Sunday, April 8, 2012

The opposition is busy stirring the boiling cauldron in Linden.

The opposition is busy stirring the boiling cauldron in Linden. Ramjattan set the fire going when he accused the government of spiting Lindeners in proposing to phase out the electricity subsidy. Since 2006 alone, that subsidy has amounted to $13.7 billion! Since 1992, over $50 billion. Has this subsidy suddenly become an inalienable right? Where is the fairness to other citizens?


  1. Whatever Ram publishes and posts should not be taken seriously. In the accounting profession one does not reveal names of people and labelling them negatively in financial reviews. Ram should be reported to ACCA for all his alleged felonies and unethical practices, ESPECIALLY HOW HE MISLED THE CHIEF JUSTICE ON THE SALE OF A HOTEL UNDER RECEIVERSHIP.

    Christopher Ram is just a maniac with the lowest level of civilized behaviour. Think twice before you read his articles.

    1. I have filed a lawsuit against Christopher Ram for his mismanagement of Sacre Coeur’s stock checking. Over $3million in assets missing, and police doing an investigation. I suspect that Christopher Ram’s brother who owns the fish shop had something to do with the theft. Giving me ample information would put this narcisstic accountant turned lawyer in his place.

      My email is

  2. This is how they keep themselves relevant by taking meaningless issues to cause a whole leap of trouble.The opposition needs to end this way and look for working for guyanese.