Wednesday, September 5, 2012


SUPPORTERS of the Alliance For Change (AFC) must be livid at their Chairman, Attorney-at-Law, Nigel Hughes, for the embarrassment he caused them during the last debate organised by NCN.

Clearly the embarrassment was two-fold, since not only did the learned attorney totally misunderstand the topic, but his venomous and vengeful decorum must have instilled a sense of utter disappointment in those, who in and out of the Party, pride themselves with decency and who may have held him in high esteem.
His utterances during the debate in question did much to effect an evaporation of the high regard some may have held him in. Conversely, it effected a further precipitation of journalism devoid of any semblance of adherence to ethics, professionalism and fairness in some sections of the media. Not surprisingly, it provides fodder to the Kaieteur News which has never been indisposed to demonstrate its ability to sensationalise and to gloat about its propensity to disseminate misinformation.
The said medium has also continued to unashamedly display its proclivity to publish material that is disparaging to the government and its officials, especially former President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo. For sometime now, the paper has devotedly embarked on maligning his character in an effort to deliberately discredit him from the immeasurable contributions he would have made to the development and technological advances Guyana experienced under his tenure.
While such discrediting would be an expected function of the opposition, the Kaieteur News seemed to have not only usurped that task, but blatantly persists in expressing itself, in an irrefutable manner, as the opposition; hence, surprise, surprise, the prominence it gave to Mr. Hughes’ rants on its front and centre pages. A better text-book example of biased, unfair and self-serving journalism cannot be cited. Given the anti-government and anti-developmental positions taken by the Kaieteur News, it would not be challenging to conclude that Mr. Hughes knew in advance that he was assured of preferential space in the said newspaper.
One may also undoubtedly conclude that, given the tendency of both Mr. Hughes and the Kaieteur News to engineer misleading information, the assurance of space was never a concern. However, what must be of concern is the collaboration of the two and their cohorts to deceive the public. While space here will be a constraint to address all the falsehoods pedalled by the AFC Chairman and the Kaieteur News regarding Dr. Jagdeo, the allegation that the former president acquired the most wealth than any other Head of State must not be allowed to go unchallenged.
What the ambitious Attorney and the disingenuous Kaieteur News deliberately circumvented was the fact that Dr. Jagdeo’s assets which they questioned, were acquired and paid for by his hard-earned salary when he executed, with distinction, his duties as Executive President and other positions he held prior. What they also skilfully circumvented is the fact that Dr. Jagdeo’s assets were not acquired through the method of confiscation which former President Forbes Burnham, who has now become the idol of the AFC and the Kaieteur News, was repeatedly accused of.
Guyanese must not allow Mr. Hughes and the Kaieteur News to conveniently forget the many properties which were allegedly forcibly taken away from innocent citizens by Mr. Burnham. During that tyrannical reign of the country’s first Executive President, allegations of such confiscations were rife. An estate, a cinema, a luxury vehicle and apartment complexes and other properties were just some of the assets that Mr. Burnham had allegedly commandeered thereby depriving Guyanese of the fruits of their sweat. In addition, it was also believed that Mr. Burnham amassed enormous wealth to the point of being touted as the fifth richest person of African ancestry in the world at that time!
Related allegations of accounts in overseas banks dominated that period; allegations that were vehemently articulated by some who now occupy prominent position within the AFC! To date, Dr. Jagdeo is the longest serving President of the country. Clearly his salary would have accrued and like any other Guyanese, just like Mr. Hughes and Mr. Glenn Lall, free to utilise his disposable income in a manner he sees fit. Just like thousands of other Guyanese, Dr. Jagdeo acquired a house lot though the prescribed process, built a house, sold it for a price that the buyer agreed to pay and utilised his hard-earned financial resources to build the house that clearly has become the envy of the Kaieteur News and the Opposition.
Dr. Jagdeo’s house became the issue of the debate alluded to rather than its intended topic; the former Presidents’ Pension. What’s ironic is that both the Kaieteur News and the opposition (maybe to save space it may be easier to just say the opposition), prior to the debate, alleged corruption in the bill relating to the former Presidents’ Pension, but none was found! As a matter of fact, Mr. Hughes accepted that he and his party, and by extension, APNU, have no objection about the bill. Such pronouncements glaringly beg the question, what’s the issue with Dr. Jagdeo?
Clearly, it wasn’t the pension. Clearly, it cannot be about a Guyanese legally selling and building a house. Barring that, clearly it’s a case of personal vindictiveness as demonstrated in the debate by the AFC and its Chairman, and what was subsequently carried, or continues to be carried, by the Kaieteur News. Clearly, the vendetta continues to unfold under the guise of freedom of expression. Maybe it’s also a vendetta following the non-conferral of the status of SC to someone who seems infatuated with such a title.

