Wednesday, June 5, 2013

AFC Blackmailing contractors

The AFC has been exposed. We are now hearing that Nigel Hughes has been appointed  legal representative of Sithe Global, the company awarded the contract to build the Amalia Falls which is party opposes. It now seems that the AFC is opposing large developmental contracts in order to get contractors to employ its personnel who are mostly Lawyers. Hughes' wife Cathy was exposed when it was revealed that she was an employee of Fip Motilall whom her party was waging a cruel campaign against at the time he was awarded the contract to construct the access road to Amalia Falls. Moses Nagmootoo was also exposed as another of the AFC's two-faced scamps when he sat in parliament and else joining his colleagues as they leveled all sorts of scandalous allegation against NICIL. All this was being doing despite the fact that Nagamootoo was receiving millions of dollars worth of work for services provided to the very entity.

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