesters
Imagine you source a new sugar factory built – like GuySuCo did some years ago at Skeldon – but it never worked properly. You’d want to have an inquiry into why it didn’t, right? Well the AFC did – and they said it shouldn’t be just about the immediate mechanical or technical problems. We should find, they screamed, why only the Chinese company CNTIC and not others was considered to build the factory. In other words, the AFC wanted to go to the root cause and not just proximate causes of the problem. Sounds reasonable, no?
Well the AFC doesn’t think so anymore – at least with the problem in Linden. Three persons were killed in Linden while protesting the planned graduated equalisation of their electricity tariffs. Big problem, right? Wouldn’t you think we should find out who persuaded those poor souls to protest? After all, Linden had just elected their political representatives who should have addressed their concerns about equity (or lack thereof) economic allocations.
The AFC has come down like a ton of bricks on the proposal to include, in the Terms of Reference of the commission of inquiry, the specific directive to find out who sent those gullible souls to their deaths. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the documented fact that it was the AFC, who committed that dastardly role, would it? Does Ramjattan and Nagamootoo think people have forgotten their betrayal of their opposition partner, the APNU when they ran down to Linden and claimed the APNU was ‘in bed’ with the PPP? Oh… what a tangled web you weave when you are practiced in deceit!!
If we’re going to have an inquiry, let everything come out in the wash… let it all hang out… let the cookie crumbles as it will! The AFC would like to just focus on the police and Rohee, but this is just a misdirection to cover-up their own complicity in the tragedy of Linden. We notice that the WPA has taken up the AFC’s cry for a limited inquiry. It’s clear that they’re willing to have Linden look like Dresden after an allied bombing run. None of them live in Linden. They’re also practicing the same AFC two-faced deceit. Weren’t they the ones to demand a wider inquiry during the Gajraj hue and cry?
We’ve become so used to the AFC and the WPA speaking from both sides of their mouths that people now record them in stereo!


The APNU/AFC, their agents in the media and other so-called civil society groupings continue to incite Lindeners in their campaign of terror and destruction. On Sunday the One Mile Primary School was set on fire and one person fingered by a security is in the custody of law enforcement officials. 

 At about 03:15h Sunday, police said the One Mile Primary School at Wismar, Linden, was completely destroyed by fire. Investigations so far have revealed that the security guard on duty was approached by three men armed with cutlasses who threatened to kill her if she did not remove from the location, or if she attempted to raise an alarm.
The guard left the compound after which the building was broken into and computers stolen and was later seen on fire. As is the norm during the unrest, the Guyana Fire Service fire tender could not get to the scene of the fire owing to the blockages that had been placed along the roadways by protestors. An undercover operative has informed Liveinguyana that the suspect in custody told investigators of a plot to burn 3 school with the One Mile Primary being the first one and the next being Christianburg Wismar Multilaterial.
Molotov cocktails thrown by the protestors damaged one of the machines used by the Joint Services to clear the debris, and one of the rank’s uniform caught afire but was quickly put out. The police were forced to use shotgun pellets to disperse the very hostile crowds, and three persons sustained injuries.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

WICB official inciting Linden violence

WICB Corporate Communications Officer Imran Khan

The People’s Progressive Party is concerned at the increasing resort by a few supporters and even officials linked to both the AFC and APNU of using the Linden situation to spread race hate messages and calls for violence against particular groups in Guyana.

The vicious racist rhetoric and open racist attacks against persons perceived to not be in support of the ongoing violenc

e and destruction in the mining community of Linden is most shocking. These views are especially being promulgated on social networking sites such as Face book and Twitter and social media sites.

This racist campaign which has now been brought to a head with person’s openly advocating violence against a particular ethnic group has also been aided and prodded along by the racially insensitive comments and apparent advocacy by some senior members in the private media.

No more so was this more evident than on the Demerara Waves Media Site operated by former President of the Guyana Press Association Denis Chabrol, where someone in the comments section of a story was allowed to make a post calling for attacks against a particular ethnic group in Guyana. The racially divisive Face book posts of current President of the Guyana Press Association Gordon Moseley regarding the Linden situation is also most revealing.

