Thursday, August 30, 2012

Money can hide so many contradictions and sins!

Where the AFC's Khemraj Ramjattan betrays his contempt for the Guyanese people is the crystal-clear conflict of interest revealed in his relationship with one of the disgruntled contractors that bid for the construction of the specialty hospital. Here he is, an opposition parliamentarian (a party leader to boot!) and simultaneously, a private lawyer grinding his client’s axe (and not so incidentally, filling his own pockets). I mean, where does greed end?
As a parliamentary leader, Ramjattan gets to place the hospital on the parliamentary agenda. Why should he be allowed to gain from this by becoming a hired gun for one of the bidders that lost out? How can Ramjattan claim with a straight face he’s representing the best interest of Guyana? But this is not an anomalous behaviour for Ramjattan – or for that matter, most of his cohorts in the AFC.
Ramjattan’s also the lawyer of Robert Badal, owner of the Pegasus. So Ramjattan the parliamentarian objects to the Marriott that would compete with the Pegasus! Ramsaroop has some flower beds up by Timehri and so he argues against the expansion of CJIA! But most bare and two-faced was Cathy Hughes representing Synergy while the party officially opposed the company. Aaah…money can hide so many contradictions. And sins!

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