Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ramjattan’s best friend Lloyd Singh supplied expired drugs to hospital

Lloyd Singh
(Eyewitness)Khemraj Ramjattan is a lawyer by profession. When he’s wearing his other hat as a politician, he should remember this fact. When he makes utterances, he does so with such alarming frequency, he brings the entire legal fraternity into disrepute. We know he has no pride, but one wonders if he has no shame also.

Using the excuse of the expired drugs found by a parliamentary committee – which included Indra Chandrapal of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) – Ramjattan launched an attack on the Ministry of Health that demonstrated an inexcusable lack of knowledge about the supply of drugs to hospitals.
So what’s his solution to the problem of expired drugs? “We would like to see quality drugs placed on the shelf with long shelf lives,” he intoned. We know you, dear reader, must have exclaimed, “What kind of nonsense is this?” But we kid you not. This is exactly what this Ramjattan said. I mean…surely Ramjattan can’t actually believe that manufacturers of pharmaceuticals package some drugs with “long shelf lives” and others with “short shelf lives”?
If he does then he ought to be committed to that institution near the Canje Bridge. All drugs have their particular period in which they degrade to a point where they lose their efficacy. Because we’re not dealing with rum, with which Ramjattan may have greater familiarity, we have to inform him that you don’t age pharmaceuticals so that they have “long shelf lives”. Each chemical spontaneously decomposes based on its chemical stability and the ambient conditions.
Ramjattan couldn’t resist also making a crack about NEW GPC INC and “sole sourcing” even though the auditor general’s report explained the difference between that concept, pre-qualified bidders, and providing proprietary (patented) formulations. He, however, disingenuously refused to reveal that the actual expired and possibly overstocked drugs found at the hospital were all supplied by his friend and supporter – who last year billed the Ministry of Health for a cool $512 million.
NOTE: The supporter and friend in question is Lloyd Singh. Singh is a businessman of questionable character and owner of IPA Pharmaceuticals. He bankrolls the AFC and is very close to its leader Khemraj Ramjattan. He  recently feted Ramjattan and his wife at and city restaurant and also owns a rumshop in Ogle at which himself and fellow AFC member Sasenarine Singh were involved in a fist fight a while back.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Chairman of GECOM, Steve Surujbally has now joined the long list of PNC agents working against the democratically elected PPP/C government. Surujbally traded his soul to the PNC and David Granger in exchange for a prolonged stay at GECOM and his continued $3M dollars per month wage package. In exchange he sacrificed Chief Elections Officer Gocool Boodhoo who the PNC accuse of working against their interests. Surujbally will now take obstructions from Congress Place and Granger's office in Hadfield Street and his deputy will be PNC mole Calvin Benn. Benn is noted for his strong anti-PPP sentiments while Surujbally was nominated to the post of chairman by Desmond Hoyte.


Henrico Woolford
Well we recently learnt that Miss Goody-two-shoes, Hen-rico Woolford owes the state millions of dollars in back taxes. It turns out that even as Henrico and U.S informant, Glen Lall wage their radio license war against the state and ruling PPP/C administration the former is in arrears of millions in taxes owed by his production company which was registered more than a decade ago. Since registering the company Henrico has failed to remit any of its earning to the GRA as stipulated by law. AFC chairman and Bramma's drug buddy, Nigel Hughes was found guilty of the same practice last year and exposed by the GRA head. 

AFC Blackmailing contractors

The AFC has been exposed. We are now hearing that Nigel Hughes has been appointed  legal representative of Sithe Global, the company awarded the contract to build the Amalia Falls which is party opposes. It now seems that the AFC is opposing large developmental contracts in order to get contractors to employ its personnel who are mostly Lawyers. Hughes' wife Cathy was exposed when it was revealed that she was an employee of Fip Motilall whom her party was waging a cruel campaign against at the time he was awarded the contract to construct the access road to Amalia Falls. Moses Nagmootoo was also exposed as another of the AFC's two-faced scamps when he sat in parliament and else joining his colleagues as they leveled all sorts of scandalous allegation against NICIL. All this was being doing despite the fact that Nagamootoo was receiving millions of dollars worth of work for services provided to the very entity.

City Hall’s effectiveness being hampered by Hamilton Green’s incompetence

Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green has been associated with dismal failure all his life. Could you imagine the Mayor and City Council earned over $3 billion in 2012 from the collection of rates and taxes, yet little has been done in terms of rehabilitation and upkeep of the city which continues to deteriorate under Green’s watch.   
Green is an executive member of the David Granger-lead People’s National Congress (PNC)/A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) which remains silent about the growing mismanagement and corruption at city hall.
Look around, gosh!.....you will see heaps of overflowing garbage, clogged drains, huge potholes and fallen trees in the city.
Over eighty percent (80%) of Georgetown residents had paid their rates and taxes, in 2012, including the central government to the tune of $150 million.
Minister of Local Government, Ganga Persaud said Green has created a human bureaucracy intended to serve some wider political agenda. The PNC was famous for keeping a large public service which consisted of party supporters while in charge of the country's affairs.
Green continues to play politics with the welfare of the City, compounded with his high-class arrogance and incompetence.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Testimony on Glen Lall’s “backtrack” involvement