The party has observed that the grounds for the current racist offensive was being laid in the weeks leading up to the start of the Linden protests, when AFC supporter and Corporate Communications Officer Imran Khan of the WICB used a most derogatory and racist term to describe the ethnicity of a Minister of Government on Face book.

Even before that, Executive Member of the AFC Dr. Tarron Khemraj publicly on Face book used the same derogatory term in lashing out at the ethnicity of persons who attended an overseas engagement which involved members of the PPP/C Government.
The Guyanese public will also not forget the numerous racially charged statements made by both officials/agents of the AFC and APNU in their efforts to agitate Lindeners to react in the way which has unfolded over the past few weeks.

It is also interesting to note the publicly stated objection of the AFC to one single clause in the TOR’s for a Commission of Inquiry into the Linden situation and that is the clause which focuses on establishing what exactly transpired in the lead up and during the unfolding events in the mining community.

Guyanese deserve to know the facts of what really transpired in Linden and it is time that the people of our nation know exactly who the agents of division in our society are.

The campaign of dividing our people along ethnic lines is nothing new in Guyana and even today the scars of past events still haunt all our people but Guyana has made significant strides since then and despite the efforts of a group of extremists who appear to be hell bent on always coming up with a racial dimension to each and every single aspect of decisions undertaken by the PPP/C Government, the party remains confident and proud of its record and the role it has played in that whereas despite numerous and constantly evolving challenges, it has been successful in working to create that environment which facilitates the improvement in the standard of living of citizens all across our nation.

It is against this backdrop that the PPP calls on all Guyanese to condemn the actions of these individuals who are seeking to destroy all our hard work as a people, all our achievements to bridge what has served to divide us in the past, every single perception which we have worked to dispel and all the gains we have made in racial harmony is now at stake because of the misguided and reckless actions of a few.

The party wishes to state that much has been made by these elements, especially racial connotations about the fact that senior officials of the PPP/C Government has not visited the scene of the protests.

The public however needs to be reminded that not one of these individuals condemned their colleagues in the AFC and APNU for encouraging the protestors in the early stages of threatening to kill the Prime Minister of Guyana, Hon. Samuel Hinds as was clearly spelt out on one of their placards during a demonstration.

Despite this fact, Prime Minister Hinds who is responsible for the electricity sector journeyed to Linden where his visit was rebuffed at the instigation of the opposition through the protestors.

It is most surprising that even the opposition has now turned around and is questioning Government for not visiting the scene of the protests and at the same time they are supporting the continuation of the actions of the extremists fringe who are blocking the various access roads to Linden and also vital roadways inside the community itself, the digging up of roads and placing of logs across roads to halt any traffic, the attacks and robbery of persons attempting to navigate their way either to the Capital city or back to the hinterland or the extortion of some for safe passage through the township.

The PPP has however noted that the large majority of Lindeners do not support the actions of the protestors led by the APNU Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon and against this backdrop fully supports the growing calls, the latest being from the Private Sector Commission for the Joint Services to clear all obstacles hindering the smooth and safe passage of persons and vehicles inside the community as the current situation is not in keeping with a ‘peaceful demonstration.’ The party also supports the decision of President Donald Ramotar to visit and engage with Lindeners when these blockades would have been removed.

This is not the first occasion Lindeners have voiced concerns over various issues and Guyanese would recall in the past, that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government has been more than willing to interact and work along meaningfully with the mining town to address their concerns.

