Friday, May 8, 2009

OBSERVATION: Prophets of doom proven wrong!

It is amazing in Guyana how some relish the spreading of negativity and pessimism, especially when it pertain to national achievements that reflects governmental success, even when these successes will benefit the entire nation.

Unfortunately, many Guyanese have become gullible to rumours, hearsay and pessimism and fall prey to these gigantic and well constructed rumour mills and as such become blind to positives.

A case in point is the new Skeldon Sugar Factory, a project which all Guyanese should be proud of because its success will benefit this entire nation and it is the most modern factory in this part of the world. Instead, some were making “minced meat” out of the start up problems and blowing them out of proportion. Some went as far as spreading the outrageous rumour that the factory may not be able to become operational because of poor design and shaky foundations to name a few .

These rumours persisted despite the fact that the construction company made it clear from the inception of the project that a project of such huge proportions is bound to experience initial start up problems. And when the factory was indeed completed it did experience some problems but here again the construction company assured that they will be fixed.

What is interesting that the very people who were blowing the initial problems out of proportion suddenly became absolutely quiet when the problems were fixed, but as expected they did not highlight or mention this fact. But rest assured that should any problems develop they will awake from their slumber like a dormant volcano unleashing their salvo with full vigour. They seem so excited and enthused to pump up failures, which are inevitable, but become paralysed when successes are achieved.


  1. Ya hit de nail on de head deh parrot ……many “become paralysed when successes are achieved.” As if to say they don’t like it or don’t support it…..

  2. Many are being misled by the media houses which have their agenda of reporting wrong news.

    The Skeldon factory has a lot to offer us but everything takes time to fully operate to its’ potential.

  3. I remember a situation as such…..the “fineman” saga which ended in both of the most wanted fugitives being killed. You never heard any opposition parties even recognizing the efforts made to carry out that operation.

    No thanks in dey mouth!!