Monday, August 13, 2012


Nigel Hughes egging on protesters
Imagine you source a new sugar factory built – like GuySuCo did some years ago at Skeldon – but it never worked properly. You’d want to have an inquiry into why it didn’t, right? Well the AFC did – and they said it shouldn’t be just about the immediate mechanical or technical problems. We should find, they screamed, why only the Chinese company CNTIC and not others was considered to build the factory. In other words, the AFC wanted to go to the root cause and not just proximate causes of the problem. Sounds reasonable, no?
Well the AFC doesn’t think so anymore – at least with the problem in Linden. Three persons were killed in Linden while protesting the planned graduated equalisation of their electricity tariffs. Big problem, right? Wouldn’t you think we should find out who persuaded those poor souls to protest? After all, Linden had just elected their political representatives who should have addressed their concerns about equity (or lack thereof) economic allocations.
The AFC has come down like a ton of bricks on the proposal to include, in the Terms of Reference of the commission of inquiry, the specific directive to find out who sent those gullible souls to their deaths. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the documented fact that it was the AFC, who committed that dastardly role, would it? Does Ramjattan and Nagamootoo think people have forgotten their betrayal of their opposition partner, the APNU when they ran down to Linden and claimed the APNU was ‘in bed’ with the PPP? Oh… what a tangled web you weave when you are practiced in deceit!!
If we’re going to have an inquiry, let everything come out in the wash… let it all hang out… let the cookie crumbles as it will! The AFC would like to just focus on the police and Rohee, but this is just a misdirection to cover-up their own complicity in the tragedy of Linden. We notice that the WPA has taken up the AFC’s cry for a limited inquiry. It’s clear that they’re willing to have Linden look like Dresden after an allied bombing run. None of them live in Linden. They’re also practicing the same AFC two-faced deceit. Weren’t they the ones to demand a wider inquiry during the Gajraj hue and cry?
We’ve become so used to the AFC and the WPA speaking from both sides of their mouths that people now record them in stereo!

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