Monday, August 13, 2012

Who do thy think they're fooling?

This 'bun, destroy, murder then blame the PPP' tactic of the PNC is a well exhausted ploy. Throughout its existence the PNC has used to ploy to terrorize the nation, bully the PPP whilst casting a shadow over them and to keep their supporters in check. Today the PNC's creature the APNU and its allies in the AFC, media and civil society groups are employing this same tried and trusted strategy of blaming the PPP. They often use lines like 'who has the most to gain' to suggest that PPP supporters will rally behind their party when PNC supporters are made to look like thugs and hooligans. So they incited Lindeners to rise against the gradual increase of electricity tariff then when things get out of control with lives being lost, public and private property being destroyed etc they then blame the PPP as usual.  But as is the norm, the only persons being fooled are themselves. 


  1. several ppl saw christopher ram trying to recruit protestors for some protest in georgetown on social media....christopher ram is dangerous for being involved in recruiting protestors.
    christopher ram should be reported to the ACCA accounting body for whom he is a member of.

  2. Uncle Rudy and his wife Ena are hiring protestors for a couple thousand dollars police have to deal with Christopher Ram and his wife Ena Ram for funding terrorists acts in Guyana.

  3. Freddie Kissoon needs another brain scan after he engaged in cunningligiust with Kavita three nights ago. I smell Mandela dumpsite.