The party reaffirms its commitment to the people of Linden through its policies and programmes at the level of Central Government as with every other community in Guyana to constantly and consistently work to improve the standard of living of all our people.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Persons far and wide are continuing their calls for action to be taken against the instigators of the Linden mayhem. Observers have said that there is a plethora of evidence on social networking site Facebook and several internet sites that could be used to bring criminal charges against Mark Benschop, Gerhard Ramsaroop, Gordon Moseley and others for their role in fomenting the violence in Linden. This group along with several other media operatives have been using the internet to incite racism and warn Lindeners of action by the security forces. In one instance Demerara Waves which is operated by opposition aligned media operative Dennis Chabrol carried a report which gave the impression that the security forces were on the verge of carrying out an operation in Linden. It was following this that the protesters began another round of arson, violence and destruction.


With calls mounting for decisive action to be taken against the political instigators of the Linden violence Mark Benschop and Gerhard Ramsaroop are attempting to court the support of the public by using the comments of a poster who in the height of his/her's frustration called for their murder. This ploy will not work as a majority of the peace loving Guyanese have long recognized the destabilization agenda of these two individuals and the political organization that they belong to. Benschop in particular has a history of extremism with his stated goal being to remove the democratically elected PPP/C government. Even his new found friend Freddie Kissoon in 2003 noted his involvement with the infamous Mash Day Prison escapees. We must also not forget that Benschop led protesters who stormed Office of the President and led to several deaths in a similar manner to what he's currently doing in Linden. This very Benschop uses his Facebook page and Guyana Observer News website daily to incite and refers to the President, members of the government and supporters of the PPP/C using derogatory terms. The time has come for action to be taken against these extremist elements with their political agenda who have hijacked the genuine concerns of the Lindeners


The government today sought to clear the air on what transpired in Linden this morning and the actions of several opposition aligned media houses which incited the latest unrest in that community. Here's a transcript of the press briefing by Presidential Advisor on Governance, Gail Teixeira.
August 10, 2012
Madam Gail Teixeira Presidential Advisor on Governance:

The Office of the President views with utter dismay the events that began in the early hours of August 10th in the township of Linden. The August 8th agreement and initialing of the Terms of Reference by the Government and the Region 10 delegation signaled significant progress in the search for resolution of the issues associated with the Linden protests. Sitting with us here this afternoon, four of us here, were and have been part of the Government delegation that have met with the Region 10 delegation. However, the Government was not unmindful of the complicated situational ground where representatives of the opposition political parties and the negotiators themselves, were sending mixed signals to the community.

The fact that the TOR was signed, testifies to the compromises that the Government made on this matter. It is indeed unfortunate that the rhetoric of the opposition and the Region Ten delegates did not match their vowed struggle for peaceful solutions. The blockage of the road corridor within and through Linden was a weapon exploited to the disadvantage of all.

Claiming to peaceful, their very acts were destroying the livelihood of many and were occurring in total disrespect of the law. There were two media events that the Government found sinister and responsible for fomenting the upsurge that began in the early hours of August 10th.

At 5 pm on Thursday the 9th August, Mark Benschop Radio was warning Lindeners that the soldiers were coming. Later that night, Demerara Waves falsely informed Lindeners that the soldiers had seized control of the bridges, cleared the roads in Linden, thereby disrupting and threatening the talks.

The facts are that soldiers did no such thing, not having entered Linden. Predictably, the protestors were riled up, mobilized immediately and began a period of uncontrolled mob rule. Fortunately lives were not lost. But there was wanton destruction of property and the impact on the livelihoods was and is significant.

The Government continues to warn Guyanese about irresponsible medium. The Government continues to warn its negotiating partners and their mentors about their questionable control of the situation in Linden, pointing out that the extremists have seized the very prominent role of manning the frontline of the protest.

Government remains committed to dialogue, but cannot and will not accommodate the willful rejection of the rule of law. The Government calls on protestors to become part of and support the move to have the blockade in Linden removed.

It is important I think, for the public to know that since July 18th the President and the Government of Guyana have been engaged with national stakeholders. There have been almost 20 meetings over the last 23 days. Today is the 23rd day of the protest and unrest in Linden, and no one can say that there hasn’t been a genuine effort on the part of the Government. The President has exercised extraordinary patience in meeting with the delegations of the APNU, AFC, national stakeholders from the private sector as well as the Region 10 delegation.