Man says he took Enrico Woolford’s household items as payback for sexual favour

The man who was caught with items belonging to Capitol news editor-in-chief Enrico Woolford says he committed the act as payback for sexual favours to Enrico. The press carried reports this week of Enrico’s home being burglarized and items subsequently recovered.
The man said he became familiar with Enrico while he frequented the parade ground area in the afternoons and was initially introduced to his home in Castello Housing Scheme while Enrico’s  wife Patricia was overseas late last year.
 The man of no fixed place of abode said several promises were made to him in relation to payment for sexual favours but Enrico had only given him $2000 on each of the three occasions they spent together. He added he was also promised a sneaker for $7000 but that Enrico would only renege by saying the sneakers was coming among items in a barrel he was bringing into the country.
Enrico’s number two man Gordon Moseley who recently abandoned his capitol news outfit after spending most of his youth there was also a victim of theft recently. Moseley who had brought a teenage Lindener to Georgetown to stay at his Church Street home discovered one day the lad had carted off with several items.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

APNU official Rickford Burke charged for identity theft in New York

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OPPOSITION personality Rickford Burke has been hauled before the US Courts to answer charges related to identity theft. He faces up to seven years’ imprisonment should he be found guilt of this offence.
Burke, who is aligned to the opposition political parties,
the People National
Rickford Burke
Reform and A Partnership for National Unity, also heads the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy in the United States, a not for profit, non-partisan organization and think-tank which was founded in 2000.
He appeared in the Kings Criminal Court on January 16 last charged with first degree identity theft which could see him facing a maximum of eight years in jail if found guilty and convicted.
The incident involving the CGID Head occurred on January 15 last, which resulted in him being arrested by the New York Police Department (NYPD) around 00:25h, according to the case information.
The staunch critic of the People’s Progressive Party Civic administration bought himself a Range Rover with the use of someone else's credit card, which amounts to identity theft under US laws.
Burke is a known member of the Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR) and is involved in activism work in the United States. He is a former personal assistant to then PNC leader and President of Guyana, Hugh Desmond Hoyte , who later migrated to the US following the PPP/C's ascension to office in 1992.
“A person commits the most basic form of identity theft as defined in the New York Penal Code when he or she "knowingly and with intent to defraud assumes the identity of another person by presenting himself or herself as that other person, or by acting as that other person or by using personal identifying information of that other person," and additionall
(a) obtains goods, money, property or services or uses credit in the name of such other person or otherwise causes financial loss, or
(b) commits a class A misdemeanor or higher level crime.
He is expected to make another court appearance on February 26, 2013 at the Kings Criminal Court.

Friday, January 25, 2013


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A full page ad placed in the Kaieteur News by now convicted drug dealer Roger Khan where he admitted being close friends with the then top cop and now APNU(PNC) member of Parliament Winston Felix for a number of years. He also said that we was willing to undergo a lie detector test in an effort to  prove that his claims of friendship and co-operation between himself and Felix weren't fictional.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Keep information coming on Glen Lall's Backtrack activities

Thanks to those persons who have responded to our notice requesting information on Glen Lall's backtrack activities. We urge you to keep sending us the information: mail@liveinguyana.com



: mail@liveinguyana.com



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Deputy Speaker Deborah Backer in Cuss-out

PNCR/APNU Parliamentarian and Deputy Speaker Deborah Backer is was in a cuss-out at the Queenstown home of a woman who she suspected is having sex-affair with her husband, Steven Backer.Deborah Deborah has been harrassing the woman for several months now, after she found her mobile number in her husband’s phone book. 
Last Saturday, Deborah Backer went to the woman’s home and cussed her out from her vehicle using the most colourful expletives, threatening her a ‘licking’ (to assault her).  The woman claimed that Deborah Backer once sent her eggs, flowers and a note as a means of intimidating her.
Deborah Backer is known for her rowdy, common-place, lawless behavior. As a parliamentarian she was upbraided several times for her brawling, boisterous behavior.  
During the Linden Commission of Inquiry Deborah Backer showed her middle- finger to a group of protestors in solidarity with Minister Clement Rohee.
The Queenstown woman made reports to the police station, but is afraid to press charges out of the fear that Deborah Backer may use her position to victimize her

Henry Jeffrey in Sex Scandal again

Stabroek news columnist, Henry Jeffrey paid off the family of a 19-year old girl not to press charges against him for attempt rape. He accosted the teenager at the Georgetown Club and forced her into a room at the hotel.
She attempted to fight him off but was not successful. Eventually the teen managed to escape the ordeal by pretending to him she was infected with the HIV virus, warning him he shouldn’t attempt to have sex with her.
She told relatives Jeffrey was reeking with alcohol. The young lady sneaked out of the room after Jeffrey fell asleep with a pack of three condoms in his hands.   
It is not the first time Jeffrey has been involved in sex- scandals. It has been often reported that he manages to pay-off his victims hefty sums to avoid police story.
Jeffrey’s common-law wife is a lawyer and a Director of Help and Shelter.