Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Burnham allowed picketing so he gets a free-pass as a dictator? Sure, tell that to Fr Darke!

One of the characteristics of the fascist totalitarian mindset is its willingness to rewrite history and repeat it so often that people begin to believe the lie. We saw this with Hitler who insisted, against all evidence, that the Germans were a “pure, Aryan, master race”. Right here in Guyana, we see it in the hagiography being created around “Saint Burnham”.
Green, Granger and Co not surprisingly led the charge. Burnham plucked the callow Granger, sent him to Mons and fast-tracked him to lead his GDF. Burnham wanted guaranteed control. Green was a street thug who Burnham pitch-forked way above his intellectual pay grade. Kissoon was one of the first outsiders to join the choir. And we understand. He was summarily dumped by the PPP (as a Nagamootoo lackey) back in the 1990’s after they discovered what a weasel he was.
The “totalitarian Burnham” suddenly morphed into “the intellectual giant and political genius”, which evidently washed away his excesses and sins. Kissoon is now joined by Harripaul who waxed nostalgically that in the “horrible days” of “PNC dictatorship… the ‘dictator’ Burnham” allowed picketing in front of Parliament buildings. Note the scare quotes: Burnham was not really a dictator and those days were not really horrible! It’s all a terrible lie that the big, bad PPP painted about the venerable saint.
Never mind that Kissoon and Harripaul were prolix writers on the Burnham years and are now contradicting everything they wrote. Are they lying now or then? Doesn’t matter: it all has to do with the fascist mindset. Harripaul and Kissoon are always right! In any argument, it’s their way or the highway. And the highway is paved with abuse that the fascists dole out. The one time Harripaul was given authority (in the Customs Fraud Squad), he extorted businessmen mercilessly and yet expected them to kowtow to him.
Burnham allowed picketing so he gets a free-pass as a dictator? Sure, tell that to Fr Darke! Burnham rigged elections and picketing was a selective safety valve for politicians to let out their frustrations harmlessly. Wake up and smell the coffee Harripaul: there’s a real democracy in place now. You think Burnham would have allowed the PPP to win control of parliament? And you were still allowed to picket. Dolt! But allowing the nation’s business to be conducted.

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