The fact that we have reached agreement on the Commission of Inquiry and the TOR and the search of finding persons to be on that commission, as well as the fact that we were able to overcome and find agreement on the TORs in relation to the generation and distribution of electricity in Linden and the inherent cost.

These are two major milestones that were crossed by August 2nd in relation to the Commission of Inquiry and August 8th in relation to the TORs of the technical team to look at electricity. The Region 10 delegation has consistently been moving the goalposts, and we were expected to meet today at 3 o’ clock.

It cannot be coincidental that events took place early this morning. As you know we were in Parliament. Parliament did not end until 3.30 in the morning. I think that may be a first for Parliament although there may have been some time in the 9th Parliament we went even later. And in the midst of those debates we were then informed of the unrest that was taking place in the very early morning in Linden.

Why would this happen at this particular time, when we had reached a point where it looked as if there was no major obstacle to people who were clearing the roads and getting on with their lives and allowing the peoples in Regions 7, 8 & 9 also to normalize their lives.

The documents that we have compiled in relation to the notes of all the meetings show that the goalpost has been shifting all the time and there appears to be reluctance by the Region 10 persons who we have been meeting with to include other stakeholders from religious, business, labour, women etc. There was one issue they were holding onto, the Economic Proposals which we agreed that we would discuss.

The Region 10 delegation as of today, have not presented any proposals and therefore were delaying any discussion on what they said was the 3rd issue that had to be resolved. Each time they have said they are not ready. And so the events of this morning are regrettable, but it is also not totally unexpected. We call on the Linden residents, because many are afraid and they are intimidated. People’s names are being called, threatened, therefore we are asking the Linden residents who we know are a proud people, that they have the best interest of their people at heart, that they not be led astray by these extremists in their midst and by those who want to continue to have mob rule in Linden.

We appeal to the ordinary citizens, many of whom we know in Linden to stay calm and to stay in their houses so that these activities and behavior can come to an end

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Sworn statement by CN Sharma rape victim

Sworn statement by CN Sharma rape victim

Sworn statement by CN Sharma rape victim

Sworn statement by CN Sharma rape victim

Sworn statement by CN Sharma rape victim

Click on the images to get a firsthand look of the gruesome ordeal suffered by several underage girls at the hands of owner of Channel 6 CN Sharma. Despite the testimony of the 5 victims both the PNC(now APNU) and AFC continue to support Sharma. However condemnations flew far and wide when a woman described by the Chief Justice(ag) as not credible accused the then Police Commissioner Henry Greene of raping her. Sharma is currently being represented by AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes and  is also before the courts on a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice after he, his Son-in-law Ravi Mangar(proprietor of Gizmos and Gadgets) and an employee attempted to bribe a relative of the victims. Noticeable also is the silence and failure to condemn by women's organizations such as Red Thread and the GHRA. These groups were very vocal and at the forefront of the attempts to remove former COP Henry Greene following the rape allegations. The woman at the center of the allegations admitted in her statement to the police that she complained to Green about being unable to provide meals for her children yet she was able to retain the legal services of the same Nigel Hughes that's currently working on Sharma's behalf.  

Miners, interior suppliers express frustration with Linden blockade, extortion.

AS the ongoing blockade of roads in and around Linden continue, miners and suppliers from Linden, Mahdia, Lethem and Bartica have appealed to President Donald Ramotar for the roads to be cleared. 
Miners expressing their frustration with the Linden situation

A delegation turned up to the Office of the President on Monday, and Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud, met them on behalf of the President. The Permanent Secretary of Ministry, Chairman, Commissioner and senior Guyana Geology and Mines Commission officers were also at the meeting. The delegation consisted of miners, foresters, and food and fuel suppliers.
They pointed out that their operations have been at a standstill for over three weeks, and they are facing burdens amounting to millions of dollars. Some complained that their assets were also destroyed by those manning the barriers. Others were also threatened or harassed. They further complained that they cannot ply their trade to service mining, forest and other vulnerable communities that depend on supplies from the coast.
Minister Persaud expressed the President's regrets and updated them on government's efforts to resolve the Linden situation.
One transportation service provider stated that “the people of Linden have a right to protest, but at the same time they should not endanger the livelihoods of other families and the rights of miners and foresters to access food, fuel and other supplies”.
Currently, several trucks are parked at the Guyana National Stadium parking lot since the protest action began three weeks ago, and the businessmen are counting their losses.

