Monday, October 15, 2012


Ramsaroop & Mark Benschop during a previous surveillance exercise
The People’s Progressive Party on Sunday accused Alliance for Change (AFC) executive Gerhard Ramsaroop of trying to intimidate one of the ruling party’s executive.

The PPP in a statement accused the AFC of an ongoing campaign of “violence and intimidation against innocent citizens of Guyana”.

It said after their “de
vious agenda” was exposed in Agricola on Thursday evening, the party has grown increasingly desperate in its attempts to suppress victims from speaking out about their experiences.

“This dangerous trend reached rock bottom today (Sunday) when Executive Member of the AFC Gerhard Ramsaroop was observed with two unidentified individuals in a vehicle stalking the home of Mr. Majeed Hussein. The AFC Executive Member in a dangerous precedent came out the vehicle he was in to confront Mr. Hussein who was at home with his family at the time” the PPP said.

It added that neighbors in the area have also reported that they observed one of the individuals with Ramsaroop filming Hussein's home and immediate surroundings.

“The party wishes to make it clear that it will hold the AFC directly responsible for any attack on the home or family of Mr. Hussein” the PPP said.

Hussein who is a Central Committee member of the party was among the many persons beaten and robbed during the AFC organized Agricola protest on Thursday last.

“The People’s Progressive Party wishes to state in no uncertain terms that it will not condone this campaign of terror by the AFC and encourages the security forces to take appropriate action to protect our citizens” the party said, adding that it is also encouraging all law abiding citizens and civil society organizations to speak out against “this terror campaign bearing in mind the devastating consequences the last such campaign of destabilization and crime had on our nation.”

The party said a report will be made to the police regarding the matter.


  1. This matter should be report cause this is a threat on this man and his family life.We all see what happened when the AFC instigate that protest and isn't this man a victim of what transpire Thursday.

  2. The AFC wants to drive fear into the lives of people who are not into the vindictiveness and chaos tactics.We need to stand up against this and let these people face the law.