Tuesday, October 16, 2012

UK ballistic expert puts a spoke in the AFC & APNU tire.

 -Rounds used by police not the same as those which killed Linden protesters
The independent forensic expert brought in by the AFC, Dr. Mark Robinson today told the Commission of Inquiry probing the J
United Kingdom firearm expert, Dr. Mark Robinson in Linden
uly 18 killing of three protesters at Linden that the men were killed with ammunition dissimilar to those used by the police.

In a report submitted to the Commission on Tuesday the expert said the shotgun shell samples used by the police were of Challenger Number 6 shot and Number 4 shot while the pellets recovered from the bodies were of 00 buckshot.

“All the projectiles from the three deceased are copper-plated lead 00 buckshot pellets. Whilst most buckshot ammunition is commercially manufactured, in the absence of spent cartridge cases and wadding from the scene I am unable to rule out the possibility that home-loaded or modified shotgun cartridges were used.

According to Dr. Robinson, the pellets discharged from the police-issue cartridges are “readily distinguishable” from the copper-plated 00 buckshot retrieved from the bodies.

“I was also provided with a 00 Buck cartridge of the same Challenger brand. I was informed that buckshot ammunition of this type was withdrawn from police issue in 2005. I dismantled the cartridge and found it to contain nine 00 Buck pellets and a plastic wad. The pellets were not copper-plated and were therefore distinguishable from the pellets described above,” his report read.

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