Thursday, October 11, 2012

APNU, AFC responsible for Agricola protest – govt

The Government of Guyana has condemned what it terms as “the seeming proclivity of the leaders of the Opposition parties to instigate, encourage and condone lawless and illegal activities such as the blocking of roadways, and burning of private and public properties.”
An official says: ” Government recognises and supports the rights of Guyanese to peacefully protest. But these protests must not infringe other Guyanese’s rights and endanger the well-being of citizens.
There is no doubt about the legitimacy of concerns about the conduct of a few ranks of the Guyana Police Force which has sadly and regrettably led to deaths. The loss of life is always distressing. Various investigative processes have been activated. Also, persons are before the Courts in relation to these acts. The Administration and the GPF have condemned excesses and irregular conduct. ”
In slamming the opposition conduct, the official said that “the issuing of ultimatum and threats of protest/disruption by the APNU/AFC opposition are incendiary and encourages lawlessness and harm against ordinary Guyanese.
Today’s blockage of roadways, burning on the streets and acts of robberies in the vicinity of Agricola are the latest manifestations of an Opposition interested in creating mayhem and disruption. Thousands of men, women and children were tonight held to ransom by irresponsible Opposition parties’ leaders who on a daily basis (such as the AFC and APNU media interactions of October 10 and 11) spout vitriol and instability. “

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