Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cocaine Lawyer Nigel Hughes admits being a tax cheat.

Cocaine dealing Attorney-at-law and leader of the Alliance for Change, Nigel Hughes' revelation during his appearance at the National Communications Network(NCN) corruption debate that he paid only $5M in income taxes last year has created quite a stir.
Hughes made the comment after a member of the public upbraided him for his conduct and poor contributions during the fourth edition of the corruption debate series aired on  on Sunday evening.
The member of the public had noted that Hughes was attempting to cast aspersions on all and sundry but did not necessarily expose his shortcomings with respect to paying his taxes.
“I paid $5M income tax last year and I challenge the Guyana Revenue Authority...I don’t get the government work”, he disclosed on the programme.
Already, scores of lawyers and other political commentators have said that they marvelled at the disclosure, arguing that this could not be the sum total of his income tax payments given the scope of his operations and the prominence of the cases that he provides defence services for.
“I would call on the Guyana Revenue Authority to launch an investigation into the authenticity of Hughes income tax payments...further I am convinced that something may be amiss here, and could provide insight into his disclosure”, a prominent legal luminary said after viewing the debates.
But the AFC Chairman further stated strongly that he was “not familiar with many lawyers that paid $5M in income taxes for last year or previous years”, after eyebrows first rose on the programme.

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