Monday, May 18, 2009

Strengthening the Nation's Security

Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee Saturday handed over two Nissan 4X4 pick ups and five boats fitted with 40hp Yamaha engines to Community Policing Groups (CPGs) in E & F Division (Bartica/ Mazaruni) to assist in policing the community.

The handing over of the equipment was in keeping with the promise made by President Bharrat Jagdeo in February 2008, following the attack on the community by armed gun men which left 12 persons dead, including three policemen.

These items were purchased from the $25M budgeted by Government this year to support the work of CPGs. Last year $50M was expended to purchase vehicles and equipment for groups to combat the upsurge in crime.

At a meeting with representatives of the 10 CPGs in the community, the Minister said that he was happy to be informed that the security situation was back to normal. He expressed his appreciation to the CPGs for giving voluntary service to ensure the safety of the community.

He encouraged the members to be good examples in the community, as community policing was a serious business and for them to be taken seriously, they must be respected.

Addressing the issue of domestic violence, the Minister urged the groups to get involved in the affairs of the community. He said that they should not turn a blind eye to domestic violence, as it leads to more serious acts which would eventually affect the entire community.

The handing over of the equipment, the Minister said, was indicative of Government’s commitment to community policing as it is viewed as a vital part of the crime fighting strategy.

Minister Rohee said that members should ensure that the vehicles and boats are used to assist in policing the area and they be watchful to prevent misuse.

The members also raised several issues that were affecting them. These included the area housing the Bartica Arcade on First Avenue being used to conduct illegal activities, pollution of the river by mining concessions, the noise nuisance in particular areas, individuals using cars registered for private use to transport passengers and the congestion on the roadway to the stelling on ‘Boat days’.

The Minister promised to address these issues with the relevant authorities. He told residents that they would have to work with the police to put an end to the undesirable activities in the community.


  1. Like the CPG thing working out for Guyana. The person who created such program should be given an award.

  2. Bharat trying hard to make Guyana the safest country in the Caribbean. Keep it up boss man

  3. The villages are safer today than it has been in years thanks to the CPG.