Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Miners, interior suppliers express frustration with Linden blockade, extortion.

AS the ongoing blockade of roads in and around Linden continue, miners and suppliers from Linden, Mahdia, Lethem and Bartica have appealed to President Donald Ramotar for the roads to be cleared. 
Miners expressing their frustration with the Linden situation

A delegation turned up to the Office of the President on Monday, and Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud, met them on behalf of the President. The Permanent Secretary of Ministry, Chairman, Commissioner and senior Guyana Geology and Mines Commission officers were also at the meeting. The delegation consisted of miners, foresters, and food and fuel suppliers.
They pointed out that their operations have been at a standstill for over three weeks, and they are facing burdens amounting to millions of dollars. Some complained that their assets were also destroyed by those manning the barriers. Others were also threatened or harassed. They further complained that they cannot ply their trade to service mining, forest and other vulnerable communities that depend on supplies from the coast.
Minister Persaud expressed the President's regrets and updated them on government's efforts to resolve the Linden situation.
One transportation service provider stated that “the people of Linden have a right to protest, but at the same time they should not endanger the livelihoods of other families and the rights of miners and foresters to access food, fuel and other supplies”.
Currently, several trucks are parked at the Guyana National Stadium parking lot since the protest action began three weeks ago, and the businessmen are counting their losses.

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