IAC condemns Demerara Waves racially divisive blog post

THE Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) notes what can only be described as, the blatant promotion of racism through a comment posted on the Demerara Waves website on July 30, 2012. The IAC believes that the content of the post is extremely divisive, inciting, inhumane, despicable and counterproductive to the harmonious relationships that exist among Guyanese and which have existed for decades.
A statement from the IAC last evening said, “While the IAC does not wish to repeat the contents of the post, its conspicuous call for violence to be perpetrated on one section of the populace must not be allowed to go unnoticed. The IAC is not unmindful of the serious implications such suggestions can have, especially when it calls for one group of Guyanese to flee their native land for reasons too dire to repeat.
“Further, the IAC views as woefully unfair, the post’s label, through the association of local dialect, the government being of one ethnicity. The IAC strongly views such references as dangerous and disrespectful to all those from various backgrounds who continue to work tirelessly in service of the nation.
“The IAC believes that Demerara Waves must be held accountable for deliberately allowing such a post on its website and calls on all Guyanese and social organisations to join in its condemnation of it. In addition, the IAC calls on the authorities to take strong action on those who seek to use internet blogs to promote racism in an effort to divide the nation.
“The IAC also calls on the authorities to demand the name and address of the person who posted the comment so that he/she is made to answer in a court of law. While the IAC respects the freedom of expression Guyanese now enjoy, operators of social media networks like Demerara Waves must remain cognisant of the sensitivities of the country’s ethnic composition and ensure that utmost responsibility is stringently adhered to at all times.
“Further, while the IAC respects the Demerara Waves political orientation, the organisation believes that such a posting transcends politics, especially when lives are being endangered. The IAC therefore calls on the political opposition to condemn the post and demand that Demerara Waves remove it and apologise to all Guyanese forthwith. The IAC deems such actions by Demerara Waves as irresponsible and reckless with blatant disregard for peace and unity.
“Given the severe consequences such posting can have on human life, the IAC will be bringing it to the attention of the United Nations,” the statement concluded.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Mark Benschop, Freddie Kissoon, Gerhard Ramsaroop and David Hinds



The sign in the picture is advertising a scrap iron business which is being operated by Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green at the council's Princess Street location. Several heavy duty equipment necessary for the clearing of drains and garbage removal that are down for repairs at the location have been vandalized. 


Despite its daily censoring of comments not in line with APNU/AFC position the Demerara Waves website are allowing comments which promote race hate and ethnic cleansing. The site which is owned and operated by opposition lackey Dennis Chabrol(also a flaming faggot) allowed a comment from a poster using the name "Mother Sally"  in which the murder of Indo Guyanese supportive of the ruling PPP/C is being promulgated.

Garbage removal equipment languishing at council's Princess Street depot as garbage pile-up continues

Garbage trucks not being used

Excavators down for repairs

Trucks down for want of repair

Even as the garbage pile up around the capital city is increasing dramatically and the fossilite Mayor Hamilton Green continues to make excuses after excuses about lack of funding, several garbage trucks provided to the council continue to languish in the compound of the council's Princess Street location.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


