Thursday, February 6, 2014

Granger v/s Greenidge: APNU infighting intensifies

There is increasing speculation about the cut and trust and infighting within the APNU camp among several factions. Both APNU/PNC leader David Granger  and Carl Greenidge seem to be going at each other and the hostility existing seems more pronounced and glaring as days go by.
There is a view by some thatGreenidge seems to want to do whatever he wants and whilst remaining completely disrespectful to Granger who seems incapable of disciplining him.
The Greenidge/ Granger feud is highlighting the contradictions of that party and the insincerity with which it addresses national issues.
Both of these gentlemen are power thirsty, they want to be in control and the freakism in their regard is taking them over.
Granger, a new kid on the block missed the mark when it comes to demonstrating political leadership while Greenidge on the other hand has one of the most dismal records in terms of his performances as previous Finance Minister during which he ran Guyana into bankruptcy.

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