Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Henry Jeffrey in Sex Scandal again

Stabroek news columnist, Henry Jeffrey paid off the family of a 19-year old girl not to press charges against him for attempt rape. He accosted the teenager at the Georgetown Club and forced her into a room at the hotel.
She attempted to fight him off but was not successful. Eventually the teen managed to escape the ordeal by pretending to him she was infected with the HIV virus, warning him he shouldn’t attempt to have sex with her.
She told relatives Jeffrey was reeking with alcohol. The young lady sneaked out of the room after Jeffrey fell asleep with a pack of three condoms in his hands.   
It is not the first time Jeffrey has been involved in sex- scandals. It has been often reported that he manages to pay-off his victims hefty sums to avoid police story.
Jeffrey’s common-law wife is a lawyer and a Director of Help and Shelter.

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