The National Assembly recently paid tribute to the late leader of the Guyana Action Party(GAP) and A Partnership for National Unity(APNU) member of parliament, Everall Franklin. Franklin passed away on the 30th November 2011. However, this nation and 5 underage girls owe Franklin a debt of gratitude for his exposure of C.N Sharma as a pedophile. It was Franklin who brought to the attention of the authorities the plight of the 5 underage girls that were being repeatedly raped by Sharma. This act later led to CN Sharma's prosecution and possibly prevented others under his influence from suffering a similar faith. What is lamentable though is the fact that Sharma while being represented by the AFC's Nigel Hughes is attempting to subvert the course of justice by pretending to be sick at every court appearance. He is thus preventing the prosecutor from carrying on with the case even as one of his underage victims remains in protective custody. It is also a shame on the APNU that despite the exposure coming from one of their own they have put self-interest in front by embracing Sharma despite his wicked ways. May Everall Franklin's soul rest in peace


- GRA secures Court order over $13M in unpaid P.A.Y.E & VAT

THE Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) obtained two judgments against Harvest Company Ltd, a company under the legal stewardship of AFC member reported to be slated for leadership, Nigel Hughes, for failure to remit PAYE and one judgment under Section 44 of the Value Added Tax Act No.10 of 2005. The particulars of the said judgments are as follows:

On the 7th October, 2011 (Action No. 814/CD 2011) judgment was granted for the sum of $621,967 (being PAYE principal in the sum of $468,183, penalties in the sum of $106,814 and interest in the sum of $46,970) for the periods January- August 2010. On the 24th June, 2009 (Action No. 105/CD 2009) judgment was granted for the sum of $7,236,032 (being PAYE principal in the sum of $2,337,110.00, penalties in the sum of $2,692,231 and interest in the sum of $2,206,691) for the periods August 2005- December 2005, July 2006 - December 2006 and January 2007- December 2007.
On 7th January, 2010 Section 44 Certificate was filed for the sum of $1,439,644 (being VAT in the sum of $942,803 and interest thereon in the sum of $496,841) for the periods April 2007- July 2007 and December 2007; January- June, September and November 2008; January 2009, February 2009 and April- July 2009.
On 13th October, 2011 a Writ of Summons was filed in the High Court to recover $4,429,450 (being PAYE in the sum of $1,230,727 and interest and penalties thereon in the sum of $3,198,723) for the periods January to December 2008 and July to December 2009. On the 18th January, 2012 Justice Persaud granted an Unless Order giving the Company 5 days to file an Affidavit in Defence. On the same day the company filed the said Affidavit denying that the PAYE in the sum of $1,203,727 was deducted. The matter was called on 24th July for preemptory trial and has been adjourned to 17th September, 2012.

The Legal Services Division sent a demand letter reminding the Company of its outstanding liability and warned that failure to liquidate same would result in the institution of levy proceedings, but the Company failed to make any payments towards its liabilities, which total $13,727,093.
In an effort to recover the state’s revenues, on the 22nd May, 2012 a Writ of Execution, along with instructions to levy, was filed to recover the outstanding PAYE judgment sums. On the 20th June, 2012 the officers of the GRA sought to institute levy proceedings against the Company. Upon arrival at the High Court on 20th June, 2012 the Officers of the GRA informed the High Court Marshals that the business operates at 176 Middle Street Georgetown, but the Marshals insisted that they must visit the registered address stated on the writ of execution.
It should be noted that Sidewalk Café and Jazz Club is a registered business registered under the Business Registration Act and is solely owned by Harvest Company Ltd, a company incorporated under the Companies Act Chapter 89:01 and continued under Act No. 29 of 1991 of the Laws of Guyana with registered address at 62 Hadfield and Cross Streets Georgetown.
This is the venue where AFC hosts most of its press conferences, which AFC member, Cathy Hughes, wife of Nigel Hughes, moderate.
When the officers of the Revenue Authority and the Marshals arrived at 62 Hadfield and Cross Streets, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown, they were informed that the business is not being conducted at the registered address. It should be noted that Attorney- at- Law, Mr. Robin Stoby said that Harvest Company Ltd. has not been in operation for some years now. Mr. Stoby also stated that Mr. Hughes is out of the jurisdiction and he undertook to have him make contact with the Legal Services Division when he returns to settle the outstanding indebtedness of the company.
To date neither Mr. Hughes nor any representative of the Company has made contact with the GRA.

