Monday, May 21, 2012

AFC/APNU New York protest attracts handful

The AFC, APNU alliance staged a protest in New York outside the venue where President Ramotar met with Guyanese on Saturday which attracted a handful of persons.


  1. Sheeple don't know what they doing really...Three of the protestors are friends of Christopher Ram and yet being friend of this "prestigious" somewhat rather shady individual, they are collecting food stamps and are on welfare.
    These protestors are paid a lump sum of $5 per hour to protest.
    This is just nonsense. This is not a real protest.
    George Bush messed up their country, but sheeple can't badmouth the real dictators ain't it?
    How much people be calling insulting names on Jagdeo and PPP officials compared to anyone who dares badmouth Christopher Ram gets sued mentality.
    We know which political parties are real dicators. AFC and APNU.

  2. there are over 200,000 Guyanese in the diaspora in New York state...only 20 protest....................................guess AFC and APNU bugdet is cut also to pay for these welfare recipients?

  3. Ah! These lowlifes should get a job and start handing in those resumes and stop making excuses! Go and get a bloody job!

  4. Christopher Ram is spreading rumours about a PP/C Minister and the villagers of Anns Grove are believeing his claims. Two of the believers are regular bloggers on the Stabroek News website who support the "jailing of PPP officials without any basis'...Christopher Ram is a dangerous man. His actions can be related to a notorious leader in WW2...