Cocaine Lawyer Nigel Hughes admits being a tax cheat.

Cocaine dealing Attorney-at-law and leader of the Alliance for Change, Nigel Hughes' revelation during his appearance at the National Communications Network(NCN) corruption debate that he paid only $5M in income taxes last year has created quite a stir.
Hughes made the comment after a member of the public upbraided him for his conduct and poor contributions during the fourth edition of the corruption debate series aired on  on Sunday evening.
The member of the public had noted that Hughes was attempting to cast aspersions on all and sundry but did not necessarily expose his shortcomings with respect to paying his taxes.
“I paid $5M income tax last year and I challenge the Guyana Revenue Authority...I don’t get the government work”, he disclosed on the programme.
Already, scores of lawyers and other political commentators have said that they marvelled at the disclosure, arguing that this could not be the sum total of his income tax payments given the scope of his operations and the prominence of the cases that he provides defence services for.
“I would call on the Guyana Revenue Authority to launch an investigation into the authenticity of Hughes income tax payments...further I am convinced that something may be amiss here, and could provide insight into his disclosure”, a prominent legal luminary said after viewing the debates.
But the AFC Chairman further stated strongly that he was “not familiar with many lawyers that paid $5M in income taxes for last year or previous years”, after eyebrows first rose on the programme.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nigel Hughes cannot function as a drug dealing lawyer, politician and diplomat.

Hughes' wife Cathy collects cocaine money from Bramma's brother
Bramma's cocaine lawyer, Nigel Hughes cannot hold the position of Chairman of the Alliance for Change and seek to promulgate himself into the post of Honorary Consul of Italy to Guyana.
This is the position of Liveinguyana and it is similar to that of Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall who said that Hughes was making a mountain out of a molehill, even though he too is aware of the basic facts that would support government’s reason for not finding favour with his name as proposed for the position.
Nandlall, speaking during an invited comment on the issue, which has benefited from widespread media attention with the AFC Chairman laying discrimination charges at the feet of the administration, said that Hughes “cannot function” as an ambassador or diplomat.
“There are international norms, rules, practices and conventions which govern the appointment of diplomats. It’s a process that is based on mutuality”, the Attorney General argued.
Hughes is also a close associate of cocaine kingpin Bramanand Nandalall and is also said to be the god-father of one of his children.  


The publication of aerial photographs of former president Bharat Jagdeo’s house and surroundings by the Kaieteur News constitutes a serious breach of security, according to a senior police official who, when contacted yesterday, said that such a move was unprecedented and totally uncalled for.
He noted that despite the freedom of the local press, the offending publication should have been cognisant of the fact that such photographs could serve to embolden those who have ulterior motives. It was noted that as a former Head of State, Bharat Jagdeo should be afforded the respect that comes with the office and the security implications arising from such an esteemed position.
The decision to publish the photographs which indicate the lay of the land of the compound is a security breach, and the motive to take such action must be considered, the official added. Dignitaries and other high officials are protected by the state and such actions can be compromised by those who claim to act in the name of press freedom.
Certain actions should be sacrosanct and should be upheld, particularly by those who see themselves as guardians of press freedom and democracy, the police officer noted.
The decision taken by the medium should be condemned in the strongest terms and the possibility of legal sanctions should also be considered, according to the senior rank. Those who aided and abetted in the action should also be sanctioned if possible, he further added.
Meanwhile, Member of the National Commission on Law and Order (NCLO), Captain Gerry Gouveia, condemned the publication, stating that, “It virtually compromises our former president’s personal security, because what you are actually doing there is exposing the perimeters of his personal residence to all kinds of reconnaissance and scrutiny. I think it was done in very bad faith actually. So while there is nothing illegal about taking photographs from the air, I believe that what is needed more is the whole concept of moral suasion and good sense and decency by a news agency to respect the privacy and security of our former President,” Mr. Gouveia stated.

City workers continue to protest corrupt Mayor

The strike for wages and salaries continued at the Hamilton Green administered Georgetown city council. Workers vowed to continue their protest action until fully paid.

NCN Corruption Debate: President's Pension & Benefits