PNC's APNU raises dead, forges signatures in attempt to remove IMC

There's a saying that the old dog never looses its tricks and this was displayed quite recently by the PNC's A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).
Several persons in Corriverton are claiming that the signatures on a petition submitted by that party which called for the disbanding of the Corriverton Interim Management Committee (IMC), have been forged.
Additionally, it was observed that names appeared more than once on the document and at least two pages in the petition appeared to have signatures made by a single signatory, raising allegations of a ‘padded petition.’
The Town Clerk, Narendra Sookram, on Friday, July 6, was handed a multi-page petition by APNU signed by over 600 persons of Corriverton calling for the dissolution of the IMC, deeming the body illegal and unconstitutional. This happened after the party considered the ousting of former Mayor of Corriverton, Roy Baijnauth, illegal and unconstitutional.
The IMC is still in operation, however, several persons have come forward and are angry to see their ‘signatures’ on a petition which they said they never signed or was never even privy to.


One businessman of Number 79 Village, M.A. Mohamed, said that his dead father’s name was on the petition, ‘Peer Mohamed’. His father has been dead since 1988 and he confirmed this. “Peer Mohamed is my father, but my business is run under his name to keep his memory, so like whoever it is, dig up my father and raise him from the dead… it seems so.”
“I don’t know who did that. It’s very funny. Since I am here, I never encounter anybody doing something like that, using my name and I am very saddened by this.”
The man then asked what the purpose of the petition was, seemingly unaware of its purpose. When told, he asked, “Why should APNU do something like this? The IMC is doing a good job. Why they used my name and how they knew my name? Perhaps they just see my store with the name in front and used it,” he opined.
A little further down in the area was Tejnarine Persaud, who expressed shock that his sobriquet or ‘call- name’ ‘Rado Karran’ was signed on the petition. He, too, was upset at the purported signature.
“Me want action these men for signing my name. How can they do me that?” questioned Paul Moses of Line Path, Corriverton. “This is not me!” (pointing to his name in the petition) he exclaimed. “It is forgery! I object to this. Who did this?” He then signed on another piece of paper and confirmed that the signature did not match the one on the petition.
“Me ain’t even know who is in there (the IMC) or who they replaced…Me never sign that thing!”
Popular businessman, H.N. Sugrim called ‘Chinee’ of Crabwood Creek, was furious at his alleged signature appearing on the petition.
“I never signed [the petition]…that is forgery. And I am not even living in Corriverton! I am living in Crabwood Creek, and we have our own NDC. The whole thing is I did not sign anything, they forged my signature.”

Chairperson of the IMC, Mr. Bhawase Harripaul, received a copy of the petition when he returned to the country recently. Nevertheless, he is continuing with his work and that of his council.
“I don’t have any problem with the petition, in the sense that anybody can petition for anything, but what I observed was that one person signed more than one time in the petition, and I was also told by persons that they did not sign the petition, so it was a falsification of their signatures.”
Harripaul went on to disclose that “the people are very upset because they appreciate the work of the IMC so they would not do such a thing”.
The chairperson noted, in responding to APNU’s claims that the IMC is illegal, that as far as he knows “the IMC is not illegal; it was a process that was implemented by the Minister who has the power to disband it if things are not going well, and as a matter of fact, we were issued with Letters of Appointment— the Town Clerk can bail me out”.
Responding to claims by APNU that the IMC members were “selected and hand- picked” by the Ministry of Local Government, Harripaul noted that, “I was told by persons in our community that they sent a list of names of people to be on the IMC, so I don’t know the story about hand- picked”.

Pensioner cheated out of property by Khemraj Ramjattan petitions to have him debarred

A pensioner has made an application to the legal practitioners committee to have AFC Chairman Khemraj debarred from practicing as a Lawyer. Veronica Da Silva claimed in her application that she paid Ramjattan some $3M to provide legal representation in a property dispute. Ramjattan instead conspired with the other party involved and sold the property without her consent.