Saturday, August 11, 2012


With calls mounting for decisive action to be taken against the political instigators of the Linden violence Mark Benschop and Gerhard Ramsaroop are attempting to court the support of the public by using the comments of a poster who in the height of his/her's frustration called for their murder. This ploy will not work as a majority of the peace loving Guyanese have long recognized the destabilization agenda of these two individuals and the political organization that they belong to. Benschop in particular has a history of extremism with his stated goal being to remove the democratically elected PPP/C government. Even his new found friend Freddie Kissoon in 2003 noted his involvement with the infamous Mash Day Prison escapees. We must also not forget that Benschop led protesters who stormed Office of the President and led to several deaths in a similar manner to what he's currently doing in Linden. This very Benschop uses his Facebook page and Guyana Observer News website daily to incite and refers to the President, members of the government and supporters of the PPP/C using derogatory terms. The time has come for action to be taken against these extremist elements with their political agenda who have hijacked the genuine concerns of the Lindeners

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  1. I have been saying this over and over I don't know why President Jagdeo pardon Mark Benschop he should have rot in prison. He is so ungrateful anyway I heard he has Aids maybe he contact it with all the buggering he took while he was in prison.
    As for Gerhard Ramsaroop this guy is causing a lot of trouble in the country with all his racist comment he is a stooge for Ramjattan and Nagamootoo=The Snake.