Monday, July 28, 2014

PNC Shooting, Rigged Elections and Assault to Members

PNC Shooting, Rigged Elections and Assault to Members

PNC Leader David Granger’s terror-gang/bodyguards were used to intimidate anti-Granger supporters at the PNC Congress which ended on a sour note with serious voter irregularities, a shooting incident, threats and assaults to party members.

Party Executive Amna Ally was one of the lead instigators, cheering on the gunmen to shoot them, while other party members launched an attack against her tirade. Amna is the main culprit behind the Vanessa Kissoon/Oscar Clarke brawl which caused further escalated the internal conflicts among the various factions of that party.

Large sections of the PNC membership are unhappy with Granger’s lack luster leadership and his challenger Aubrey Norton has a significant following as he seeks to have Granger remove even though he withdrew from the leadership contest for the moment.

The police is concerned about the unsavoury characters who were at the PNC Congress and there has been several reports of persons brandishing illegal weapons in the precinct of Congress Place.  

The PNC has a long history of criminality and its connection to the criminal underworld is said to be responsible for the escalation of gun crimes and robberies from which it benefits financial.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Old Dangles brawl!

PNC/APNU Parliamentarian Vanessa Kissoon will forever be in the push-line to trouble, once cantankerous Amna Ally retains her dominance in that party’s structure.  

After all, Vanessa is paying back for denying Amna, Robert Corbin her best kept lover among the many men she flirted within the PNC.  
 Corbin is the father of one of Vanessa’s son and it was this love-bound relationship that was responsible for Vanessa’s rise and fame within the PNC.

Now Corbin no longer calls the shot, Vanessa is in deep trouble as Amna has been getting her way with the old boys at the top.

The promiscuous Afro Selman who also had sexual encounters with Corbin cleverly stayed clear of Vanessa AND Amna knowing she may be no match to their virago capabilities.

Amna and Corbin’s relationship goes way back and it must have hurt knowing she was stripped of her title as his number-one sweet woman after all these years.

It is clear Amna is not giving up though as she throws around her weight and try to wield influence with her colleague old boys who allowed her to embarrass Vanessa by removing her to the back benches as a long-standing parliamentarian. Amna boasted she was positioning Vanessa close to the door, on her way out. The Oscar Clarke /Vanessa brawl was mostly instigated by Amna.


The drama intensifies as serious infighting bedevils the PNC in a show-down between rancorous factions among its members, aiming for each other’s throats.

PNC Leader David Granger’s feeble and poor leadership worsen the situation, while on the other hand, his APNU fragmentation bubbles over with bitter jostles for parliamentary seats.

The writing is on the wall, a disunited and fragmented PNC is incapable of fulfilling its aspirations of leading us all as a nation. The PNC is a characterization of pure nonsense continuously.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Amna Ally poisoned Deborah Backer with 'Dead water'

PNC/APNU chief whip Amna Ally’s name is circulating in opposition quarters as the person responsible for the illness of Deputy Speaker Deborah Backer who has a number of complications.
In the APNU camp it is being said that Ally laced Deborah’s meal with a toxic fluid which emanates from the dead during the embalming process while the two attended a party function.
The substance has since sent Backer into a delirious state and aggravated other malignant conditions for which she was being treated.
A Congress Place source said Ally's actions lie in her belief that with Backer out of the way  she could be elected to the deputy speakership especially with her being perhaps the only other woman on the opposition benches in parliament with the experience for this position.

PNC recruited bandits on the rampage once again - Part of updated X13 plan

The opposition again has revived its destabilization plans using its criminal gangs to terrorize and disrupt peace and order.
A gang of former army top brass under the directorship of Edward Collings are recruiting youngsters to commit armed robberies and create a situation of fright and fear in the society.
David Granger’s hand in this is to command the direction of this plan.
If you recall, the opposition under the Hoyte’s leadership of PNC referred to the criminal gang as 'freedom fighters' and the PNC draped the coffin of notorious criminal Blackie London with the golden arrowhead. To this day that party continues to defend the interest of criminals whilst ignoring the plight of their victims.
The crime situation today resembles the plan unleashed by the PNC in early 2000’s and no doubt David Granger is one of the few players in this plan.
The PNC has a history of criminality and many of those who spearheaded the killings of innocent persons and destruction of national infrastructure are still high up in the leadership of that party.


 Speculation is rife that the recent execution style killing of local designer Trevor Rose may be linked to his dealings in a gold smuggling ring spearheaded by APNU member of parliament Joseph Harmon.
A source in the local mining industry told a Liveinguyana operative that Harmon and several others for some time now have been involved in the smuggling  of gold illegally out of Guyana using several routes including the Suriname backtrack. It is said that Rose became involved and was said to have lost a significant amount of the precious mineral during what he claimed was a break-in at his home.  Harmon and the others did not buy into his story and commenced surveillance activities on Rose. Rose was discovered to be conducting very large financial transactions and also deposited a hefty sum of money into his bank account. An assassin was then hired to 'finish him' off after Harmon and the others concluded that he had robbed them. 
Police are said to be tracking all possible leads to get Rose’s executioner but with Harmon being a lawyer with connections to criminal underworld relatives of Rose are not optimistic about justice in this matter and have chosen to remain silent out of fear. It was for this reason Rose’s mother had reportedly said that she will not be perusing the matter whilst saying that God in control.

Granger v/s Greenidge: APNU infighting intensifies

There is increasing speculation about the cut and trust and infighting within the APNU camp among several factions. Both APNU/PNC leader David Granger  and Carl Greenidge seem to be going at each other and the hostility existing seems more pronounced and glaring as days go by.
There is a view by some thatGreenidge seems to want to do whatever he wants and whilst remaining completely disrespectful to Granger who seems incapable of disciplining him.
The Greenidge/ Granger feud is highlighting the contradictions of that party and the insincerity with which it addresses national issues.
Both of these gentlemen are power thirsty, they want to be in control and the freakism in their regard is taking them over.
Granger, a new kid on the block missed the mark when it comes to demonstrating political leadership while Greenidge on the other hand has one of the most dismal records in terms of his performances as previous Finance Minister during which he ran Guyana into bankruptcy.