Friday, May 4, 2012


We are very thankful that Lincoln Lewis decided to drop his hypocritical, smarmy unctuousness when he delivered his harangue to his faction of the May Day rally. There’s only so much a person can vomit. There was no high falutin’ talk about ‘harmony’  etc. Lincoln the Loud reverted to his usual staple of brute force and ignorance. The latter was very much in evidence.
Here is a man heading a trade union umbrella body, and purporting to carry the mantle of Critchlow and listen to the ignorance he spouts: “According to our Constitution, while (the president)  is the head of the executive and head of State, he is not, let me repeat, he is not head of Parliament.” Read this very S-L-O-W-L-Y  Lewis (you can move your lips; we know reading doesn’t come easily to you): THE PRESIDENT AND THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY TOGETHER CONSTITUTE THE PARLIAMENT OF GUYANA.
It was for this reason that when President Ramotar addressed the National Assembly, David Granger asserted: “this Parliament cannot exist without the president”. Speaking directly to President Ramotar, he said “Without you, we are just a National Assembly.”
Granger was sitting right at the head table when Lewis made his ignorant claim. You could see the palpable effort Granger took not to shake his head and roll his eyes! Army discipline took over, we guess. Lewis’ ignorance of what any grade six student learns in social studies is not merely appalling; it is dangerous because of the power he has as head of the TUC. But the ignorance also explains why the labour movement has been steadily dwindling in vibrancy during his incumbency.
The wanker compounded his faux pas when he shouted about the president: (he always shouts: he obviously believes logic is improved with volume!) “His is the responsibility to execute the mandate of Parliament.” What a dope! The executive (at least he knows the president heads that branch of government!) is the one that formulates policies – such as the spending encapsulated by the budget). The legislature merely can modify the amounts sought to be spent – as it just did.
The bottom line, Lewis, is only the executive can lay motions that make a claim on the Consolidated Fund!  That’s the mandate. The opposition can merely harass – as they just proved. Now go have someone pen another letter for you. Wanker!

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