Monday, October 15, 2012

More inflammatory speeches from racist Nigel Hughes

Addressing a handful of activists on Friday October 12 at a rally organized to save face following the Agricola violence,   Alliance for Change(AFC) Chairman and ingrained racist Nigel Hughes made another in his long list of racially driven and inflammatory comments. Funny though is that Hughes' latest racist rant was done even as he critiqued comments made by Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon which were misrepresented and used to incite the violence which erupted in Agricola the previous day.
The handful that attended the AFC's rally

Here are Hughes' exact words:

“I’m not calling for peace ….I’m calling for us to be calm, considerate and calculating. It was Peter Tosh that said everyone cries out for peace but no one cries out for equal rights and justice. All I want is equal rights and justice. I don’t care how we get it but we must get it,” Hughes said.

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