Friday, October 12, 2012

Prime News, Kaieteur News, Demerara Waves & Stabroek News spinning web of deceit.

The AFC and their propaganda hacks at Prime News, Stabroek News and Demerara Waves are spinning their web of deceit. But were exposed when in seeking to justify the opposition orchestrated violent disturbances at Agricola they claimed it erupted following comments by Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon at his press briefing yesterday. Luncheon had stated that his cabinet is more resolute and steadfast in support of the Home Affairs Minister in the face of the hate campaign being waged against him. How the residents who set fires, blocked roads, attacked lawmen, beat and robbed civilians were made aware of Luncheon's comments which were aired long after the disturbances had begun is now left for the AFC, APNU and their apologists in the anti-government media to explain. Could it be that some of those who participated in the disturbances were media operatives who covered Luncheon's press briefing? This seems unlikely. However, this lie clearly exposes the deceitfulness of the APNU/AFC alliance and their stooges in the media.

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