Thursday, August 2, 2012


The National Assembly recently paid tribute to the late leader of the Guyana Action Party(GAP) and A Partnership for National Unity(APNU) member of parliament, Everall Franklin. Franklin passed away on the 30th November 2011. However, this nation and 5 underage girls owe Franklin a debt of gratitude for his exposure of C.N Sharma as a pedophile. It was Franklin who brought to the attention of the authorities the plight of the 5 underage girls that were being repeatedly raped by Sharma. This act later led to CN Sharma's prosecution and possibly prevented others under his influence from suffering a similar faith. What is lamentable though is the fact that Sharma while being represented by the AFC's Nigel Hughes is attempting to subvert the course of justice by pretending to be sick at every court appearance. He is thus preventing the prosecutor from carrying on with the case even as one of his underage victims remains in protective custody. It is also a shame on the APNU that despite the exposure coming from one of their own they have put self-interest in front by embracing Sharma despite his wicked ways. May Everall Franklin's soul rest in peace


  1. Why is the DPP quiet on this case? Child Rapist Sharma should be in jail. The DPP should be fired if she cannot prosecute Sharma. This case look like it is under the rug.

  2. Sharma should have been in prison, this child molester is still on the prowl. What happen to this case is the DPP trying to go easy on Sharma. This rapist have destroy the lives of these innocent children, you don't hear anything from the opposition and all the so called women organization out there.When Henry Green was accused of rape they were crying for his head.