Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Impending Ramjattan, Granger tussle over opposition nominees to state boards

A cat fight is going to break out between the wankers in APNU and AFC over the more than in 50 boards and commissions for which they are allowed to nominate members. This is gravy time to reward loyal supporters and others they want to court. You can forget all this high-falutin talk about ‘service to the nation’ and all that. 
Granger’s appointment of his nominee as the replacement GECOM Commissioner – was the opening salvo in the upcoming tussle. The appointees to these boards invariably draw a fat salary and other perks. We are yet to hear of a single opposition nominated board member in all the years since the PPP introduced the practice making a notable contribution.
On the boards, they just had to show up and eat a good lunch: the paypackets were sent directly to their bank accounts. And the AFC is just salivating to join this gravy train.
But if the GECOM appointment is any guide, the AFC is going to be left out in the sun to sweat. After weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth that the president had not ‘consulted’ them over the budget, Ramjattan had to complain that he was not consulted on GECOM. Imagine what is going to happen over the boards!

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