Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Deputy Speaker Deborah Backer in Cuss-out

PNCR/APNU Parliamentarian and Deputy Speaker Deborah Backer is was in a cuss-out at the Queenstown home of a woman who she suspected is having sex-affair with her husband, Steven Backer.Deborah Deborah has been harrassing the woman for several months now, after she found her mobile number in her husband’s phone book. 
Last Saturday, Deborah Backer went to the woman’s home and cussed her out from her vehicle using the most colourful expletives, threatening her a ‘licking’ (to assault her).  The woman claimed that Deborah Backer once sent her eggs, flowers and a note as a means of intimidating her.
Deborah Backer is known for her rowdy, common-place, lawless behavior. As a parliamentarian she was upbraided several times for her brawling, boisterous behavior.  
During the Linden Commission of Inquiry Deborah Backer showed her middle- finger to a group of protestors in solidarity with Minister Clement Rohee.
The Queenstown woman made reports to the police station, but is afraid to press charges out of the fear that Deborah Backer may use her position to victimize her

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