Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where is David Hinds?

The dust is settling after the elections. It’s over a month, we know, but we have to remember that the YCT/APNU rent-a-crowd did kick up quite a storm. The proverbial sh*** did hit the fan and things had to settle down after their efforts to secure those SoPs. Remember those?

So, with the view a bit less obstructed, we’re wondering what happened to some of the faces that had been so prominent back then.
There’s David Hinds, the extremist from Buxton who had been driven out from the village by outside ‘political sophisticates’ who decided he was a old hat. He slipped into the wake of Roopnarine and the rest of WPA motley crew’s plunge into the PNC and decided he was going to regain his spurs in his dotage. While 0.007 Bond could flaunt his bruises, Hinds did do what he does best: mouthed off to all and sundry.
What happened to him? He seemed to have disappeared. There were some early noises that he was going to parliament, but that’s all it boiled down to: noise. Could it be that Hinds scampered back to Arizona when he didn’t get that sinecure in parliament. We’re sure he could use the pension, but Jeez, where’s all the patriotism he demanded from his fellow marchers? At least drop us a letter, David!
But then again, taking the case of Lurlene Nestor, maybe letter-writing might not do much for you. Look at all those letters Nestor penned on behalf of Corbin for years and then for Granger more recently. What good it did her!

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