Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The publication of aerial photographs of former president Bharat Jagdeo’s house and surroundings by the Kaieteur News constitutes a serious breach of security, according to a senior police official who, when contacted yesterday, said that such a move was unprecedented and totally uncalled for.
He noted that despite the freedom of the local press, the offending publication should have been cognisant of the fact that such photographs could serve to embolden those who have ulterior motives. It was noted that as a former Head of State, Bharat Jagdeo should be afforded the respect that comes with the office and the security implications arising from such an esteemed position.
The decision to publish the photographs which indicate the lay of the land of the compound is a security breach, and the motive to take such action must be considered, the official added. Dignitaries and other high officials are protected by the state and such actions can be compromised by those who claim to act in the name of press freedom.
Certain actions should be sacrosanct and should be upheld, particularly by those who see themselves as guardians of press freedom and democracy, the police officer noted.
The decision taken by the medium should be condemned in the strongest terms and the possibility of legal sanctions should also be considered, according to the senior rank. Those who aided and abetted in the action should also be sanctioned if possible, he further added.
Meanwhile, Member of the National Commission on Law and Order (NCLO), Captain Gerry Gouveia, condemned the publication, stating that, “It virtually compromises our former president’s personal security, because what you are actually doing there is exposing the perimeters of his personal residence to all kinds of reconnaissance and scrutiny. I think it was done in very bad faith actually. So while there is nothing illegal about taking photographs from the air, I believe that what is needed more is the whole concept of moral suasion and good sense and decency by a news agency to respect the privacy and security of our former President,” Mr. Gouveia stated.

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