Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thief never love fi see thief with long bag.

Freddie Kissoon: I encountered an ugly incident at the fire site that symbolises the enmeshed tragedy of this nation.
Talking about fires with a group of policemen who were there to secure the perimeters of the hospital, it was mentioned to me that of all places that you would expect Guyanese to behave themselves was at St, Joseph Mercy Hospital.
But according to these ranks, some of the staff used the inferno to help themselves.
The police ranks told me that in secure sections of the large building, staff went about rummaging through offices stealing valuables. I went to speak to about fifteen of the employees. I put the direct statement of the police ranks to them and they were livid.
They were accusing the police of doing the stealing. They intoned that they were locked out of the estate by the police while the fire raged and therefore their colleagues were not around to commit the acts the police have orally indicted them for.
One male employee contended that the doors of many offices were kicked in and from the damage you could have seen it was done by trained men wearing boots. I went back and forth with the mutual accusations talking to both police officials and employees.
Whatever is the truth, stealing takes place when buildings are on fire. That is Guyana for you!

This reminds me of a verse in Buju Banton's song titled "Untold Stories" where it states: thief never love fi see thief with long bag.
Just imagine Freddie Kissoon, a convicted book thief chastising other alleged thieves................hmm. That is Guyana for you!


  1. This is a typical example of kettle telling pot he bottom black and this is a confess book thief and how he causing a rift between the staff and the police.....smh

  2. Thanks for pointing it out. I was thinking the same thing and couldn't help laughing while reading Kissman's crap.

  3. A thief investigating a thief, this is interesting. Instead of him rendering whatever assistance he could have, he instead sought to show up at the sight to have a look. We don't need lectures we need action, get up and render assistance would have been the best thing to do

  4. Rat does always smell weh e mattie rat deh, Freddie is no better than a rat himself. His entire life was based on stealing and misleading others and still he grew up to be the same old propagandist still. When would these opposing idiots graduate from their stupidity.