Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jamaicans deplore $4000 minimum wage!

Honestly this government must take us all for first class idiots. Just look into the situation the minimum wage was three thousand and seven hundred dollars. Following the budget debate the grand announcement was made that it will not be four thousand, wow, imagine that all of three hundred dollars has gone on it. Imagine dat, the government is so thoughtful…they are thinking about all those poor mothers who are struggling to send their children to school and put food on the table…jeez, I’m so overwhelmed at their generosity that I want to cry.

Yeah right, if I shed any tears it will be for the poor mothers and fathers who are already struggling and now it seems as if there is no real end in sight.

Three hundred dollars…and let’s see they put over eight dollars on the hike on gas, they didn’t touch rum and cigarettes, they tax noodle, salt and all the basic stuff that poor people need and yet they somehow imagine that $4000 per week is enough to put food on the table, pay the bills and get the kids off to school.

I lift my hat to all those champion women out there who are beating the odds and managing to somehow make two ends meet…even though in others eyes it’s a miracle.

For real the minimum wage is a biggest joke I have ever seen, the only thing is I can’t afford to laugh.

It’s time that emphasis is placed on the real background of the country, the hardworking mothers and fathers who are still managing to maintain their home and provide decent values for their children. The minimum wage is a joke with the only ones laughing are those who claim to care about us. Posted by yardFlex


  1. And we think we got it bad down hey suh!

    Ah Big country like Jamaica paying that bad?? Shuxx………..

  2. And people still does cry fowl down hey!!

    Compare to them -we living de life!!

  3. Each Guyanese family have house, clothes, Food. The basic needs of life are fulfilled. We are really Gods own country.