Monday, May 18, 2009

GuySuCo takes over Skeldon Sugar Factory

The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) has taken over the Skeldon Sugar Factory following a successful testing period. Kaieteur News was told yesterday that the sugar company assumed control of the new factory at the end of April.

Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud said that the factory has been producing sugar for the entire crop and electricity for GPL using bagasse.

According to Persaud, the Chinese contractors still maintain a relatively effective presence at the factory working with the local team.

“GuySuCo’s efforts are focused on expanding and accelerating cane cultivation and improving the capacity of the Guyanese team managing the factory and electricity generation activities,” Persaud said.


  1. I wonder what those opposition forces will say about the Skeldon Sugar plant now. This is a great achievement for Guyanese.

  2. Guyana will see the sugar industry playing a big part in its economy later in the future.

  3. The people in Berbice has seen a increase in the improvement of their lively hood thanks to the Berbice River Bridge and the New Skeldon Sugar Plant.

  4. Guyana is the major sugar producer in the Caribbean. The EU needs to listen to us for sugar perspectives and insight of a way forward.