Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Jesus feeling the effects of the Monster he helped to create!

Van West Charles: The process for the renewal of membership to the PNCR has been beset by inefficiencies and delay. We obviously have a difference of perspective in terms of the process of access to the renewal of adult membership and youth membership, at this stage it is still puzzling why the release of forms seems to be so slow in some cases.

Van West-Charles has been told that the forms are to be distributed through the party’s regional administration. However, what has been happening, he explained, is that forms are being sent to the regions and when they are finished a request has to be made to the party headquarters for more, resulting in a delay. He said the procedures needs to be re-examined for the future, adding that they should also be put down in writing so that every member understands the process.

According to him, there is need for a system that allows members access to forms and accountability for them. “That is the issue, there should not be any form of delay,” he said, “But it is obvious that there is not as efficient a system as there ought to be and one gets concerned when we have inefficient systems, because when we have inefficient systems the risk for corruption becomes great.”

He emphasised that the PNCR “really ought to try” as an institution to ensure that its systems are efficient and effective, particularly given the need to ensure that there is transparency in the process. “Whilst you may say that I know ‘X’ and I trust ‘X,’ in organisations you really want to ensure systems are transparent so that if I want to verify I can verify,” Van West-Charles added.

He also mentioned that he is still awaiting a response to his request for a review of the register of the Georgetown District, though he said the party had assured him that a reply would be forthcoming.


  1. If the PNC shows it could conduct free, fair and clean elections within, people would be disposed to review their negative attitude towards the party at the national level.

  2. Mr. VWC, the system may indeed be inefficient as you stated but to say it is corrupt…is just overstating the obvious. You can have efficient people running and inefficient system and it will give the appearance that it is corrupt. Talk to Mr. Norton…he’d be glad to fix it for you.

  3. Old habits die hard. The PNC is once again demonstrating that it has not yet fully understood the concept of free and fair elections.

    Its just a matter of time before they split in two like the Christian faith. Look out for PNC/Protestant. (Yuh ketch.....there is a faction within the PNC that wants to protest)

  4. He too will end up like Robert Corbin. The P.N.C is heading down and carrying its leaders with them.

  5. Guesss the dog is biting the hands that feed it. Wonder what type of dirty politics will play out in the P.N.C camp.