Sunday, April 8, 2012

Who will guard the guards themselves?

The carefully orchestrated Opposition ploy to get rid of a Commissioner of Police is working even better than they expected. The CoP, who did not violate his oath of office by conniving with opposition executives to subvert police actions against criminals waging war against the state, is dangling.
The chief justice might now be collateral damage. In rape cases, it is accepted that the complainant’s character from previous actions is irrelevant. So nowhere in the more than 50 pages of Justice Chang’s ruling does he go into her prior character.
One would have hoped that all those good burghers – including Minister Manickchand and Deputy Speaker Backer – taking pot shots against the ruling would have extended the same observance of the forms in the specific matter brought before Justice Chang. Many of them, including the two named officers are even lawyers, we are told. All the court was required to pronounce on was whether the DPP’s advocated charge would ‘rationally’ lead to a conviction. And this is what Justice Chang adjudged.
Now because of the gutter charges being hurled at the chief justice, we understand he is considering resigning. We urge him not to give in to political pressures against which the judiciary is the final bulwark. Quis custodiet ipsos custodies? And such guardians!

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  1. It would be the worst day in a country's history when it loses a Commissioner of Police and a Chief Justice over a skank who goes around lying, cheating and blackmailing.
    The reason she has so many supporters especially in the political opposition is because they see better values in her than in themselves.
    Mark Benschop and Rickford Burke can't get their panties above their knees since the case was quashed. They are more aggrieved than the false accuser.