Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vybz Kartel banned by Grenada!

The Government of Grenada recently denied the leader of the Portmore Empire a work permit. This is on the basis of the possibility of lewd and crewed music that could be given to the folks on the island for consumption. The speculations are that Grenada has some vendetta since the 1983 invasions but you can rest a sure that this is not the case.
The Government in Jamaica recently banned the explicit lyrics among other things off the airwaves, Guyana also imposed a ban on Movado as well as well a number of other Caribbean countries unwilling to have the minds, hearts and souls of their people poisoned by the potent content of these artiste lyrics.
Though acts have cleaned up a bit since the music ban.. especially Kartel... with quite a few lyrics emphasising his love for money. The money theme itself can be interpreted as trying to get money by all means and thus falls mostly in the immoral and illegal categories of trying to get that scarce set of paper. This could now stand as the basis for a rejection for a man like Kartel who doesn't have much of a clean lyrics reputation in the music business.
I dont know perhaps the ban does not stop here, the precedence has been set.. so you will find that whatever reason these countries ban certain artiste... chances are the other countries will follow suit.


  1. These men are artist and if that’s the way they perform to display how they feel or express themselves then “we” should be the ones to control what we listen to and not allow peoples’ career to be jeopardized.

  2. They just don’t like this banna!!

    What about the “Caribbean unity” we de talking about at all them forums!?