Thursday, October 11, 2012


The APNU and AFC promised to unleash a campaign of terror should Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee not resign or be removed by 12AM this morning and they fulfilled it when their terror agents incited residents of Agricola to light fires and attack innocent citizens on the Agricola and Mc Doom public road this afternoon. Liveinguyana was told that Nigel Hughes, Mark Benschop, Lincoln Lewis and several prominent opposition persons held a meeting in the village of Agricola where they told the residents to block roads etc  in protest. They told those gathered that the policemen accused of killing the Agricola teen were instructed to do so by Minister Rohee. This lie caused and uproar in the village and several residents begun to set fire to debris, block the roadways and attack civilians. The police responded and riot police in full riot gear along with the crowd control water canon were deployed to the area. We will bring more updates shortly.


  1. Once again we see the opposition effort to destabilize the govt by using a community to wreck havoc in the country by burning and the blockage of roads which left many from getting to their families.And once again in what is called a protest many suffer by the hands of the thugs in the mist of the protest.

  2. Burning,looting,and robbing innocent people going home from work is no excuse for a community to inflict terror on people who have nothing to do with what you are claiming. clearly the opposition is using these happening for political gain only!!!