Thursday, February 6, 2014


 Speculation is rife that the recent execution style killing of local designer Trevor Rose may be linked to his dealings in a gold smuggling ring spearheaded by APNU member of parliament Joseph Harmon.
A source in the local mining industry told a Liveinguyana operative that Harmon and several others for some time now have been involved in the smuggling  of gold illegally out of Guyana using several routes including the Suriname backtrack. It is said that Rose became involved and was said to have lost a significant amount of the precious mineral during what he claimed was a break-in at his home.  Harmon and the others did not buy into his story and commenced surveillance activities on Rose. Rose was discovered to be conducting very large financial transactions and also deposited a hefty sum of money into his bank account. An assassin was then hired to 'finish him' off after Harmon and the others concluded that he had robbed them. 
Police are said to be tracking all possible leads to get Rose’s executioner but with Harmon being a lawyer with connections to criminal underworld relatives of Rose are not optimistic about justice in this matter and have chosen to remain silent out of fear. It was for this reason Rose’s mother had reportedly said that she will not be perusing the matter whilst saying that God in control.

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