Thursday, February 6, 2014

PNC recruited bandits on the rampage once again - Part of updated X13 plan

The opposition again has revived its destabilization plans using its criminal gangs to terrorize and disrupt peace and order.
A gang of former army top brass under the directorship of Edward Collings are recruiting youngsters to commit armed robberies and create a situation of fright and fear in the society.
David Granger’s hand in this is to command the direction of this plan.
If you recall, the opposition under the Hoyte’s leadership of PNC referred to the criminal gang as 'freedom fighters' and the PNC draped the coffin of notorious criminal Blackie London with the golden arrowhead. To this day that party continues to defend the interest of criminals whilst ignoring the plight of their victims.
The crime situation today resembles the plan unleashed by the PNC in early 2000’s and no doubt David Granger is one of the few players in this plan.
The PNC has a history of criminality and many of those who spearheaded the killings of innocent persons and destruction of national infrastructure are still high up in the leadership of that party.

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