Monday, August 13, 2012


The APNU/AFC, their agents in the media and other so-called civil society groupings continue to incite Lindeners in their campaign of terror and destruction. On Sunday the One Mile Primary School was set on fire and one person fingered by a security is in the custody of law enforcement officials. 

 At about 03:15h Sunday, police said the One Mile Primary School at Wismar, Linden, was completely destroyed by fire. Investigations so far have revealed that the security guard on duty was approached by three men armed with cutlasses who threatened to kill her if she did not remove from the location, or if she attempted to raise an alarm.
The guard left the compound after which the building was broken into and computers stolen and was later seen on fire. As is the norm during the unrest, the Guyana Fire Service fire tender could not get to the scene of the fire owing to the blockages that had been placed along the roadways by protestors. An undercover operative has informed Liveinguyana that the suspect in custody told investigators of a plot to burn 3 school with the One Mile Primary being the first one and the next being Christianburg Wismar Multilaterial.
Molotov cocktails thrown by the protestors damaged one of the machines used by the Joint Services to clear the debris, and one of the rank’s uniform caught afire but was quickly put out. The police were forced to use shotgun pellets to disperse the very hostile crowds, and three persons sustained injuries.

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  1. Christopher Ram and Mark Benschop should owe one of these protestors money and they will c the same actions they r supporting turn against them.