Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nothing produced so far that implicates Rohee

 - Commission of Inquiry Chairman

The Commissioners probing the July 18 deaths of three protesters at Linden on Wednesday stated that there has been no evidence produced todate which implicates Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee.
Commission Chairman Justice Lensley Wolfe
This was the conclusion from Commission Chairman Justice Lensley Wolfe following an enquiry from attorney for the APNU Basil Williams on the minister’s possible appearance.
“Nothing has been said so far which implicates him,” Wolfe stated.

During the earlier stages of the inquiry AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes had alleged that Rohee was in contact with the commander on the ground, Clifton Hicken, just before the shooting of the protesters and a discussion on the use of lethal force had taken place. But phone records presented to the Commission showed that contact between the two men, occurred 2 hours after the shooting had taken place.

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