Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Labour Union threatens protest over APNU/AFC proposed Budget cuts

The Guyana Labour Union(GLU) has expressed its disappointment with the opposition over their proposed cuts to the 2012 Budget which it's General Secretary, Carvil Duncan says will affect the working class most. 
He is of the view that such a situation should not occur given the state of the economy.

Duncan said that his union stands ready to take the streets in an effort to let their displeasure be known and urged the opposition to work along with the government to take Guyana forward instead of trying to destabilize the country.


  1. Christopher Ram is the mastermind of these attacks on innocent citizens. He even proposed that Ministers work for minimum wage. Is he insane? Ministers have an amount of experience and University education that they invested millions of dollars and years in studying, and Christopher Ram wants to force Ministers to work minimum wage?
    Christopher Ram is contradictory in his statement because some of his employees complained that Chris Ram dont give pay raise as often and they work late at night with basic hour pay caluclation or just one lump sum of less than $50,000 for working 100 hours overtime in 2 months.
    Christopher Ram is forcing the Guyanese into poverty, and then he will want to create an uprising. I told you Chris Ram is a bloody Adolf Hitler. Christopher Ram was born and raised in Nazi mentality.

  2. The budget was cut already and people are starting to loose jobs.
    I am outraged that a man who poses as a gladiator for the plight of working class would propose a budget that would make the working class loose jobs.
    Christopher Ram is jeaolous he does not have a Government or public sector job and this is bizarre knowing that Christopher Ram gets money from cocaine clients, some who are wanted in USA for drugs traffiking.
    Christopher Ram should be exposed. The budget cuts are forcing citizens into unemployment and are at the will of the APNU and AFC, which seems to be an opposition surviving on the basis of fear and opportunism.
    Christopher Ram owns three properties overseas and owns one of the most expensive mansions in Courida Park. Who is the fat cat?