Wednesday, August 8, 2012

IAC condemns Demerara Waves racially divisive blog post

THE Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) notes what can only be described as, the blatant promotion of racism through a comment posted on the Demerara Waves website on July 30, 2012. The IAC believes that the content of the post is extremely divisive, inciting, inhumane, despicable and counterproductive to the harmonious relationships that exist among Guyanese and which have existed for decades.
A statement from the IAC last evening said, “While the IAC does not wish to repeat the contents of the post, its conspicuous call for violence to be perpetrated on one section of the populace must not be allowed to go unnoticed. The IAC is not unmindful of the serious implications such suggestions can have, especially when it calls for one group of Guyanese to flee their native land for reasons too dire to repeat.
“Further, the IAC views as woefully unfair, the post’s label, through the association of local dialect, the government being of one ethnicity. The IAC strongly views such references as dangerous and disrespectful to all those from various backgrounds who continue to work tirelessly in service of the nation.
“The IAC believes that Demerara Waves must be held accountable for deliberately allowing such a post on its website and calls on all Guyanese and social organisations to join in its condemnation of it. In addition, the IAC calls on the authorities to take strong action on those who seek to use internet blogs to promote racism in an effort to divide the nation.
“The IAC also calls on the authorities to demand the name and address of the person who posted the comment so that he/she is made to answer in a court of law. While the IAC respects the freedom of expression Guyanese now enjoy, operators of social media networks like Demerara Waves must remain cognisant of the sensitivities of the country’s ethnic composition and ensure that utmost responsibility is stringently adhered to at all times.
“Further, while the IAC respects the Demerara Waves political orientation, the organisation believes that such a posting transcends politics, especially when lives are being endangered. The IAC therefore calls on the political opposition to condemn the post and demand that Demerara Waves remove it and apologise to all Guyanese forthwith. The IAC deems such actions by Demerara Waves as irresponsible and reckless with blatant disregard for peace and unity.
“Given the severe consequences such posting can have on human life, the IAC will be bringing it to the attention of the United Nations,” the statement concluded.

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  1. demerara waves can post hate information but if u mention any APNU or afc lawyer such as christopher ram or khemraj ramjattan the website domain gets shut do these crooks manage to shut down websites critical of them? easy, they make forged subpoenas under their law firm letterhead.