Friday, May 1, 2009

Is this another personality issue?

In examining the criticisms leveled against the Former President's Benefit Bill by the main Opposition party, the PNC/R, one gets a profound sense of suspicion, especially as their particular focus on the current President becomes clearer to all and sundry when in fact the current Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds, will also be a beneficiary of this bill as he functioned as Guyana's President after the death of Dr Cheddi Jagan. No amount of emphasis is being placed on this fact! Why?
What's all this fuss about guys? These are all efforts aimed at ensuring that the holders of these constitutional posts are guaranteed their benefits. And also the tabling and subsequent passing of this law will ensure that these benefits and conditions are enshrined in the laws and not left up to the discretion of Cabinet or any other body.
I was looking at a recent episode of Nation Watch where the issue was being discussed at length by Lance Carberry and Aubrey Norton and from what I gathered these objections by the PNC/R stemmed from a statement made by Dr Luncheon which had absolutely nothing to do with the content of the Bill.
Guyana has suffered a lot as a result of the PNC's selfishness and many are becoming intolerant of it.
As I understand, most of what is contained in the Bill are benefits currently being enjoyed by high ranking government officials and their equivalent in the Opposition the only difference now is that it's being made statutory via the Bill. The PNC is yet to tell us otherwise!


  1. The caption catches it all…….if it was anyone other than Jagdeo the bill would have gone through easy! They just don’t like the man.

  2. At least this Govt. passing it in parliament-I sure if it was the PNC in power they would tek what they want and nobody can’t say nun!!

  3. Is this a vindication of the PNC noting that they might probably never regain power in Guyana?

  4. Yall should know that the pnc does only agree on things pertaining to money once they getting something from it……..
    See how fast they defend the Gecom money wha they gah get!